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The SWAG Ace putter is a classic high toe blade.  Part of a refreshed line of stock putters.  Superb design and total attention to detail.  Incredibly soft feel.


Spend a few moments on Swag’s website, and you’ll come across the phrase, “Don’t give a putt.”  Much like “aloha” in Hawaii, it’s a way of being as much as it is a slogan.  You see it in Swag’s headcovers, where they’re unafraid to take chances on things like partnering with the WWE or basing designs on internet memes.  You see it in their social media interactions where they gleefully roast their own followers, when it’s deserved.

However, the one place where Swag gives all the “putts” is in the design of their putters.  This has never come through more clearly than in the redesigned The Ace.  Two years ago, they released a beautiful RAD [Research And Development] version of The Ace.  They could have easily rolled out the same thing as a production putter, but instead they spent countless hours refining the design even further.  The result is one of the most undeniably premium putters on the market.


The Ace brings modern refinement to one of the most classic designs in golf: the high toe blade.  From address, there’s a complete absence of sharp edges or harsh transitions.  The top line rolls smoothly into the thin flange with all the focus on the small sight line.

For this new production model, Swag has dialed down the branding.  From the rear, there’s a medium sized “SWAG” on the toe.  The face – milled with a deep, mesmerizing pattern – has Swag’s trademark skull on the heel.  Even the sole is toned down, with all the engraving kept to the toe.  The only graphics are four small stars, a nod to Swag’s Chicago roots.

For the Swag aficionados, the new Ace has some small but important refinements from the RAD model [review HERE].  There are two noticeable changes at address: the addition of the sight line and the change in toe shape.  The RAD Ace was symmetrical, but the new Ace has a more tapered toe.  This is offset by the flange which is now gets thinner in the heel where the old version was a consistent thickness.  Finally, the new Ace has slightly less offset, though the difference is very small.

Finally, we need to mention the headcover.  Swag’s stock headcover is leaps and bounds beyond those offered by other putter companies in both design and construction.  The biggest difference is the magnetic closure.  In 2022, no one wants Velcro scratching their putter or falling off the club head.  This design features a large SWAG logo across the top and their “Don’t Give a Putt” slogan opposite the trademark skull.  All of this sits atop a background pattern of white skulls.

Sound & Feel

Having spent almost two years with the original Swag Ace, I’ve come to regard it as the softest of all their putters.  Pure strikes feel as soft as any non-insert putter I’ve ever used without losing that touch of crispness.  The new Ace putter has a different face milling that appears a bit deeper with a wider pattern.  After hitting dozens of putts comparing the two, I think the new model is a touch softer, but it’s extremely close.

Beyond the satisfying feel, what I love about putting with The Ace is the precision of the feedback.  If you’re paying attention, you can feel the difference between a strike that’s absolutely perfect and one that’s fractionally off-center.  For the player who wants to perfect their stroke, using The Ace is akin to playing with forged blades instead of bulky cavity backs.


One of the things I like about The Ace is the fitting and performance niche that it fills in the putter world.  Go to any golf store and you’ll find shelves of Anser-style putters and massive mallets.  The player that wants more toe hang is often left wanting, but The Ace is perfect for them.  Swag states that The Ace has “3/4” toe hang, a bit more than your average Anser.  This new version also has a little less than 1/2 shaft offset, which further separates it from the Handsome One [review HERE] and Handsome Too in Swag’s line up.

The lack of heel and toe weighting does make The Ace less forgiving than most other putters.  Is the difference between The Ace and the Handsome Too [review HERE] night and day?  No, but it is something you’ll notice if you’re comparing them head to head.  Mishits will come up a bit shorter than you expect, so it’s important to make centered contact.

My favorite thing about putting with The Ace is that my stroke feels smooth and flowing.  It’s akin to my feelings about The Cooler [review HERE].  The combination of increased toe hang, reduced offset, and precise feedback makes putting feel less mechanical and more artistic.  For me, getting away from technical thoughts tends to leads to better results.  If you’re looking for a similar feeling on the green, you should give The Ace a try.


The new line up of SWAG putters, on their site now, includes The Ace, The Cooler, Handsome One and Too, plus the Savage Too in both double bend and center shafted [review HERE].  No matter which one you choose, you’ll receive one of the finest putters being made today, but players looking for a classic, flowing blade should opt for The Ace.

Visit SWAG Golf HERE

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  1. Robert yonkers jr

    How much

    • Matt Meeker

      We provide links to the company websites at the bottom of all our reviews so readers can check out current pricing. But since you didn’t have time to even insert a question mark, I checked for you – $555.55.

      – Meeks

    • What a beautiful putter and excellent review.

  2. The SWAG putter looks almost identical to the old Scotty Cameron Studio Design #1 putter. What’s old is new again.

  3. It so difficult to buy a swag putter that I would not buy one again.

  4. Peter Ancona

    Just checked the website and saw the availability as ‘sold out’. Looking at other putters on the website, it appears that SWAG only produces an extremely low number of units per model.

