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The Ace putter from SWAG Golf is a clean, classic blade that’s perfectly executed.  Superb feel.  Adds a new fitting option to the SWAG putter line up.


It would be easy to look at SWAG Golf’s massive array of headcovers compared to their fairly slim selection of putters and conclude that the brand is more style than substance.  However, when you look at the way that their Handsome One (review HERE) elevated the Anser with unparalleled attention to detail and milling, you know that isn’t the case.

For spring 2020, SWAG Golf is turning their attention to the classic blade with The Ace.  Was SWAG able to work their magic again?  At this point, you’d be a fool to bet against it.

Check out the 2022 version of The Ace HERE


The Ace has a split personality.  From address, you cannot find a cleaner putter.  There are no alignment aids or sharp edges to be found.  Every element of this putter is in perfect proportion and flows seamlessly into the next.  The rear view is also tame – only the “SWAG” brand name will be visible to your playing partners.

When you raise the putter to celebrate your birdie, however, The Ace’s wild side comes out.  The sole is covered in swag: multiple colors, SWAG’s dripping skull logo, “The Ace” in an eye-catching mix of fonts, and the four stars from the Chicago flag.  It’s a testament to SWAG’s design skills that this jam-packed sole still feels cohesive and uncluttered.

It’s worth noting that, should The Ace become part of SWAG’s production line, there will be some aesthetic differences.  The blue shaft (above) and “RAD” (Research And Development) face engraving (below) are featured only on the first run of The Ace.

Also, the initial run of The Ace putters will all be “naked” – no alignment lines or dots.  That, too, may change if The Ace makes it into full production.

Sound & Feel

SWAG refers to the metal used in their putters as Feels Good 303 Stainless Steel.  Though SWAG doesn’t lack for confidence, I would suggest they were too humble in the naming because this putter doesn’t feel good, it feels great.  With a tour ball, impact creates a crisp “tock” and puts a solid, satisfying feeling through your hands.  While it’s definitely splitting hairs, I find The Ace a bit more solid than my other SWAG putters, like hitting an old blade versus a cavity back.

One thing that surprised me is the subtlety of the feedback.  For a putter without any obvious forgiveness, there’s very little auditory change, even on extreme mishits.  You can clearly feel the difference between a good and bad strike, but the misses won’t make you cringe.

The other sound that flows through my head any time that I pull out this putter is Dr. Dre reminding us that “The ace is back” on “Still D.R.E.”.  If that reference doesn’t put a smile on your face, you’re clearly not a 90’s kid.


Part of what makes the addition of The Ace so exciting is that it adds a new performance profile to the SWAG line up.  The toe hang on The Ace is approximately 5 o’clock, more than any of the other SWAG blades.  Additionally, it has just 1/2 shaft offset, less than any other SWAG putter.  All of this makes The Ace a better choice for the player with a more arcing stroke or those who want less offset to combat a pull.

While there should be a forgiveness gap between The Ace and Anser-style putters, I found it to be marginal.  As long as you stay within a few dimples of the sweet spot, you’re going to get great results.

In the short time that I’ve spent with it, this putter has already become my ace in the hole (see what I did there?).  Prior to receiving The Ace, I’d been pulling more putts than normal.  Getting more face rotation and less offset with The Ace was an instant fix.  I started “holing” more putts on my PuttOut Trainer, and the results have carried over to the course, too.  I’ve been most pleased with the quality of the distance control, especially considering that this should be a less forgiving putter.

Need more toe hang?  Check out The Cooler by Swag HERE


The Ace further validates my belief that no one in golf can match SWAG in terms of taste, refined design, and flawless execution.  This putter is a stunner from every angle, and it feels sensational.  If you want to have The Ace up your sleeve, keep your eyes on SWAG.Golf when they go on sale this Friday.  Like everything SWAG makes, I’m sure The Ace won’t last long.

Matt Saternus


  1. Joe Frigo

    WOW!! perfect review just in time for the release tomorrow. I mainly wanted the head cover originally but now think its fair to give the ace a run for a spot in the bag

  2. john ballas

    did not see a link for swag putters

  3. Dan Shepherd

    That’s a sweet looking putter. Svelte, even.

  4. Andy Quinton

    Nice job as usual Matt!

  5. Donald D Gates

    Looks good, need to get one in my hands to try out.

  6. makaveli

    Too bad their $150 divot tool sold out…

  7. SWAG must have a loyal following — or they only made 10 of these new ACE putters, cuz as of Saturday afternoon they were sold out at a cool $ 777 per club. I am not doubting these are well made putters, and I am willing to spend a premium, but a man has to have limits, especially when buying a club “sight unseen.” These make PXG look like bargains by comparison. Hey, it’s a capitalist economy, I wish them well.

    • Joe Frigo

      loyal following for sure. Saturday afternoon is nothing!… This released Friday at 12pm and sold out by 12:01 pm. Part of their motto (other than truly making quality products) is to make limited amounts of putters and headcovers to then immediately flip/resell on the consumer end

  8. This is such a fantastic looking putter. I asked them if they were going to make any Lefty’s and got a Maybe! Better than a no so I will take it.

  9. Allan Kim

    Great looking putter made by SwagGolf. Clean lines and simple looks make this putter a definitely looker, especially with the blue shaft 😎👍@eight0eightnation (IG handle)

  10. Graeme Wilson

    Great thorough review guys. Beautiful putter. 😄 – wilsonplaysgolf (IG)

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