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Golf News – March 24, 2021

Swag Golf Acquires Industry-Leading Ecktron Performance (EP Headcovers)

CHICAGO, IL – Swag Golf today announced it has acquired Ecktron Performance (EP Headcovers), an industry leader in quality golf headcover manufacturing and embroidery. The acquisition of EP Headcovers will ensure Swag Golf remains one step ahead of the competition in their pursuit of producing the highest quality headcovers in all of golf.

“Our collectors have the most discerning eyes in the industry and demand premier products, so it was a no brainer for us to acquire the foremost company in the business and bring manufacturing in house,” said Nick Venson, founder and chief executive officer, Swag Golf. “Our quality will continue to be second to none as EP has been making our headcovers since our launch in 2018, and now they will have the ability to focus solely on Swag.”

Since 2013, Ecktron Performance has provided the highest quality headcovers in golf to retailers and consumers alike from their headquarters in Buford, GA. EP brings extensive manufacturing experience that continues to push boundaries, and its addition will further propel Swag into industry dominance.

“It was an easy commitment to make when deciding to work exclusively with Swag,” said Justin Eckard, president and chief executive officer, Ecktron Performance. “They are the most exciting brand in golf and will be for the foreseeable future. We look forward to advancing the headcover industry one cover at a time.”

Ecktron Performance will continue producing headcovers for select country clubs and accounts.

Visit Swag Golf HERE

Club Champion’s Fits with the Founder Podcast Is Now Available

WILLOBROOK, IL – Club Champion, the country’s top premium club fitter and builder, has launched their first podcast! Fits with the Founder, hosted by Master Fitter and the company’s founder Nick Sherburne, is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and a variety of other podcast platforms.

“This new endeavor is a great way for us to give an unaltered look into the golf equipment world,” said Cassandra Bausch, Club Champion’s Marketing Manager and Sherburne’s partner on the podcast. “It’ll be a more personal take from Nick and will allow us to explore things that traditional content mediums do not.”

The bi-weekly show will feature discussions on trending golf topics and interviews with everyone from athletes and influencers to equipment manufacturers from around the industry. It also has segments dedicated to listener questions, giving golfers one-on-one time with Sherburne or the episode’s guest to talk about a wide range of topics. So far, everything from gambling on the golf course to the emergence of new technology for club fitting has been covered and there are endless possibilities for future episodes.

Fits with the Founder is the perfect opportunity to not only entertain an audience, but also field a discussion between us and golfers everywhere,” said Bausch. “We’re excited to step into the podcasting world!”

As of publishing, two episodes have already launched and new content will be available every other Friday.

Visit Club Champion HERE

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