Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Stand Bag Review

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The Sun Mountain H2NO Lite stand bag is a solid mid-sized stand bag that’s completely waterproof, extremely sturdy, and sharp looking.

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I initially fell in love with the Sun Mountain H2NO bags when they were first introduced a couple of years ago, and I absolutely ran that bag into the ground.  When Sun Mountain introduced the next generation of H2NO bags, I was excited to replace mine with a new one and see if the same high quality carried over into the next generation and if it would still hold up to rigorous waterproof testing that only lunatics like are going to do.  The waterproof H2NO Lite utilizes high quality materials and time-tested designs to make a run at being an industry leader in stand bags and this review will cover whether or not it succeeds.

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What I’ve always liked about Sun Mountain golf bags is that they have a bit of that cool factor in them, but they are still somewhat simple and not over the top in their appearance.  The latest Sun Mountain H2NO Lite is no exception, and Sun Mountain once again delivered a sleek execution.  The bag pictured in this review has a pretty simple look, moderate branding, and then a nice accent of lime green to give the bag a dash of character.  True to form, Sun Mountain also offers more modest coloring if you’re not looking to draw that extra attention to your golf bag on the course.

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Sun Mountain is synonymous with high quality in the golf bag world and the H2NO Lite might be one of their best in this regard.  The H2NO Lite has heavy duty YKK zippers and sealed seams to make sure water doesn’t work its way into the pockets.  Additionally, the fabric of the bag is treated on both sides with a waterproof coating.  Over my time of having two different H2NO bags, they both have kept the contents of my golf bag remarkably dry and definitely get the job done.

Aside from the waterproof standard, the H2NO Lite is a very sturdy bag with a strong stand mechanism and a durable shoulder strap system.

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Design & Performance

The Sun Mountain H2NO Lite stand bag is designed to be waterproof, comfortable, easy to use, and versatile.  While the H2NO Lite is not the lightest golf bag in the world, it is definitely tolerable for walking if need be.  The stand easily deploys and provides a solid foundation, the dual straps are comfortable and the Autp-Fit Strap System makes for a quick and balanced fit when you throw the bag on.  In the event you want to put the H2NO Lite on a cart instead of walking, the molded bottom has fit the various wells I have tried and shouldn’t be a problem for you.  As stated in the previous sections, the waterproofing works really well and makes the bag a better all-around gamer.

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I’ve grown to be a fan of Sun Mountain‘s predictability and consistency in their golf bags every year.  If you look back at the same model bag from five years ago, they always look quite a bit different, but Sun Mountain never re-invents the wheel.  They create changes by introducing a handful of new things while sticking with concepts that are working.  Though only a couple of years old now, the H2NO line is destined to follow this same trend and continually be one of the best all around bag options in the Sun Mountain lineup.

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  1. I bought the H2NO in 2103, for the clubs, waterproof, durability, it is a great bag. For user friendliness, it is missing some big points. No storage for a water bottle and inconvenient for a range finder. The valuables pocket was too small for billfold, cellphone and car keys to all fit easily. Pictures look like these are still missing.

    • Don,

      While I respect your opinion based on use, I did not find the same for both bags and have to disagree. Yes, there is no water bottle compartment, but I generally don’t even use them when I have them (I either stick it in a slightly open pocket, or just carry it and set it on the ground). I also store my keys, wallet, and phone in the valuables pocket of both bags just fine along with ball markers, repair tools, and other assorted random goods. In regards to the rangefinder, I’m not sure what would be a better solution on this bag. All of my stand bags afford about the same amount of space or conveniences in that area.



  2. Any chance of a review of the 2016 H2NO Lite Cart Bag. More for use with a trolley.

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