Srixon Z H65 Hybrid Review


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The Srixon Z H65 hybrid is a forgiving hybrid with high launch and shot versatility.



Srixon believes the Z H65 hybrid is their most advanced and best performing hybrid to date.  Though the Z H65 looks fairly simple and lacks some of the bells and whistles we often see, I can promise you that this hybrid is a reliable club that makes hitting longer shots easier.



“Silky” is the first word that comes to mind when I look at the Srixon Z H65 hybrid.  The simple glossy black crown and flowing black and silver sole make for a very elegant looking golf club.  On the crown you can see the Arc Support Channel which is the only place the Z H65 demonstrates any visual complexity.  At address, the Z H65 has a “mini-wood,” pear shape footprint rather than a condensed peanut that is sometimes seen.


Sound & Feel

My immediate impression of the Srixon Z H65 hybrid was that the head was very solid, very forgiving, and had a nice sound to it.  Based on the footprint, I expected more of a metallic springy “ping” sound.  What I actually experienced was a very solid feeling face that gave a solid “thwap” at impact, and the sound became more of a “clack” as you left the center of the face.  The Z H65’s sweet spot felt fairly large and the face was extremely responsive.



For a club that lacks a bunch of hosel adjustability and moveable weights, the Srixon Z H65 hybrid more than hangs with the rest of the crowd.  Though a simple club, the Z H65 has some subtle upgrades to achieve high trajectory, forgiveness, and maximum distance.

The highlights of the Z H65’s performance were its forgiveness on bad shots and how easy it was to get the ball to launch in the air.  I found I was getting really strong distance with a nice high ball flight, and the Z H65 was exceptionally strong on shots I hit fat.  It seemed as though the sole of the club was able to keep powering through the turf and maintain a bit of speed instead of producing the crown-scratching duff you’d normally experience.  Overall, the Z H65 is very forgiving and extremely easy to control when trying to hit different types of shots.



If you’re looking for sleek, simple, and some damn good results in a hybrid, the Srixon Z H65 is a must.  I do believe that shaft selection will be important with the Z H65 so make sure you get properly fitted.  Being easy to hit and easy to control are two desirable hallmarks in a hybrid and the Srixon Z H65 certainly delivers.

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  1. I’ve been playing a 16* (5 wood replacement) and the 19* “3 iron replacement. Simply put, these are the real deal! The trajectory is damn near perfect: boring, high flight that lans like a feather. One of the best features of the club is the stock shaft; silky smooth and reminiscent of when Miyazaki ruled the exotic shaft market. If you buy a hybrid without trying the Srixon Z h65, you’re making a big mistake!

  2. Blake Ellis

    I currently play the h45 3 and 4 hybrids. Is there enough difference between the models to warrant an upgrade, or are they pretty close in performance?

    • I haven’t hit the H45 anytime recently. I’d suggest hitting them both. I know the “6” lineup has felt a lot better than its predecessors so the hybrid may be the same.

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