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Sun Mountain H2NO Staff Stand Bag Review

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50 Words or Less

The Sun Mountain H2N0 is lightweight, waterproof, and very comfortable.  Great bag from one of the best in the game.

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I love golf bags, and I love the search for the perfect bag.  I’m painfully picky about what makes a good bag, and, even after they make the cut, I typically end up finding a reason why that bag is no longer for me.  My wife has purses, I have golf bags.  I’m not sure which is worse.

In my pursuit of finding a bag that makes me happy, I landed on the Sun Mountain H2NO Staff stand bagSun Mountain has been one of the leaders in golf bags for years so I knew it would be a good bag, but I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I’ve had Sun Mountain bags before, but never held onto one for all that long.  Perhaps the H2NO will change that for the time being…

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If you’ve looked through my reviews on this site, you’ve possibly noticed that I don’t necessarily shy away from bright colors and “statements.”  This doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily looking for a neon green golf bag, or a giant billboard saying “hey, I’m a golfer.”  I like to have a little bit of cool with a little bit of professionalism.  I think that’s the best way to describe my style needs in golf bags.  To Sun Mountain‘s credit, I think they are one of the best when it comes to meeting those needs.  Their bags look like a serious golfer’s bag, and they allow you to choose as modest or loud a bag as you want.  On the H2NO, there is a bit of large branding on the side of the bag, and it is predominantly white, but the bag does not scream “hey, look at me” and certainly does look cool.  The black version is a little more understated for the golfer that doesn’t want to stand out as much on the golf course.  All in all, the Sun Mountain H2NO Staff stand bag is an extremely good looking bag.

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Quality and Sun Mountain are synonymous.  They really do go hand-in-hand.  The H2NO Staff stand bag is no exception to the high quality standard at Sun Mountain.  The materials used on the bag are heavy duty and every little bit of detail is carefully thought out.  Most notable to me are the sturdy, wide stand legs and the smooth, solid stand mechanism.  These areas are often the biggest headache in a stand bag and Sun Mountain really excels here in the H2NO.  Additionally, the handles are heavy duty, the straps are high quality, and zippers are water tight…literally.

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Design & Performance

Sun Mountain bills the H2NO bags as the most popular bag outside of North America because of it being waterproof and providing the best protection for the contents of your bag in any condition.  The materials are all waterproof, the zippers are high quality YKK waterproof zippers, and the seams are all sealed.  With the rainhood on, no water is getting in, and no water is getting out.  I once read a story where a golfer spilled a “sports drink” in his H2NO bag and thought it would dry out sitting in the sun.  After sitting out all day, the liquid was still there and the golfer had to explore other methods to remove the liquid.  It never absorbed into any of the materials and never leaked out anywhere.

Aside from the waterproof design, this bag has a four way top where the clubs slide in and out with ease which is always one of my biggest tests.  It frustrates me more than anything when it’s harder to get my clubs in and out of the bag than it is to actually play golf.  The stand is one of the best I’ve ever seen, the additional handles make lifting the bag in different situations very easy, and the bag will stand straight up when fully loaded.  I get so frustrated when my stand bag will only stand with the stand deployed.  I like the bag to be well balanced so I can stand it on end if I need to and don’t always have to lean it against the wall in my garage.  Everyone can rest easy, the H2NO Staff stand bag passed this portion of the test with flying colors.

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A quick browse of the Sun Mountain website will show you a lot of different bag shapes, sizes, and colors and everyone of them is going to be a good bag.  It almost makes it impossible to pick out the perfect bag you’re looking for.  Take it from me if you’re looking for a great stand bag, the H2NO Staff stand bag is worth looking at.  It’s not only a great bag, but it’s going to hold up as a great golf bag and keep everything in it totally dry.  Think about this, if you go with the H2NO Staff stand bag, next time you get mad and want to throw your entire bag in the water hazard, you can do it without ruining anything inside.*

*I don’t suggest trying this for a million different reasons, leave it to the professionals like Anaheim Ducks hockey player, Teemu Selanne.

Price & Availability

The Sun Mountain H2NO Staff bag retails for $290.

The H2NO Staff stand bag comes in four different colors: Black/White/Red, Black, Lime/White, and Royal/White.

Watch Put the H2N0 to the Test

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  1. What do you think of it now that you’ve had it for a while? I have noticed that it has no direct place to have any vattenflska. How have you solved this?

    • While I’m not 100% sure what “vattenflska” means, I’m assuming it’s something along the lines of not having a beverage pocket. Honestly, I rarely use one when I do have one. If necessary, I find myself just dropping the drink into one of the other pockets on the bag.

  2. Oh, I write the word in wrong language. Its waterbottle.

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