Srixon Z F65 Fairway Wood Review


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The Srixon Z F65 fairway wood is easy to hit, has good length, and is an overall solid fairway wood for the masses.



Srixon has put a lot of effort into making the Z 65 generation of woods easier to launch, more forgiving, and longer than previous versions.  The net result in the Srixon Z F65 fairway wood is a forgiving and easy to hit fairway wood.  Most importantly, the Z F65 fairway wood is consistent for predictable distances from the tee and off the deck.



“Silky” is the first word that comes to mind when I look at the Srixon Z 65 wood lineup.  The glossy black crown and flowing black and silver sole make for a very elegant look.  On the crown you can see the Arc Support Channel which is the only place the Z F65 demonstrates any visual complexity.  At address, the F65’s footprint is a standard round shape of average size.


Sound & Feel

Srixon‘s Z F65 actually shares some sound and feel characteristics with its cousin, the Z H65.  The sound has a little more metallic “springiness” than the hybrid, but it’s still a very solid whack.  The feel is forgiving and very active with plenty of response to give you precise shot feedback.



I won’t try to convince you that I hit the Srixon Z F65 fairway wood 300 yards, but I will say it was easy to hit the Z F65 in a maximum range consistently.  Srixon’s Arc Support Channel is supposed to promote a higher launch and less spin.  I didn’t feel like the Z F65 was necessarily a spin killer, but it certainly got in the air much more easily than a lot of fairway woods I’ve hit.

Though it’s difficult to speak for everyone, I find one of the biggest challenges with a fairway wood is consistency.  Knowing that you can reliably hit a 3-wood a certain distance will help you make better decisions.  With the Srixon Z F65, I found it extremely easy to get the ball airborne and on the desired line to my target.  My dreaded misses with fairway woods tend to be snap hooks and low bullets, so this consistency was a welcome benefit in the Z F65.



I have not given Srixon woods much of a thought in recent years, but so far I’m two for two with very positive experiences in 2016.  The Srixon Z F65 is a solid performer, but its reliability and “ease of play” is really its greatest asset.  Whether it’s knowing you can carry some trouble off the tee with a tight fairway or covering a water hazard to reach a par-5 in two shots, trusting the club is key and the Srixon Z F65 gets that job done.

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  1. I’ve been playing the Z f65 for about a month now. I find it as long as 2 other 3 woods in my arsenal; the Tour Edge EX9 Tour, and the Callaway BB Alpha 816. I completely concur with the reviews assessment: the Srixon, for me, was much easier to launch from a variety of lies, and has a great feel. Also, the Miyazaki Mizu Shaft is smooth and superb. Great review

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