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The PuttOut Putting Mirror elevates the traditional putting mirror both with its quality and numerous uses.


PuttOut crashed the 2017 PGA Show with their self-named trainer which has become one of the most popular in the world.  Last year they debuted a follow up: the outstanding PuttOut Putting Mat.  A putting mat is nothing new, but PuttOut brought it to a new level with thoughtful design and high quality.

In 2019, they’re applying those same principles to another classic: the putting mirror.  And just like with their putting mat, their improvements render previous versions obsolete.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

If you like your putting practice to be as simple as possible, drop the PuttOut Putting Mirror on the ground and get to work.  No set up is required, and the mirror makes putting practice less frustrating because the spiked base doesn’t move around.

Should you want to take advantage of the additional features of the PuttOut Putting Mirror, they only take a few seconds to set up.  The gate simply plugs into the red discs and the putter guides attach to the mirror magnetically.  In under a minute, you can arrange to get feedback on almost every important element of putting: set up, club path, and club face at impact.


There’s a reason that putting mirrors have been a staple of golfers’ practice routines for ages – they provide immediate feedback on set up position.  The PuttOut Putting Mirror, with its thoughtful markings, does just that.  It’s large enough that you can check not only your eye position but also your shoulder alignment – an underrated component of address.

With the PuttOut Putting  Mirror, assessing set up is just the start.  The red, magentic guides can be used in a variety of ways to give you feedback on your club path.  One use of the guides is to set them on either side of the putter near the golf ball.  This will tell you if you have a square-to-target path through the ball.  PuttOut has even notched the front edge of the mirror so you can quickly set the guides to the appropriate width for your skill level.

Because the whole base is steel, you can set up the guides in any way that you choose.  For example, if you tend to “cut across” your putts, you can create a double-length rail on the toe side of the putter.  You can also set one perpendicular to your target to work on stroke length.  The possibilities are almost endless.

The final piece of the kit is the ball gate.  If you’re working indoors with the PuttOut trainer, the gate is superfluous, but it’s a great piece to have when you’re outdoors.  Placed one foot from the ball, it allows only 0.5 degrees of error, which is a stringent test.

With clear, immediate feedback on set up, club path, and face angle at impact, the PuttOut Putting Mirror kit is a wonderfully effective training aid.


For the PuttOut Putting Mirror, longevity needs to be discussed in two ways.  First is how long the putting mirror will actually last.  One of the major problems with cheap mirrors is that they warp, crack, or scratch.  The PuttOut Putting Mirror is built on a steel base to prevent warping or cracking and has an anti-scratch coating.  Additionally, the carry case keeps each component of the kit separate to reduce wear.

This putting mirror also excels when we consider how much you’ll actually use it.  The magnetic guides and gate add plenty of versatility to keep you busy.  Moreover, the fact that everything sets up quickly and stays in place makes you more likely to bring it to the green.


The PuttOut Putting Mirror retails for $75 (support PIG, buy it HERE).  While this is more than other putting mirrors, you’re paying for the quality of the build and the additional uses.  If a mirror is an important part of your putting practice, it’s worth investing in a good one, and the PuttOut Putting Mirror is excellent.


PuttOut has once again taken a product that has been around forever and made it substantially better.  I’ve never been much for mirrors, but the PuttOut Putting Mirror is so good, easy to use, and versatile, that it’s become part of my regular practice routine.

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