3 Up Golf 3F12 Golf Ball Review

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50 Words or Less

The 3 Up 3F12 golf ball is more proof that you don’t need to pay over $40 for tour-level performance.  An excellent all-around ball for any better player.


If it seems like there’s a lot of new competition in the tour-level golf ball market, it’s because there is.  3 Up is one of many companies that is offering golfers the chance to play a top-shelf ball while also putting a few dollars back in their pocket.  Their signature ball, the 3F12, can compete with any golf ball on the market.

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The 3 Up 3F12 has a very soft feel all the way through the bag.  You expect a tour-level ball to be soft off the putter, and it is, but where I really like the softness is off the driver.  When you catch this ball on the center, you get a really nice feel of compression and explosion off the face that makes hitting driver even more fun.

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Long Game

Despite their statement that this is a ball for inside 150 yards, the 3 Up 3F12 performs very well in the long game.  Off the driver, ball speeds were strong and the spin was fairly low.  Translation: the ball went a long way off the tee.

As we’ve said before, balls of all types tend to perform equally when it comes to the mid-irons, and we did not find anything to dislike about the way the 3F12 did in this area.

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Short Game

In our Golf Myths Unplugged testing, we found that the 3F12 is undoubtedly the equal of the ProV1 and other big name tour balls.  On full and partial wedge shots, the 3F12 has the potential to execute any shot you want: spinning back, checking up, or running out.  Importantly, the spin is very consistent – we did not find any wild variations in spin in our testing.

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Who This Ball Is For

The 3 Up 3F12 is for anyone who wants a tour-caliber golf ball but doesn’t want to pay more than they have to…which is probably most of us.

It’s also worth mentioning that the extra stuff you see above – drawstring bag, marker, tees, and poker chip – were not sent to me because I have a website; that’s simply how 3 Up delivers their balls to everyone.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like getting extras, and the drawstring bag is actually a huge improvement over a golf bag full of empty cardboard sleeves.

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I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for the little guy.  When I see a family-run business started by a guy who’s trying to grow golf and help other golfers, I really want to like it.  When that family-run business produces a product that performs as well as the 3F12, liking them is even easier.

Based on extensive testing, there is no question that the 3 Up 3F12 is comparable to any tour ball on the market which means the only question left is why anyone continues to overpay for tour balls from the big names.

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