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Lightweight and comfortable, the new Tifosi Crit offers three interchangeable lens to protect and enhance your eyesight on the golf course.

Tifosi Crit - 1Introduction

Tifosi is an Italian word for fan, or group of supporters mainly associated with sports.  Tifosi Optics is an eyewear brand well known to cycling and running enthusiasts around the world for its quality and affordability.  Looking to move into other sport optics markets, Tifosi sees golf as a natural extension and has created lenses specific for the sport.  The Tifosi Crit is available in both the Interchange Golf and Interchange Bike/Run packages, so make sure to get the appropriate one.  Here I’m reviewing the golf version which includes the GT (golf/tennis) and EC (extreme contrast) lenses specifically designed for the colors and contours of the golf course.

Tifosi Crit - 14Performance

I tested each of the Tifosi Crit‘s three sets of lenses in a variety of light conditions.  The sunglasses come set up  with the Smoke lenses (above center) which offer 15.4% light transmission and are advertised for use in “bright sunny conditions”.  I found them good for Florida’s midday sun but discovered the GT lens to be even better for golfing.  The GT lens (bottom), lets in a tad more light at 16.4%, and true to it’s billing “boosts contrast for full sun conditions”.  The Tifosi Optics website and printed materials show the GT lens as a light green, but it’s more of a green/brown hue in my book.  The EC lens (top) has a purplish tint and transmits 39.1% of light.  The EC lenses are fantastic when it’s very cloudy or late in the day.

All three of the Tifosi Crit’s lenses provided undistorted vision without causing eye strain or fatigue.  With the enhanced contrast of the GT and EC lenses, I was able to keep the sunglasses on full time while playing.  Reading contours on the green and tracking the golf ball were never an issue.

Tifosi Crit - 21Style & Fit

Designed for active wearing, the frame style and lens cut of the Tifosi Crit offer a standard athletic look.  And much like the famed Ford Model T, the Crit comes in your choice of black or black.  With adjustability in the nose pads and frame just above your ears, you can personalize the fit.  I tweaked them both just a scosh to sit better on my nose and for general snugness.  Those same adjustable spots are made with a slip resistant rubber that performs well when the sweat starts flowing.  Lens size provides good coverage over your eyes, and overall the sunglasses look appropriate on a medium to large face.

A quick note regarding changing lenses.  Read the instructions and trust that you won’t break anything.  I fumbled around being overly cautious and hesitant and discovered the components are really tough and the Tifosi claim of being “virtually indestructible” to be accurate.

Tifosi Crit - 15Conclusion

With 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays and the enhanced contrast lenses, the Tifosi Crit is a solid choice for golfing sunglasses.  Although I’ve ended up mainly using the GT lens, the interchangability is a nice option – especially if you are traveling.  With the hard case providing protection for the sunglasses and storage for the other lenses, the Crit is a great addition to the Tifosi lineup and a good value at $69.95.

Matt Meeker


  1. Where can I buy Tifosioptics golf glasses with 3 interchangeable lenses
    Near Alany NY or Clearwater Fl

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  3. Any thoughts on the GT vs. Enliven lenses. I’d like to track the ball better in all conditions. Thanks!

    • Matt Meeker

      The Enliven Golf lenses were great for tracking the ball, but I never got comfortable with the blue aura. So for my eyes, the GT was the better lens overall. Try them both on at a store if you can. If you’re like most folks these days, order both, give them a look outside, and return one.

      Thanks for reading Dan.

      – Meeks

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