SWAG Golf Savage Too Putter Review

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Savage Too, SWAG Golf’s compact mallet putter, provides golfers outstanding feel plus forgiveness.  Gorgeous craftsmanship with a punch of boastfulness.

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It’s been two years since Matt S seemed to be losing his mind over SWAG Golf.  I’d read his reviews and his Get To Know feature (check it out HERE), but I didn’t really grasp the phenomenon until I visited the SWAG Golf booth at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show.  There I saw firsthand the passion, the obsession golfers had for the brand, clamoring to get a glimpse inside the glass case to see what’s to come.  Then the offer came to review the new Savage Too putter and I could feel the SWAG fever start coursing through my veins.  Does the product match the hype?  Oh Yeah – cue the Ferris Bueller soundtrack – and keep reading.


To not start with the headcover might be considered criminal to the SWAG faithful.  The skull embroidered beauty is emblematic of the brand and made from quality materials that give me confidence it will retain its original look for many years.  The magnetic closure is the perfect balance between strong closure and ease of removal.  Simply the best stock headcover I’ve come across.

From every angle I held the Savage Too, the look of the compact mallet head was pleasing.  At address, the wide topline projects a solid presence, while the two step downs that frame the cavity seem perfectly visually proportioned.  I love that the squareness of the putter lines are offset by a simple sexy curve on the trailing edge.

Having worked for and around industrial fabrication companies for many years, my eyes are always drawn to the details of putter machining and SWAG Golf clearly knows how to execute.  I’m mesmerized by how the precise face milling transitions to the tight, rounded leading edge of the Savage Too.

While the putter is all business top side, the sole is a reminder that golf is meant to be fun.  The Savage Too is available in five lively paint fill colors:  Lime Green, Cool Blue, Royal Purple, Hot Lava Pink, and Tangerine.

Sound & Feel

There’s a reason SWAG Golf uses the tag line “Feels Good” for its American 303 stainless steel – it does.  Sure, it’s the combination of design and not just the material itself, but wow, center struck putts feel buttery soft.  Slight misses gain a bit of firmness, providing easily recognized feedback in your hands.  The Savage Too exhibited great stability even on long putts where my strike wasn’t perfect.

Similarly, the sound of urethane golf balls striking the face offers pleasing and precise feedback to your ears.  Centered putts have a soft tock that shifts to a slightly louder tick towards the heel or toe.  The Savage Too has wonderfully subtle yet perceptible feedback. 


On both short and long putts, the Savage Too puts a beautiful roll on the ball.  I attribute much of that to the overall balanced flow of the putter.  The 365 gram head with its subtle 1/16th toe hang and double bend shaft give the putter playability for golfers of various stroke paths.

As a compact mallet I wasn’t sure what to expect in regards to forgiveness but was impressed with the consistency of rollout.  I was equally pleased with the ease of alignment.  The combination of the wide topline and single black sightline made aiming the putter simple.

The stock SWAG embossed leather grip was an oddity at first, but I must say it’s grown on me.  The midsize, pistol style grip has a familiar, comfortable feel, but the tackiness still grabs my attention every time my hands embrace it.  I’ll be curious to see how the grip ages – chime in below if you care to share your experience.

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The Savage Too is a tremendous example of not needing to sacrifice form to achieve function.  Remarkably, team SWAG was able to blend the eye appeal of a blade style putter with the performance benefits of a larger mallet all in a compact head design.  On top of that, the Savage Too has amazing feel, which has been very helpful for focusing on strike quality.  SWAG Golf certainly embraces its bold, fun loving persona, but the design and execution of its putters is a testament to the craftsmanship that is clearly at the heart of the company.

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  1. Sounds like a great putter. How much do they cost?

  2. Matt great write up! This was my first transition to a face balance/compact mallet putter and it was been smooth sailing for a few months. The feel on putts hit on the center is unlike any other putter I have used, I never realized how much inserts on putters can take away the feel between and good and bad strike. Unfortunately some of the tackiness on the grip does wear off over time.

  3. $555.55? Is that all? Well heck, I’ll need two of those!

  4. Bushwood Caddie

    I had the opportunity to roll one these putters and although the feel is good (when hit in the center) it was just too compact for me. It wasn’t any more accurate than my putter just different in terms of compactness and sound. With my putter misses the sound doesn’t changed that much with this if you miss the center instead of a soft click you get a loud tock.

  5. Daniel Scott

    So much SWAG #SecretGiveaway4

  6. This looks like the right Swag model for me. Any idea how/where to fitted for one of their putters? Their ordering form has a number of specs and I just don’t know what to use as I’ve had the same putter forever and didn’t get fitted back then. I live in Chicago suburbs, so if they had anything at their place, I could go there… Thanks!

  7. What do you know, Covid has me looking for more golf equipment and I am in the midst of a putter-off between several in a stable that has grown from two to five in the last 3 yrs. My favorite enablers seem to like Swag Putters and they haven’t lad me astray. So off go putters to sell. And the Savage Too is ordered in Cool Blue. Yes, it costs money but during Covid, one finds fun in various places. Since there is little info out there on the putters other than here, I will post feedback after time with the Savage. Thanks for the review and the Blue Ribbon Award – it caught my attention.

  8. It’s a month into my affair with the Savage Too, and I want to echo Matt’s review. Attractive at address, tacky grip, great milling and feel with a tok or slight tink depending on contact. Distance control is great for me, doesn’t feel heavy at about 35 inches and 365g, slightly less than face balanced, great roll, very stable. Mine has a sight dot, no sight line. It’s addictive. I bring 2-3 putters to the green but always pick up the Savage Too as it seems more … fun and cooperative. Great pickup. Thanks.

  9. Ian Perry

    Has anyone tested the Savage Too Center?

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