SWAG Golf King of Diamonds Putter Review

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The SWAG Golf King of Diamonds putter is a limited edition piece in honor of their 3rd anniversary.  Available in Handsome One and Handsome Too head shapes.  The most stunning sole I’ve ever seen on a putter.


Regular readers know that I’m a huge fan of SWAG Golf because they push everything they do to the very highest level.  That can sound like empty, cliched praise, but the new King of Diamonds putter allows me to put some numbers to it.  Most milled putters are made in about 40 minutes.  The King of Diamonds takes 83 minutes…just to engrave the sole!  Let’s take a closer look at this beautiful limited release.


The SWAG King of Diamonds putter is available in two styles: the Handsome One and the Handsome Too (shown here).  The One and Too correspond to the timeless Anser One and Anser Two shapes.  Let’s cut to the quick: no one is making better versions of these head styles.  If you want the full rundown on how SWAG has perfected this shape, please read my reviews of the Handsome One HERE and the Handsome Too HERE.

Let’s get into what makes the King of Diamonds putter special, working from “That’s cool” to (speechless).  This starts with the grip.  Each putter gets a blue cabretta leather grip with a dozen SWAG skulls.  This Gripmaster grip feels like a midsize and is definitely larger than the grips they employed for earlier releases.

Next is SWAG’s calling card – the headcover.  The Stacked King of Diamonds cover is sure to become a must have among collectors.  It’s also the first SWAG cover (at least to my knowledge) without any SWAG branding on the outside.  As usual, the design and stitch count are leaps and bounds beyond what any other manufacturer is doing.  And if you keep up with the industry news, that gap is only going to get wider [learn more HERE].

Now to the putter head.  The face is adorned with a simple, clean King of Diamonds emblem.  You don’t need much more on the face when it already has a beautiful milling pattern.  The cavity has a bit more flash, displaying a royal flush in diamonds.

Now the showstopper: the sole.  This is, without question, the most beautiful sole I’ve ever seen on a putter.  The intricacy of the engraving has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.  Not only is the engraving beautiful, the paint fill is flawless.  As I mentioned earlier, engraving the sole alone takes 83 minutes, and I’m certain the paint fill requires a substantial investment of time, too.  If you are lucky enough to score the King of Diamonds, it will immediately become the centerpiece of your putter collection.

Sound & Feel

The King of Diamonds Handsome Too feels every bit as good as my Handsome Too gamer.  With a premium golf ball, impact feels crisp but soft.  I’ve noticed that my SWAG putters are some of the most sensitive to difference in golf balls, so you can choose a softer or firmer feeling based on the ball you play.

Feedback through the hands is exceptionally precise.  I’ve yet to hit a putt that felt bad, but I could always tell exactly where the ball met the face.  The impact sound only changes on substantial mishits.


Let’s get this out of the way now and preempt a lot of “clever” comments: the King of Diamonds is not functionally different than the standard Handsome One or Handsome Too.  Which is to say, it’s only the best version of the Anser One or Anser Two that I’ve ever used.  If you want the most performance per dollar, grab one of SWAG’s standard retail putters HERE.

Back to the King.  Both versions of the King of Diamonds feature a plumbers neck and approximately 45 degree/4:30 toe hang.  This makes the putter ideal for the player with a moderate arc in their stroke.  By virtue of being the middle of the spectrum, it can work for players with strong or slight arcs, too.  All King of Diamonds putters have a sight line.

Is the King of Diamonds going to make you a better putter?  Insofar as putting is largely mental, maybe.  Speaking only for myself, I like having an awesome putter.  It makes me feel more confident, and it puts a little…there’s just no other word for it…swagger in my step.  I can’t help smiling every time I take the King out of his headcover, and a happy golfer is a better golfer.


So, how can you get your hands on the SWAG King of Diamonds?  This putter will be released during their April 1 Anniversary Release which happens at midnight (to be clear, that refers to the very first moment of April 1, not the end of the day on April 1).  Quantities are very limited, so you’ll need to be quick, but I promise it will be worth the effort.

If you can’t stay up that late or you’re not quick enough on the keyboard, be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram account (HERE) this week.  We have something very special planned.

Visit SWAG Golf HERE

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  1. Holy smokes. Will sell out in 2 seconds! First of its kind headcover!

  2. Matt, you should consider having some sort of balance when it comes to these guys. The only comment you’ve censored from me was for Swag, and you’ll probably do so again, but I’ve had terrible experiences with Swag. At $555 for a putter, you should be able to talk to someone, get fit, etc. They have no customer service. Sure they are cool headcovers. To ask that much for putters they should be willing to communicate with customers.

    • Matt Saternus


      I know you’re a regular reader and commenter, which I greatly appreciate, so I want to make sure I respond to each of your points.
      You state that I should “consider having some sort of balance.” I’m not sure what that means. I’m a fan of the brand. I’ve stated that clearly, and I’ve explained why. In short, they’re making products that are better than the competition. If I were to say something else to “have balance” that would be inauthentic.
      I don’t recall what your previous comment was, but I only censor profanity, politics, and trolling. If you had a bad experience with Swag, that’s as valid as my good experiences, and you’re welcome to say what that was so long as it’s said respectfully.
      Regarding fitting, I know for that Swag is working on getting a fitting studio up and running. You also need to recognize that the brand is three years old, over a third of their “life” has been during a global pandemic, and they’ve grown faster than anyone could have hoped for. I’m sure they would like to have that fitting studio up and running already, but they’re not going to do it halfway just to get it done.
      Finally, with regard to customer communication, I can only speak for my experiences and say that they’ve been good. I’ve communicated with the brand as Plugged In Golf and as a customer and have received prompt responses. I’ve also seen the brand engage with their fans on social media as much or more than any other.



    • $555 really isn’t that much when you consider what you’re getting relative to a Cameron for $429. Just go get a fitting for your specs and order it online, you won’t be disappointed.

    • Jim how do I buy a putter with the cards on it I luv it.

      • Matt Saternus


        This was a limited edition putter that sold out very quickly. Your best bet is looking on eBay or trying some of the SWAG fan groups on Facebook.



  3. 808nation

    Amazing putter, sure to sell out in -.10 seconds 😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Fair enough and I also realize that you generally comment more on product quality / performance / price than customer experience anyway. My post from a while certainly contained none of those items you mention but maybe you just missed it.

    I do see their engagement with the general customer / fan base but not as an individual customer in my experience. I was actually wanting to buy their products and join the group, as I also like their general influence in the industry. Maybe I caught someone on a bad day after weeks of trying…

  5. It’s very good and more necessary resources that i got here, thanks for this good idea

  6. Liam Byrne

    Oh so close ! If they were Hearts you would have FLUSHED me out,……….. Ridiculous money for putters these days

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