Snell Golf My Tour Ball Review

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50 Words or Less

The Snell Golf My Tour Ball is a tour quality ball with strong credentials and a very affordable price.


The concept of bringing golfers a tour-level ball at a lower price is great, but it’s nothing new.  From 3Up to Monsta to Vice, many companies are doing exactly that.  What is new, however, is when one of these balls comes from a man with Dean Snell’s credentials.  Across 25 years in the golf industry, Dean has worked for Titleist and TaylorMade and has designed or helped to design balls like the Professional, Tour Prestige, Penta, Lethal, and a little thing called the Pro V1.  That’s was more than enough reason for us to bring in his latest creation, My Tour Ball, for a test.

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For players seeking the soft feel of a tour ball, the Snell Golf My Tour Ball delivers.  In fact, I found My Tour Ball to be softer off the putter than the Pro V1.  The Pro V1 has a crispness or slight click at impact, but My Tour Ball has no click, just a soft thud.

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Long Game

Both on the launch monitor and on the course, the Snell Golf My Tour Ball did all the things that I expect from a tour-level golf ball.  Off the tee, the spin stays low and the distances were consistent and long.  From the fairway, my iron shots went their usual distances and stopped quickly.  On the launch monitor, the My Tour Ball actually created a little more spin with the irons than some other tour balls, but the difference was not enough to be noticeable on the course, at least for me.

Short Game

As you would expect, the Snell Golf My Tour Ball delivers loads of spin with the wedges.  In extensive launch monitor testing, My Tour Ball proved to be the equal of the #1 ball in golf when it came to producing short game spin.  I saw similar performance on the course.  My Tour Ball hit the same distances as my usual tour-level balls and stopped just as quickly.

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With performance that rivals the #1 ball in golf and a price that’s substantially lower, the Snell Golf My Tour Ball merits serious consideration from all better players.  For a single dozen, My Tour Ball is $32 (and shipping is free), and the cost plummets to $26 when you buy the value pack of six dozen balls.

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  1. Durability ????

    • Matt Saternus

      I haven’t found a single premium ball in the last few years that hasn’t been good on durability, so I don’t even mention it in reviews anymore. Big win for the consumers.


  2. I switched to the My Tour Ball in June and haven’t looked back. Gone are days of paying $45+ to get a quality top tier ball

  3. mike mcneilly

    Just played 36 holes with the same ball, I find the Snell to be very durable and quality ball. I actually liked it better than the Titleist ball Pro V1 or the X.

    I’m a 3 handicap and play 150 rounds of golf a year ( 65 yrs old )

    very good ball

  4. How does these compare to Vice Pro balls?

    • Matt Saternus

      Both are very good. There’s nothing that makes me say one is far superior to the other. In truth, that’s the story with almost any top flight ball.



  5. I’ve heard great reviews on this ball especially against the prov 1. But how would you say it performs against the pro v1x or taylormade tour preferred x?

    The tour preferred has been hard to knock out of my bag so far, but I’d like a more affordable alternative

    • Matt Saternus


      For me, the driver spin on the MTB was more akin to the Pro V1. If you like the lower spinning balls you mentioned, you’ll probably want to stick with them.



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