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PuttOut is a putting aid that’s simple to use but nearly impossible to master.  Fun and very effective.


One of the easiest ways to find the best products at a PGA Show is to look at what has made its way into other companies’ booths.  By that measure, the PuttOut was a huge success because you could find it in the booth of nearly every putter maker there.  The reasons are obvious: it makes putting fun while helping you improve.

Check out the PuttOUT Devil Ball HERE


Ease of Use & Setup

PuttOut sets up or folds flat in seconds.  If you can hit a putt, you can use it.  It doesn’t get better or easier.

The idea behind the PuttOut is that the white disc is the same size as the cup.  If you hit a putt that runs over the white disc and returns to you, that’s the same as making a putt.  The ramp also provides an idea of the speed you used to make that putt – the harder you hit it, the further it will roll back.

You can increase the challenge by “opening” the hole in the ramp and trying to get the ball to stay in the impression.  To do that, you’ll need to hit the putt in the dead center of the hole with optimal speed – 15″-18″ past the cup.


Fun is the key to making PuttOut effective.  As one of the inventors told me, “If it’s fun, you’ll keep using it.  If you use it, you’ll get better.”

PuttOut separates itself from other indoor putting trainers in a couple important ways.  First, you don’t have to chase balls.  Thanks to the ramp, you can stay in one spot “making” putts for as long as your back will hold out.  Also, thanks to the speedy ball return, you can hit more putts in less time.

The other key is the hole in the ramp.  It’s easy to lose focus when you’re knocking in one four-footer after another.  Making a putt in the hole requires your full attention.  This added layer keeps you practicing in the sweet spot of difficulty: success is not guaranteed, but it’s never far off.  The current record is “holing” 7 putts out of 10 from four feet away.  Once you’ve tried it, you’ll know how impressive that is.



The combination of challenge and fun give the PuttOut excellent longevity as a training aid.  You can roll three-foot putts up and down the ramp if you want to do something light.  In the mood for a challenge?  Open the hole and step back to five, six, or seven feet.



At $30, the PuttOut is a no-brainer, must-buy for the serious player (support PluggedInGolf by buying it HERE).  For less than the cost of a dozen tour balls, you can make your indoor putting practice fun and challenging.



Everyone knows that the quickest and easiest way to shave some strokes off your handicap is to stop missing short putts.  The problem is that grinding out hundreds of three footers is a drag.  PuttOut makes working on your putting fun by eliminating the drudgery of chasing balls.  This great training aid takes no time to set up, is highly adaptable to different skill levels, and gets my strong recommendation.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Looks like a fun training gizmo! Lord knows I could use help with the flat stick, probably anyone reading your article. It should sell well

  2. ChristopherKee

    I have been using this since release and not only does it improve your putting speed but it also entertains my 18 month old (he gets the ball to stop way more than me)

    Honestly. This is just one of those useful golf tools that works and at a good price. I paid mine up with a putting mirror and the SKLZ putter trainer. Sniffing 69 on the course more often than not lately and it’s still winter greens :-)

  3. Roger Williamson

    After reading your article I went out and bought one. The Putt Out trainer sorted me out on my 6 footers. Found my pace wasn’t right, under hitting it so the ball wouldn’t go into the hole. Told my Pro and it was because my back stroke was shorter than my forward stroke. Good training aid. Bought mine from Kit Radar.

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