Srixon ZX5 Driver Review

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The Srixon ZX5 driver looks just as good as the ZX7 driver but packs in more forgiveness and higher launch.  One of the best “pick up and play” drivers on the market.

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After testing the Srixon ZX7 driver [review HERE], my expectations for the ZX5 driver went way up.  Where the ZX7 is the Tour driver, the ZX5 is meant to be for the everyman.  I was eager to see how far Srixon could push off-the-tee forgiveness.


Often, when an OEM has two drivers in their line up, they look dramatically different.  The Tour driver is compact and drool-worthy; the “regular” driver is sprawling and sometimes oddly shaped.  In the case of the ZX7 and ZX5, the two drivers are closer to being twins.

Just like the ZX7, the ZX5 is has a compact look for a 460cc driver.  Both have a small alignment aid on a gloss black crown and a large patch of carbon fiber.  The only difference that I note is that the ZX5 driver is slightly asymmetrical toward the heel, but it’s a subtle difference.

On the sole, the ZX5 driver has only one weight port where the ZX7 has two.  Both have bold silver and red branding on a black background.

Sound & Feel

Just as the look of the ZX5 driver mirrors the ZX7, so does the sound.  Impact is a little louder than average but short of being deafening or obnoxious.  Contact creates an aggressive, medium-pitched “crack.”  As with the ZX7, impact feels much softer than it sounds.

The one difference between the two drivers is the level of feedback.  With the ZX5, the head is a little more stable which mutes the feedback slightly.  You can still easily differentiate a pure strike from a mishit, but locating impact precisely requires more focus.


Where the similarities between the ZX5 and ZX7 stop is when we get to performance.  That’s not the say that they’re wildly different, but the ZX5 is decidedly higher launching, higher spinning, and more forgiving.  But don’t get scared off by “higher spinning” – that’s said in comparison to the very low spin ZX7.  In the context of all drivers, the ZX5 is mid spin at most.

The Srixon ZX5 driver utilizes the same technologies that the ZX7 does – a larger carbon crown plus Rebound Frame.  It achieves superior stability and forgiveness by trading the heel and toe weights for a single weight in the rear of the head.  This high level of forgiveness gave me the confidence to swing away and not worry that my shots were going to end up in the trees.

Like the ZX7 driver, the ZX5 has adjustability at the hosel and in the weight port.  At the hosel, you can adjust the loft, face angle, and lie angle.  Because there is only one weight port on the ZX5 driver, it can be used to alter swing weight and feel but not shot shape.  Weights are available – 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 grams – through Srixon’s website at $15 per weight.


With the ZX5 driver, Srixon pulled off what I regard as the ultimate trick: making a club that looks like the Tour version but performs the way regular golfers need it to.  This driver has all the forgiveness you could want, excellent launch and spin conditions, and enough adjustability to stave off whatever miss you hate the most.

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Srixon ZX5 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Brandon Wooley

    If I had the 9.5* head and played it at 10.5*, what would the difference in face angle be compared to just playing the 10.5* head in its stock configuration? I ask this as someone who plays a 9* Cobra F9 at 10. 5* with the heavy weight forward and have always been curious if I should have gone with the 10.5

    • Matt Saternus


      If you adjust a 9.5 to 10.5 the face will be more closed at address.


    • Trying to decide between ZX5 and TM Stealth for mid hadicapper. What would your opinion on the better of the 2?

      • Matt Saternus


        My advice is always to get fit. Both clubs are objectively excellent; it’s fitting your launch/spin needs that will get the most out of them.


  2. Took my newly purchased zx5 out for the 1st time and have never been more impressed with a driver like this. I went off the 1st and the other 3 in our foursome just could not believe how far the carry was straight as an arrow. The distance was consistent at around 245- 260 yards on 12 drives and 8 fairways which is much better than usual the 4 missed fairways were only 1-2 yards off the fairway. Thank you for making a driver to hit as easy as this.

  3. Phil faubert

    I just got the zx 5 and would like it to have a little more draw. How do I make the adjustment?

  4. Brian Branson

    Replacing the weight on the zx5 driver, stock is 8 so going up does what and going down does what.

  5. Russel Williams

    I have a G30 which I hit okay ( current setting ).
    When I try to juice it , I invariably slice . Swing problem or club issue ??

    • Matt Saternus


      A slice can be fixed with a swing change or an equipment change. It sounds like the easiest fix would be to stop trying to juice it.



  6. Hey Matt,

    Great review, if I have a Ping G400, which has been a great driver. Would this ZX-5 be an upgrade? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      The ZX5 might be a better fit for you, but I don’t think it’s objectively better than the G400.



  7. Hello Matt

    I have a Cobra King F6 which I have dialed in pretty well with weighting and the draw bias. But I know its getting a little old. Would I see any improvements with the ZX5? Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      If your F6 is well fit, I’d say that there is a chance you’d see improvement (likely in forgiveness) with the ZX5, but your best shots aren’t likely to be much longer, if at all.



  8. Is this driver draw biased?

  9. Currently gaming a Taylormade Rocketballz, Green/White model, from 2011-2012 ish? Seeing that the ZX5 is 2021, has driver tech made a big jump?

    • Matt Saternus


      It has made many incremental jumps. I suspect you’ll see a marked improvement on mishits with a new driver.



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