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Tifosi Enliven lenses enhance the colors critical to the eyes of a golfer.  Stylish athletic frames are sturdy and offer adjustability for a dialed in fit.


Since our first look at Tifosi back in 2016, the company has been busy developing an amazing customization program and, most recently, a new lens – Enliven.  Fine tuning the blue, green, and red wavelengths of the light spectrum, Enliven technology enhances color for specific sporting needs.  Enliven lenses are available in Golf and Polarized versions, with the latter further specialized as On-Shore and Off-Shore.

So why am I reviewing lenses optimized for fishing?  Because I discovered the Enliven Off-Shore’s filtering of high energy blue wavelengths deepens the green spectrum.  And the polarization is a plus for courses with a lot of water or stark white bunkers.


The Tifosi Enliven Golf lens delivered on its name.  Fairway and greens contours were distinctive.  The optically decentered lenses kept my vision distortion free, rendering blades of grass crisp and grain easy to read.  Lens filtering seemed to boost blues, making clouds well defined and tracking the golf ball easy.  But that boost left a noticeable blue tint to whites, greys, and other lighter colors.

As described in the intro, the Tifosi Enliven Off-Shore performed equally well on the golf course.  Overall light transmission seemed a bit lower, which kept my eyes in a more relaxed state, while color seemed a bit more balanced.

Style & Fit

Tifosi sunglasses are designed and built for performance while maintaining a fashionable athletic edge.  Enliven Golf lenses are available in six frames, including the frameless Seek (see top photo) and the Veloce (shown above).  For my face, the Veloce had the best fit around my eyes and kept my field of view unencumbered.

The Crit amps up the style meter with its matte smoke frame and yellow ear pads.  At first I found the frame somewhat bulky and distracting on the outside corners, but after a few minutes my eyes stopped noticing.  Turns out that “extra” frame material serves a purpose – lens interchangeability.  And for a truly distinctive pair of sunglasses, check out the Tifosi Custom Lab where you can select your own frame, lens and ear pad color combination.

All the models reviewed offered adjustability in the ear pads and nose pieces.  Hydrophilic rubber on those same parts kept the frames in position during the golf swing.  One feature that really impressed me was the polished edges of the lenses – literally a nice touch.


Your bonus for reading all the way to the conclusion is to learn that the Tifosi Enliven Golf sunglasses are only $49.95.  That’s an incredible value for high quality frames and a lens fine tuned for golf.  Adding polarization bumps the price of the Enliven Off-Shore up to $79.95, but even that is still a value.  All Tifosi sunglasses come with a case and cleaning cloth bag.  The color enhancements of Enliven may not suit everyone’s eyes, but the specialized performance and stylish frame choices are worth a closer look.

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