TaylorMade SIM2 Max Fairway Wood Review

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The TaylorMade SIM2 Max fairway wood is a low spin, high launching club that will fit a large portion of golfers looking to upgrade their fairway wood in the new year.


For 2021, TaylorMade improved upon the recent success of the SIM line and continued their trend of releasing three types of fairway woods – titanium, Max, and draw-biased.  The SIM2 Max is going to be the most popular of the three models as it is extremely versatile and forgiving.


When I got the SIM2 Max in hand, I immediately liked what I saw.  The 190cc head falls in between the Max D and the SIM2 fairway woods in size.  In a side-by-side comparison, I really noticed how much I preferred the Max over the other two versions.

There are a few small changes for this year’s model.  The matte carbon crown is a darker shade of grey, the alignment “T” logo has moved away from the ball and onto the grey crown, and the small “SIM” writing has been eliminated.  All of these changes make the club look cleaner.

When you set the club down at address, it lays flat and almost square to the ball if ever so slightly closed.  Although TaylorMade has used the two-tone crown for quite some time, the 2021 version has softer lines that really instill confidence.

Sound & Feel

The SIM2 Max fairway wood has my preferred sound and feel over the other two versions.  I found it is a mix between a “tock” and a wood bat “crack” sound.  This is not a big change for 2021 as the original SIM Max fairway wood sounded and felt almost identical.  Off center strikes felt better than the previous SIM model, making virtually every shot feel like you hit it on the screws.


The SIM2 Max fairway wood surprised me.  The way the white edge of the crown frames the ball instills so much confidence, I wasn’t afraid to really go after it.  The SIM2 Max launched higher than the SIM2 but lower than the Max D version.  The phrase feels overused, but this was a club that actually felt hot off the face.

The club scoots right through the turf, and I had a hard time making poor contact.  More often than not, shots were absolute missiles.  I also found a significant amount of consistency from shot to shot.  When I was on the launch monitor, I noticed that there were about four or five shots in a row that landed within five feet of each other.  I was not able to replicate that with the other two SIM2 fairway wood types.

On the course, I had no problem using this on the tee or off the deck.  The more I hit it, the more confidence I had.  I never felt like the ball would go too far left or right on me.  Even on mishits, the forgiveness of the Max kept the ball more in play than my swing deserved.


The TaylorMade SIM2 Max fairway wood is an ultra forgiving fairway wood.  It’s easy to launch and has the ideal amount of spin and forgiveness to make it a lethal choice for 2021.  I don’t currently play a TaylorMade fairway wood, but the control and confidence of the Max really makes me consider giving this club a shot for 2021.

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  1. Gary Wilkinson

    Great review. I have only been playing golf since August where I bought a starter set. I feel I have reached my potential with those clubs and in the market for a new set and reviews like this are helpful when there are so many clubs available.

  2. Zach nice review. I play without woods sometimes, or never pull one out all day when I do.
    Is this club easy to hook sense it sits closed?
    Thanks, robin .

    • Zack Buechner


      I didn’t find that to be true with the Max. If you’re concerned about hooking the ball, I would focus on the Max or even the more fade biased Titanium version. The draw biased Max-D version is probably one to avoid.

      Thanks for the question Robin,


  3. Zack – couldn’t agree with you more on the SIM2 Max. I have the special “HL” (16.5) version, and I’ve never hit a 3 wood off the deck or through the first cut this good. I was so inconsistent with my 3 wood, that I carried a 5 wood instead. I’m cracking off the longest shots off the fairway that I’ve ever hit! The SIM2 Max driver is great, but not as significantly better than other drivers as this 3 wood is over other 3 woods – I’m actually reaching some par 5’s in two shots which I’ve NEVER done on the same course for over 20 years!

  4. Do you think there was a big different between the sim max and sim max 2?

  5. Is sim max draw biased?

  6. Alan Goldberg

    Love your reviews extremely helpful and insightful. I am considering a Taylormade sim 2 max. How does the 41.25 differ from the 43.25 other than the obvious that it is 2 inches shorter.? I need height on my 3 wood shots. 8 hdcp AG

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