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PuttOUT Devil Ball Review

puttout devil ball

50 Words or Less

The PuttOUT Devil Ball has one purpose – helping you dial in your putter’s face angle at impact.  Tough but fun to use.  Excellent for adding difficulty to indoor practice.


For over five years, PuttOUT has been working relentlessly to make golfers better at putting.  They started with their amazing Pressure Putter Trainer [review HERE] and went on to make the best versions of training necessities like putting mats and putting mirrors [review HERE].  For 2022 they’ve released another new invention, the Devil Ball.

puttout devil ball unboxed

Set Up & Ease of Use

When you unbox the PuttOUT Devil Ball, you’ll find two Devil Balls and the Devil Ball Marker.  Using the Devil Ball is fairly intuitive: aim the line (or cross) toward the hole and putt.  You can use the Devil Ball with or without the Devil Ball Marker.

puttout devil ball address 2


Like all the best training aids, the PuttOUT Devil Ball is effective because it provides crystal clear feedback.  It enhances the effect of your putter’s face angle at impact, rolling dramatically right or left of target if you don’t strike it square.

Let’s put some numbers to it.  At three feet, you can comfortably make a putt with a normal ball with a face angle anywhere from two degrees open to two degrees closed.  You can even lip in a putt with a face that’s up to five degrees from square.  The Devil Ball, however, requires a face angle of one degree open or closed to comfortably make a three-footer.  If your face angle hits two degrees open or closed, you’re likely to lip the putt out.  The Devil Ball makes putting twice as hard as normal.

You do have the option of dialing down the difficulty slightly.  Those numbers above reflect striking a putt on the flat side of the Devil Ball.  If you strike the round side (above), the Devil Ball is closer to a normal ball.

Additionally, the Devil Ball has uses outdoors.  PuttOUT suggests using the Devil Ball Marker to aim at a breaking putt.  Now the Devil Ball will highlight whether you’re playing the break correctly or pushing/pulling the ball toward the cup.  You can also use the Devil Ball Marker to ingrain a more upward angle of attack.

Finally, the PuttOUT Devil Ball pairs well with other PuttOUT products.  My personal indoor putting area consists of the PuttOUT mat [review HERE], the Pressure Putt Trainer, and small PuttOUT mirror, and, now, the Devil Ball.  This combination gives me a great surface, a check on my set up, a target with ball return, and a way to turn up the difficulty.


I haven’t stopped using the PuttOUT Devil Ball since it arrived.  For short putts, it’s just the right amount of tough to be addictive.  This is important because we need to practice our short putts (unless you just pick them all up).  But practicing short putts, especially straight, flat ones, gets boring.  The Devil Ball is never boring because a slip in focus means the ball will go skidding offline.

This is also a training aid that can live in your golf bag, if you prefer to practice outdoors.  Making a few putts with the Devil Ball should give you immense confidence when you step onto the first green.

puttout devil ball address


The PuttOUT Devil Ball retails for $30 (support Plugged In Golf by buying it HERE).  As someone who does extensive indoor putting practice, this is a slam dunk on value.  Rolling in four footers with a normal ball can be mindlessly easy.  The Devil Ball raises the bar, even on short, flat, straight putts.

puttout devil ball


PuttOUT continues to release nothing but lights out training aids.  Like their original Pressure Putt Trainer, the Devil Ball is simple to use but nearly impossible to master.  If you want to improve your putting skills, indoors or out, this is a must-have.

Visit PuttOUT HERE

Buy the PuttOUT Devil Ball HERE

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  1. Matt – great review. I have the PuttOut Pressure trainer and the Mirror/Gate set up. Would the devil ball be superfluous at this point? I feel like the gate and mirror already tests face angle pretty well but I could be wrong.

    • Matt Saternus


      The gates are a pretty stringent test of start line, to be sure. I don’t think the Devil Ball is necessary if you already have those.



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