Srixon ZX5 Mk II Driver Review

Srixon ZX5 Mk II Driver sole

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The Srixon ZX5 Mk II driver is a forgiving, straight option off the tee.  Solid adjustability options.  Higher spin players should look to Srixon’s other drivers.


Over the last few years, Srixon has been making a strong push into the consciousness of better golfers.  Their last generation of woods included a major winner, the original ZX5 [review HERE].  For 2023, Srixon is offered a new and improved version, dubbed the ZX5 Mk II.  I tested one to see how it stacks up against the original.

Srixon ZX5 Mk II Driver address


The first major change for the Srixon ZX5 Mk II driver is the look at address.  Where the previous version had a gloss black, carbon fiber crown, the new one is matte black.  The alignment aid is small and discreet and shaded toward the heel of the club.  In terms of shape, the ZX5 Mk II is fairly long from front to back with a shape that favors the toe side slightly.  The face is not particularly tall which enhances its length from heel to toe.

In the bag, the ZX5 Mk II sports a classic black/silver/red color scheme and very sharp graphics.  The sole is black on black with the raised elements in a glossier finish.  Bold branding covers the middle of the head in silver.

The ZX5 Mk II also sports one of the better looking stock head covers.  Red, white, and black always pop, and I like the bold branding across the top and front.  Srixon gets extra functionality points for the “handle” at the top.

Srixon ZX5 Mk II Driver face

Sound & Feel

The Srixon ZX5 Mk II driver also got a dialed down impact sound.  At contact, there’s a staccato “pop” that’s below average in volume.  This meshes well with the feel of impact which is more solid than explosive.

This driver provides good feedback through the hands and ears, but the former is more obvious.  Mishits sound a bit sharper than pure strikes, but the overall low volume makes this easy to miss.  The sensation in your hands isn’t as easy to ignore – you’ll feel it when you strike the heel or toe.


Most of the technical talking points around the new Srixon ZX5 Mk II driver are about speed, but that’s not what grabbed my attention.  What stood out to me was that this driver is extremely easy to hit straight.  The ZX5 is Srixon’s max forgiveness driver with “low” workability.  When the ball just wants to fly down the middle of the fairway, who needs to work it?  Srixon bills this driver as “Straight-Draw,” but I did not notice the draw bias in my testing.

Srixon ZX5 Mk II Driver back

When the low dispersion numbers became routine, the ball speed put a smile back on my face.  Srixon’s main focus in this driver is the Rebound Frame.  They compare this technology to “a spring within a spring” that boosts ball speed across the face.  From the start of my testing sessions to the end, and from poor swings to good ones, I saw very high smash factors.  Only my worst swings dipped below 1.45.  That kind of consistent ball speed makes distance predictable and course management easier.

Check out the new Srixon ZX Mk II fairway wood HERE

Digging into the numbers further, I noticed that the ZX5 Mk II driver is one of the higher launching and spinning drivers I’ve tested.  As a low spin player, the numbers I posted were still quite good.  Some people might actually prefer these to what I normally see.  For players who generate more spin, Srixon has the ZX7 [review HERE] and ZX5 LS [review HERE] drivers.

Finally, this driver offers players two ways to tune the performance to fit their needs.  First, there’s an adjustable hosel with twelve positions.  Across these settings, you can add or subtract one degree of loft, remove as much as two degrees of lie angle, and change the face angle across four degrees.  Additionally, there is a removable weight at the rear of the club head.  The stock weight is 8 grams, but you can go as low as 2 grams or as high as 14 grams in 2 gram increments.  This allows you to add or subtract up to three swing weight points to accommodate different grips, shaft weights, or playing lengths.

Srixon ZX5 Mk II Driver


The Srixon ZX5 Mk II driver improves on the original in meaningful ways without losing what I praised about the original.  Between the adjustability and the forgiveness, this is a driver anyone can play.  The looks and feels have broad appeal, and no one is going to complain about launching more tee shots down the center of the fairway.

Visit Srixon HERE

Srixon ZX5 Mk II Driver Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Mark Lehman

    Love your reviews but with so many great driver options coming out with updated tech every year, how do we know when to replace a driver that is less than 3 years old? Fittings are great but few true demo drivers available to take to the course for a day….

    • Matt Saternus


      Fittings are the answer. Compare your driver to the new stuff in the fitting. If there’s not a significant gain, stick with the gamer.



  2. Barry Fuson

    Thanks for the detailed review, I own the original ZX5, it covers all the points you addressed. Good to know the new version has been improved in detailed areas. I have found the original ZX5 is hard not to hit straight down the fairway. I have owned several drivers over the years and Srixon products are outstanding and qualify. Thank you, keep providing us with solid reviews.

  3. Hi Matt,

    Love all the PIG reviews/info.
    Was excited to read the Callaway Paradym review, when I clicked on it, it came up on the Srixon 5 Driver review. Just wanted you to know, especially with the giveaway contest


  4. Intrigued to give this one a try! Have never really looked at Srixon as an option before.

    • John Williamson

      Rob. It’s freaking awesome. I bought the MK II LS and I gained about 15-20 yards over my Ping G425. It’s a better Driver in my opinion. The LS works. I was getting 270-285 carry yards with 2500 or less RPM’s. It’s forgiving too and good looking.

