Sun Mountain Eco-Lite Golf Bag Review

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Versatile in both size and function, what really makes the Sun Mountain Eco-Lite stand bag stand out is its REPREVE fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.


Like most folks, I put out recycling each week with no thought of where the materials may end up.  That’s why it was enlightening to learn that 25 recycled 20 oz. plastic bottles go into fabric for each Eco-Lite stand bag.  That’s a great visual reference.  And although I can’t prove the bottles came from me, I feel a part of Sun Mountain’s sustainability efforts.


The silhouette of the Eco-Lite stand bag falls between the Sun Mountain 2.5 and 3.5 models.  The long side pocket bears the Sun Mountain logo, which seems like more of a family moniker than a bold branding ploy.  As other PIG writers, as well as many readers, have noted, not having a specific club manufacture’s name on the bag is a plus.

Called Cadet-Inferno-Gunmetal, the trio of colors work well together – distinctive and edgy.  The double diamond weave pattern offers visual interest to the Eco-Lite’s fabric.  The bag also is available in Black-White-Gunmetal, Rush-Green-Green, and Navy-Red-Cobalt.


Similar to the 2019 4.5 LS [full review HERE], it was nice to find the wide, solid handle at the top and web handle at the base that make trunk navigation easy.  Another common feature is the fully zippered ball pocket that allows for custom embroidery.

A new design that I’m really enjoying is the hydration sleeve.  The other five pockets are all well positioned, with generous room for storage.  The ball pocket is so cavernous, it could really use an internal sleeve or similar feature for organization.


The area of the 9” wide top is generous, accommodating 14 clubs with ease.  The spacing of the four full length divided sections gave me options for club organization and worked perfectly for my preferred woods/hybrids, irons, and putter/wedges setup.

The bag weighed in at 3.6 lbs. on my scale – a comfortable number for walking.  Besides being easy to adjust and very comfortable on my shoulders, the E-Z Lite strap system has two really cool features.  The first (photo above) is the sliding attachment point for the left shoulder strap that allows the strap to drop out of the way for single strap carries. The second (photo below) is the grab loops on the shoulder straps that provide landing points for your hands or thumbs when walking down that 300 yard drive.

Always my benchmark for stand bag operation, the legs of the Eco-Lite are pure Sun Mountain – quick and flawless execution.  The wide stance of the legs kept the bag securely upright on uneven ground and in breezy conditions.


The Sun Mountain Eco-Lite is a great stand bag all on its own, with the added bonus of having a positive impact on our environment.  The fabric of the Eco-Lite is a product called REPREVE.  Sun Mountain and other leading brands from around the globe have utilized enough REPREVE to transform over 19 billion recycled plastic bottles into fiber.  Golf claps all around.

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    • In light of the construction theme of ECO-LITE, maybe consider that’s a design feature to discourage the use of plastic bottles. Why not use an insulated, reusable bottle?

  2. Looking for a very lightweight bag to walk links in Ireland and Scotland for 3 weeks. And I am in my late 60s. Is there a lighter bag out there? I’m only taking nine clubs but will need lots of room for lots of golf balls..

    • Matt Meeker

      That sounds like a great trip Jon. Take a look at the Sun Mountain 2.5 bag. If you don’t prefer legs, give our recent “The Best Walking Golf Bag” feature a read – LINK.

      – Meeks

  3. My biggest complaint about all the golf bags is the lack of space in the bottom portion where the grips go. There’s always adequate room where the 1/2 inch shafts go but at the bottom it’s the same size. Try pulling 4 clubs at one time they all get hung up. So when I put my clubs in my stand bag (a Titleist 4up stay dry 2018 model) I always have to jam the clubs down because the grips all get jammed together. I’d like to see one or all of these companies make the bottom of the bag flared out to make the grips fit easier. And it wouldn’t make the bag that much heavier. Like if it where 3 pounds it would be like 3.5 tops. And I also can’t stand the leg mechanism being part of the floor for the bag as it takes up space inside the bag at the bottom, of the usually biggest club pocket. Which my clubs get hung up on. This bag from the pictures looks no different. Just regurgitated junk. I do like that it’s made from water bottles though. Am I being overly critical? Am I asking too much? I think what I said makes sense. I’ve wanted to throw my current bag in the garbage from the first day I’ve had it.

  4. Excellent for traveler golfer much lighter

  5. It’s the best golf bag I ever seen

  6. Much lighte, more spacer n more easy to put in or to take out the club without worrying club wiil jam

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