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TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Irons (20)

50 Words or Less

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB is the best looking TaylorMade iron in quite some time.  True blade.  Players only.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Irons (3)


Nothing generates more interest amongst the golf freaks than the release of a new TaylorMade Tour Preferred iron.  Needless to say, the announcement of the 2014 TaylorMade Tour Preferred Muscle Back (MB) irons had all of the avid TaylorMade fans drooling and dying to get their hands around the grips.  Like everyone else, we at were curious and wanted to see how the new Tour Preferred MB’s would stack up to the rest of the clubs of the season.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Irons (10)


The new TaylorMade TP MB’s are a pure blade and look every bit of it.  They have brushed chrome finish with  nice thin topline and sole.  If you’re looking for that player’s club appearance, this is club is every bit of that.  It has a very minimal basic look and is certainly a sharp looking golf club.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Irons (15)

Sound & Feel

At first strike of a golf ball, I immediately noticed the TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB’s had a very signature “old school” whack that some of us may remember from blades made pre-1996.  The sound of these irons helps the TP MB’s maintain that classic traditional theme consistent with their looks.

The feel on the Tour Preferred MB is a little bit firmer than I would expect from a modern day forged carbon blades.  This leads to a fairly responsive club, but a bit more sting on mishits.  That said, the sweet spot is not pea sized – there’s a good hitting area on the face of the club.  Still, you better be precise with the TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB’s because heel and toe shots are going to haunt you.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Irons (1)


Compared to my current set of irons, I actually lost a little bit of distance with the TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB’s and had a little bit of a higher launch as well.  This may be from the stock KBS Tour shafts that I am generally not too comfortable with.  The KBS shafts and I have just never gotten along well.  The TP MB’s are still very easy to manipulate your shot shapes with and perform the way you’d expect a true classic blade to perform.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Irons (5)


Classic blade irons are not for the golfer that is faint of heart.  These TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB’s are arguably my favorite TaylorMade irons since 2009 and are a nice throwback to a traditional blade that has been rare from the major manufacturers in recent years.  The TP MB’s are a tough, unforgiving animal, but if you are a big TaylorMade fan and have the cash and game to contain the beast, these clubs are going to be something that you will want to check out this season.

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  1. BARRY. BJ..

    Very good club taylormade Forged mb irons.
    Should just keep improving these clubs .
    They look great.??

    • They were one of the better looking clubs TM has made in a long time. I have to say, once the honeymoon wore off, I was pretty unhappy with these irons. Felt like the true mass-produced quality kind of came through. That said, I have hit other people’s sets of these and they have been better.

  2. Way to firm does not feel forged the 2011 taylormade mb are amazingly soft 2014 mb is hard not a fan

  3. I still play the original tour preferred irons from ’84, which replaced the Apex I I’s I played for 4 yrs before that. I hadn’t tried a newer iron until last month when I tried both new 730’s and 790’s. Frankly, I was surprised they looked as nice and bladelike as they did, but I didnt like the feel of either of them at all. Dead and almost mushy by comparison to my true blades. I was hitting them 8 -10 yds longer, but they are 2-3 degrees stronger which figures. Probably great for mid- handicappers, but not remotely a “player’s” iron if you ask me.

    • Best forged blade I ever hit! I also gamed Titleist 681, Mizuno MP 29 irons. That should say a lot about these Taylormade Tour MB Irons 2014 version. I ordered a second set of tour issue heads on eBay from a very well known eBay seller. These will be my back up set when I retire! I’m a blade man all the way! Only way to play!

  4. Wino Eliott

    Hello Bill,
    Your advise would be appreciated. I am making a sort of “comeback” at the age of 64 after playing a lot of golf and reaching a National handicap of 3.7 as a 52 year old…..stopped playing due to no left shoulder cartilage ( right hander) My game relied upon a long drive and short iron being a 6’3″, I possessed a good quantity of power being an ex-rugby man. Today I am trying to organize a “half swing knock down” technique using light clubs and Regular shafts. Question – What Irons would you recommend I should contemplate for this “swing”?
    Thanks in Advance.

    • Matt Saternus

      Bill no longer writes for Plugged In Golf, but I am happy to answer your question.

      I would strongly advise that you get a fitting with a quality club fitter like Club Champion. They can look at the swing you want to make, advise you on models to try, and you can actually hit those exact combinations to see how they perform before buying them. Going the route of “Buy, try, repeat” gets frustrating and expensive very quickly.



  5. Mark Eliott

    Thank you Matt.

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