    • Matt Meeker

      Production is limited, but they are also highly sought after so they don’t last long on website.

      – Meeks

  5. Héctor R Fernández

    Nice review of a nice putter and a cool company.

    It is amazing how putter prices have evolved. In 2009 I ordered a custom Scotty Cameron 009, and unlike today, I was able to pick my own stamping, neck configuration, pretty much my own design.

    Back then I paid $1200.00 for it, now you can’t even do a real custom order and you find pretty standard 009 putters on eBay for upwards of 10k.

    Times have changed in the putter world.

  6. Great review and a great looking putter!

  7. Erik Ferner

    Love the looks of this Ace SWAG putter! I’m a big fan of their brand and would love to try one out. I opt for the softer blades and this sounds like a winner!

  8. Awesome review, would love to get my hands on one of these beauties.

  9. Another solid review. Definitely want to check out this style putter.

  10. Todd Williams

    Been admiring Swag Golf’s work for awhile. This revamped putter looks like a jewel and would go directly into the bag

  11. Extensive review here, and a great one! Not too many out there for the swag putters so hats off on the detailed review! Would look amazing in the bag.

  12. Mike Dowling

    Such a good looking putter. Thanks for the info in the review!

  13. Always enjoy your perspective and have been interested in this blade style for awhile. Maybe I’ll get my hands on one soon!

  14. Adam Moore

    The Ace is another in a long line of great putters from Swag!

  15. Rickie Schiffhauer

    YEEEHAWWW GO SWAG! Love this style as well.

  16. Skyler Street

    Im a 25 handicap and it’s driving me crazy that I keep missing those 20 foot putts. Those should be going in like the pros! Sometimes I even miss 10 footers! I hope this putter makes all of that go away.

  17. Brandon mckee

    Always amazing work !

  18. The Swag Ace is probably one of the cleanest putters in the market. Cool, clean, compact and a hell of a performer. Swag putters are pretty awesome.

  19. Anesh chandra

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I never rolled a swag but being able to win the giveaway abs try it out would be amazing!! I have a circa 62 and this looks like it, so transition hopefully isn’t an issue!

    • The Ace looks well…..Ace. I love the softer edges and any anser-like putter is good for me. I do like the added sight line and being jealous of a mate who games a swag puttter, its all go to get one and as for the headcover, well…..its SWAG!!

  20. Awesome! Love reading about all things swag related!

  21. Will Matherly

    This is a good breakdown of how an accessory/apparel company can elevate équipement as well.

  22. Conor Oneill

    A classic design with a swag flair to it. What’s not to love? Excellent write up!

  23. Matthew Dorus

    This putter looks amazing! I’d love to own one someday and use it on the course.

  24. Need to roll some SWAG putters asap!

  25. Have always loved the looks of SWAG putters and head covers. Happy to hear that the Ace performs as well as it looks. Great write up. Hopefully I can get one in my bag someday.

  26. Adam Swanson

    This putter looks amazing with the swag flair, also loved the read on this putter as well learning more about the finer details! This putter would go straight in the bag!

  27. Swag putters are pure artistry!!

  28. Chris Magsino

    Great review. SWAG putter are some of the best out there. I own a handsome too and it’s so pure!

  29. Daniel Haga

    That head shape has always caught my eye! I love the Coronado look!

  30. Chad Brown

    Awesome review! Love the Swag putters!

  31. Great looking putter ⛳️🏌️‍♂️👍

  32. Allen Harkleroad

    Absolutely stunning! Another winner from Swag!

  33. Scott Kefalas

    Beautiful putter and sounds like the feel and roll match the looks. Enjoyed reading the review. The Ace kind of reminds me of the TP Mills Ten that I mistakenly let go several years ago.

  34. Michael brown

    Swag pulls you in with their amazing covers, but when you get your hands on a precision milled putter, you see why they are THE REAL DEAL!

  35. Cant wait to use this

  36. Brian lovett

    Great putter, great review

  37. wow this putter is awesome. the Milly looks great with the perfect sound and feel. the alignment will help target the proper line.

  38. Mesut Can

    Thanks, great detailed review. I am tempted to get one now.

  39. Adam Palmquist

    Such a nice looking putter!

  40. Stonesbalones

    Huge fan of all things Swag! Solid review, putters a beaut

  41. Josh Palmer

    The best feeling putter Ive ever hit. Love the Ace. Now time to find one for the bag. LFG!!!

  42. Josh, I am interested in your thoughts about the ACE. Matt went to great lengths to describe the “softness” of the putter, which I take as a mixed blessing. I like putters with a crisp “tock” or a “click”, not a dull thud. You seem to love the feel — how would you describe it? Thanks! Steve

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