Srixon ZX7 Driver Review

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The Srixon ZX7 driver is a lower spinning driver that doesn’t skimp on forgiveness.  Great looks.

Check out the Srixon ZX7 Mk II driver HERE


The ZX line has been one of Srixon’s best releases ever.  Their ZX7 irons [review HERE] are bound to be in countless bags of better players and the ZX5 irons [review HERE] were named the Club of the Year by Matt Meeker.

But, if we’re being honest, we already knew that Srixon could make a great iron.  Where they haven’t broken through is in the driver category.  I tested the ZX7 driver to see if it can change that.


Srixon states that the ZX7 driver has “Tour Shaping,” and that it’s “flatter, shallower, and straighter.”  While “flat” and “shallow” aren’t part of my vocabulary for describing a driver, I’ll certainly agree that the ZX7 has a ton of better player appeal.  At address, it’s round, symmetrical, and compact.  The high gloss black crown has a small alignment aid and flashes plenty of carbon fiber in the middle and rear of the head.

Flipping the club over reveals bold branding across the sole.  The red and silver pop off the black base color.  With the emphasis on the “ZX7” and the geometric design, the two weight ports fly below the radar.

I also need to give a quick mention to the headcover that comes with the ZX7 driver.  The black/white/red color scheme isn’t breaking new ground, but when you see it in person it is fantastic.  This is one of the few stock headcovers I’d want to game.

Sound & Feel

The Srixon ZX7 driver isn’t afraid to make itself known on the tee box with a louder than average impact sound.  It’s not deafening by any means, but your friends are going to know when you’ve crushed one.  The sound of contact is medium in pitch, an aggressive “crack.”  This contrasts with the feel which is actually on the softer side, especially when you hit the center of the face.

As you would expect from a Tour-style driver, the feedback from this club is above average.  I found that my hands were telling me everything I needed to know about impact location, and the sound reinforced the message when I mishit one.


In reading up on the ZX7 driver before testing, I noted the emphasis on “penetrating” (read: “low”) launch and low spin, plus the focus on “Tour shaping.”  This set my expectations for the forgiveness rather low.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the combination of the larger carbon crown plus Rebound Frame meant ball speed and distance stayed respectable even on imperfect swings.

The low launch and spin that Srixon talks about in their product description was evident from the first swing.  If you’re looking to shave some RPM off your tee shots or launch more penetrating drives, the ZX7 should be near the top of your list for 2021.  For those of us who could use a slightly higher launch angle or can live with a bit more spin, the ZX5 driver is probably the better choice [review HERE].

The Srixon ZX7 driver comes stock with the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black [review HERE].  This shaft is great for the faster, more aggressive swinger, and it accentuates the ZX7’s lower spinning, lower launching tendencies.

Finally, the ZX7 driver has simple, meaningful adjustability in two ways.  At the hosel, you can adjust the loft, face angle, and lie angle.  There are also weight ports in the heel and toe.  The stock configuration puts an 8 gram weight in the toe and a 4 gram weight in the heel for a neutral shot pattern.  You can flip them to promote a draw.  More weights are available – 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 grams – through Srixon’s website at $15 per weight.  For me, the stock setting was perfect, but the additional weights are a great option for those looking to dial in swing weight with longer or shorter driver builds.


I was skeptical about whether or not Srixon could deliver a driver that was worthy of being paired with their exceptional irons, but they’ve done it.  The ZX7 driver has Tour-quality looks, surprising levels of forgiveness, and the low spin, penetrating flight that better players crave.  For the skilled, speedy golfer, this driver needs to be on your demo list for 2021.

Visit Srixon HERE

Srixon ZX7 Driver Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Matt. Demoing the ZX5 Model under Srixon’s Demo program and am absolutely blown away by the forgiveness, distance and looks of the 5 I am finding it to be low spin with a nice roll out after it hits the ground. I am pretty sure this years Srixon Drivers will hang with anything from the competition. Was going to try the ZX7 but doubt I can improve on the ZX5. Appreciate your reviews and insights as always.

  2. Hey Matt, how would you compare this to the Ping LST? Thanks for the great content

  3. Great review!! I am really looking forward to finding somewhere I can demo this. Not many options where I live so I will have to take a bit of a road trip to check it out. #GetFit2021

  4. #GetFit2021 !!!

  5. Jon Bingham

    Another nice review!! I like coming here to learn a bit more about the gear.
    I just got fit for the ZX7. I like everything about it except the way the sole looks. Not a fan of the red/silver… but my oh my does this thing hit some stingers!
    I’ve been trying to fond a penetrating driver because I’m so often playing links courses. This one does it in spades!!

  6. I’m a self-described Srixon junkie. It started with a Z-Star ball. Then I bagged the irons. Then two hybrids. And finally the z785 driver.

    I really want to try this one out, but I just don’t know if I can get past the loud branding on the sole. With Srixon, the simple branding was always the cherry on top of the fantastic performance.

    I really appreciate your reviews! Lots of fun things to think about. I may have to push outside of my comfort zone and give this one a try.

  7. Roseland67

    Just demoed this club in 9.5°.

    I had never considered Srixon before, (Chicago Srixon guy insisted I try it), but Trackman data was good or better than Callaway, Ping, & Taylor Made, which was surprising, previous driver was Callaway Epic GBB.

    Changed shaft to stiff Tensei 60 white with 8 gram weights in both slots.
    100 mph club speed, 148 ball, 255 carry, 280 roll, voila, I had my new driver.

    Am a 65 year old out of shape, chubby inflexible, weak, 3 handicapper, this will probably be my last driver.

    Impressive young Srixon, very impressive, the emperor will be pleased.

  8. Bear Edmonton Alberta

    Bought this ZX7 for my son, after 18 rounds of golf, 14 months of ownership, he hit off the tee and the club head exploded into two pieces. One year warranty has expired, $750 bucks down the drain. I have never seen such a thing happen to a club head. I have seen the head separate from the shaft, or the shaft break in two, but not a driver head explode into pieces. My son only weighs 165lbs wet not like he is a body builder. Guess I got as dud and Srixon won’t even return my emails or calls.

  9. I bought this Driver and I’ve always had Titleist but this thing is the bomb ,you can launch it into the wind and it penetrates right through it and giving me 220-230 meters . It is by far the best Driver I’ve ever had and now I want to purchase the Fairway and Hybrids to match

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