TaylorMade SIM2 Max Hybrid Review

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The TaylorMade SIM2 Max hybrid is long and easy to hit.  Very forgiving.  A good bridge between your fairway woods and long irons.  Can be a FW replacement.


The differences between TaylorMade’s three SIM2 drivers and fairway woods are meaningful but not obvious.  In the case of their two hybrids, however, the differences are apparent to even the most casual observer.  Where the SIM2 Rescue [review HERE] is a true long iron replacement aimed at the better player, the SIM2 Max hybrid is a forgiving bomber meant to make the game more fun for the recreational golfer.

Check out TaylorMade’s latest, the Stealth Rescue, HERE


The TaylorMade SIM2 Max hybrid has more in common visually with the SIM2 Max fairway wood [review HERE] than the SIM2 Rescue.  The crown has TaylorMade’s signature white and carbon fiber black design.  While it’s slightly hyperbolic to say it’s closer in size to the FW than the Rescue, this is a big hybrid.  It has a symmetrical shape, a shallow, fairway wood-like face height, and it’s long from front to back.  It’s also worth noting that it sits a little closed.

The sole of the SIM2 Max hybrid is a mini version of the SIM2 Max FW.  It’s primarily black with large, white SIM2 Max branding across the middle.  The tech elements of the club are visible but not overplayed.  Near the front of the club, you can see the Speed Pocket and the “V Steel” badge, indicating the sole shape.

Sound & Feel

In keeping with the theme, the SIM2 Max hybrid sounds like a fairway wood, too.  Impact produces a pleasant, crisp “snap” that sounds fast and powerful.  The impact sound is above average in volume, announcing each shot with authority.

To my surprise, the SIM2 Max hybrid provided good feedback through the hands and ears.  Mishits got duller in sound, and my hands were able to locate the impact location with good precision.


Where the SIM2 Rescue puts a premium on precision, the SIM2 Max hybrid is all about distance and forgiveness.  Testing the two hybrids head-to-head revealed the Max to be higher launching and lower spinning, a combination that, for most players, is going to translate to more carry distance.  It’s also very easy to launch and forgiving of thin shots, two traits that are going to make it more consistent for the majority of players.

Sticking with the idea of consistency, the SIM2 Max hybrid is very forgiving when it comes to ball speed.  On center, it can keep up with almost any fairway wood.  Small misses will end up just short of those pure strikes, and even severe toe or heel strikes turn out ok.

The only negative comment I can make about the SIM2 Max hybrid is that, for me, it really wanted to go left.  It’s hard to say if this is purely from the face sitting closed or if it’s weighted for a draw bias, but my shot pattern was almost entirely on the left side of center.  While this isn’t a great thing for me, those that slice will see this as a definite plus.


If you’re facing a lot of long approaches and want to cut them down to size, the TaylorMade SIM2 Max hybrid is a club worth considering.  This hybrid is long and forgiving, two things you’ll appreciate on those beefy par 3s and 5s.  As always, make sure to get fit for the right loft and shaft.

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TaylorMade SIM2 Max Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Fritz Flokstra

    How does the SIM2 Max hybrid compare with the Ping G425 hybrid in terms of height, length, and forgiveness?

  2. James William Shinkle

    I have a 3 wood

    Love my old 5 wood

    I can hit my 4 iron very well

    Do I ditch the old 5 wood snd get this club to replace the 5 wood?

    • Matt Saternus


      Why do anything if you love the clubs you have now? Not trying to be clever, just trying to understand so I can give you a helpful answer.



  3. For the beginner who already has 3 wood, an 5-pw irons set from Taylor, is it better to get hybrid sim 2 max no. 3 or no. 4? I read somewhere it’s good to have no big gaps in loft angles of ones clubs. So 5 iron has 21.5 whereas 3 hybrid has 15 degrees and 4 hybrid has 22 – isn’t 5 iron and 4 hybrid too close? Maybe it’s better to choose 3 hybrid instead of 4 in this case? Or these are different types of clubs and angles aren’t most important factor here ?

    • Matt Saternus


      You’re asking some great questions. The answer is surprisingly simple: you need clubs that go different distances. For me, a 17* iron and a 21* iron may go the same distance despite having a “correct” 4-degree loft gap. I would suggest that you find out how far your 3W and 5I go, ideally on a quality launch monitor, then find a club that fills that gap, assuming there is one.



  4. Hank Hoffman

    Hi Matt,
    I was just looking at a Sim 2 max combo set and thought it was strange the 5 hybrid and 6 iron both had the same loft of 25 degrees. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      It would not surprise me if there was a solid 10-15 yard gap between those two clubs for most golfers. I don’t know that there will be, but differences in ball speed, launch, and speed could absolutely create that gap despite having the same lofts.


  5. Not sure you’ll see this but I’ve had the 4 hybrid 22degree since it came out and I LOVE it! I just purchased the Sim2 Max iron set today. I did notice the 5-iron in the set is 21.5 degrees.

    Should I expect these clubs to go the same distance? I usually hit the 4 hybrid anywhere from 200-210, and I hit my old 5-iron (Titleist Ap1 716 25degrees) about 190.

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s going to depend on the individual. I think a lot of people will see the hybrid go farther, but others won’t see a meaningful gap.



  6. Hey Matt,

    I made the “mistake” of not checking lofts on the Sim2 max irons and rescues and had the same worry as others before. I have the 5 iron and just bought the 4 rescue and was worried after checking lofts that the 4 wasn’t going to give me more distance. Your post has helped put me at ease with my purchase. Thank you

    • Tyler Gray

      How did the Sim 2 max feel in the rough compared to the Sim 2 rescue? I feel the max is going to be more forgiving, but with a larger head it seems it will get caught in the taller grass more. (I’m talking normal rough not 6” tall PGA rough)

      Just trying to figure out if the Max is going to be worthless out of the rough. If it is, the less forgiving Sim 2 rescue might out weigh the Max. Thoughts?

      • Matt Saternus


        I didn’t find a meaningful difference between the two out of the rough. If you value forgiveness, I would take the Max.



  7. Richard Christie

    I am a senior golfer, 20 handicap. I have difficulty hitting irons consistently, and my Sim 5 iron is no exception. Even with good contact it only flies about 150’. I am considering a Sim 2 Max 5 hybrid, hoping it will give me an extra 10 yards over my 5 iron. Is this a reasonable expectation?

    • Matt Saternus


      My recommendation, especially for people looking for more distance, is to get fit. It’s very possible that replacing an iron with a hybrid will help you get more distance, but the only way to know for sure is to test it.


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