  5. Eric J. Watts

    You cats always post level-headed reviews, and I appreciate it. Getting fit for a new driver soon. Had the Wilson D7. Hated the sound. Hit it very well though. Adding ZX5 to my list of options. Keep these dope, informative, and thorough reviews coming 🙌🏾 #SecretGiveaway2023

  6. Barry heslin


    Will you put it in your bag?

  7. Nice looking club, thanks for the review Matt. #SecretGiveaway2023

  8. Ted O'Neill

    Enjoyed the review! I’m with Mark trying to figure the when the new makes sense? Fittings, of course. Expensive also. Recently checked my fitted driver for trade-in, 1/4 of what I paid and it’s 18 months old.

  9. Best club in my bag, driver, would love to try any new one out. They all work good until you sign the cheque but the great ones still work after!


    This never even came up in my fitting. #SecretGiveaway2023

  11. Steve DeMond

    My driver launch is typically on the low side, so the high launch, high spin ZX5 Mk II would probably noticeably improve my drives. Good review! #SecretGiveaway2023.

  12. Tosh Anstey

    I’m with William, never came up in my fitting. Maybe because I’m a senior woman? Although my torque was too high so they said to change to a senior shaft. #SecretGiveaway2023

  13. Dave Sampson

    I look forward to reading your Callaway Paradym driver review when you post it. #SecretGiveaway2023

  14. #secretgiveaway23
    Nice review. Can’t wait to see all the ‘23 drivers and hit them.

  15. I have tried 3 different drivers in pursuit of distance and come to the conclusion that any head on the right shaft is the answer,I don’t think fitters take enough time or offer enough choices when it comes to fittings

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the shaft is very important, but the head plays an equal role. One thing I like about the Club Champion fitting process is that they fit the shaft first.


  16. Impressive review for Paradym driver. I just purchased the New Great Big Bertha! Could you do a comparison review of the 2. That would really help! I’m 74 playing golf for 69 years and at a championship level for most of those years. Age has caught with me and I’m currently a 8.5 index.
    Secret Giveaway 2023

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately I have not reviewed the new GBB. My understanding is that the GBB is a lighter product designed to help players gain some speed, so it’s not an apples-to-apples peer with Paradym.


  17. Amy Gonzales

    I am looking for a new driver but this one seems to have too many options (12 hosel positions and various weights). Why not just get fitted to one perfect club? Is this also a good club for a strong female golfer (I play a senior shaft). #SecretGiveaway2023

  18. Awesome review I would love one

  19. Nice looking club I wouldn’t mind owning one

  20. Mark Dophied

    #SecretGiveaway2023, love your reviews. Just too many choices nowadays. Looking to buy new driver this spring. Am going to be fit just hope they know where to start. My driver is over 10 years old, titleist 910 can hit my buddies cobra radspeed at least 20 yards past mine.

  21. John Williamson

    Matt. I switched to the Srixon MK II LS 9.5 Degree with the stock Gen 4 Proj X Hzrds. After testing all the new Drivers I chose the Srixon. That’s why Testing is so important. I was getting 270-285 carry with 1800-2500 RPM’s. Gained about 15 yards over my Ping G425. It’s good looking and forgiving as well. This Driver is so solid. Lots of control too.

  22. Thanks for review. My fitting came down to ping G430 and the ZX5 MKII LS and the ZX5 was way lower spinning and straight. I preferred the feel also. Thanks again.

  23. I have tried several of the new drivers and the ZX5 MKII out performed all of them, including the Stealth 2 and Aero Jet and others. My average swing speed is 86-88 mph , so I need a driver that creates a little more spin. The G430 came in 2nd for me, really like that one too but the ZX5 was somewhat longer for me, and I really love that Hzardus Smoke Red RDX 60 shaft. The sound and feel of the ZX5 is very good too.

  24. Nice review Matt. I play a lot of Srixon products, but the driver can never make it into the bag. Certainly going to test this one out now.

  25. Enjoyed the review of the ZX5 MK2 driver. It’s near the top of my list this spring. I have hit the ZX5 MK2 9.5° driver with the Helium nanocore 5 regular flex shaft and I struggled with my launch angle (16°+). I’m 65 years old and swing speed is in upper 80s (86-88 mph). Given my swing speed should I just pass on trying the ZX7 MK2 or give it a try?

  26. Thank you for the reply, Matt. The new Srixon ZX MK2 drivers are solid performers at a value price. For anybody looking to buy a new driver between now and March 31, Srixon is offering an extra $100 to the trade in value of another driver which effectively lowers the price point to $400 minus your actual trade in value. Quality and price point should get these drivers some love.

  27. Terry johnson

    I am 80 + and I’m using a taylormade RBZ stage 2 driver. Would the srixon zx5 mk 2 be a better fit for me?

    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know would be to test your current driver against the Srixon in a fitting.



  28. james andrew doherty

    does a Srixon MK1 shaft fit in the MK11? Thanks

  29. I know I’m late to the party, but I previously owned the Z585. I always hit that very well, but was always the “away” guy with my regular group by 15 yards or so. I recently bought this new ZX5 MKII version, made adjustments for my game, and now I am the long drive guy…by 30 yards or more! I never thought I’d ever launch drives 300+ yards, but now I do. And I’m 52!
    Thanks for always providing such detailed and accurate reviews of equipment. You guys are the best!

  30. Anonymous

    I tried all the big names in a lot of shafts, I ended up with the ZX5 MKII with a Tensei AV White 65 S shaft and love it, it was easily 10-12 yards longer than everything else I hit including my previous gamer. On the course I am hitting more fairways even when I hit it bad…

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