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50 Words or Less

VICE Golf offers three distinct golf balls for every level of player at lower prices than you’ll get from the big names.

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At this point, companies offering premium golf balls at lower prices is not a new thing.  What is new?  A company doing it with a sense of fun, with swagger, if you will.  VICE Golf has that.  How else can you describe a company that brings kegs, steins, and logo-shaped pretzels to their golf event?

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Whether it’s off the putter, wedges, or irons, the three VICE Golf balls all have very distinct feels.  As you would expect, the Pro is the softest.  Off the putter it has the feel you’d expect from a urethane ball, and it creates a soft “tock” at impact.  The Tour is very similar to the Pro, but the sound is slightly higher pitched which creates a feel that is a touch firmer.  The firmest ball from VICE is the Drive.  This ball produces the highest pitched sound and firmest feel off the putter and has more of a “click” off the wedges and irons.

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Long Game

In our launch monitor testing, we did notice some differences between the VICE Golf balls off the tee.  Ball speed was consistent across the line up, but the Drive did spin the least.  The difference was not huge – approximately 200 RPMs from the Pro to the Drive – but we did see it consistently.  As we’ve seen in other tests, the spin difference in the mid-irons is minimal.

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Short Game

The three balls in the VICE Golf line up perform in the way that you’d expect in the short game.  The Drive, with its two-piece construction and Surlyn cover, is not a ball that’s going to spin too much around the green.  It’s equal to other two-piece balls, but if you want to pull the string on your wedge shots, you’ll want to opt for the Tour or Pro.  Both the Tour and Pro offer good spin on pitches and wedge shots, with the Pro spinning the most because of its soft Urethane cover.

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Who This Ball Is For

There is a VICE Golf ball for every player.  If you’re a high handicapper or just don’t need short game spin, play the Drive.  If you’re a low handicapper and want maximum control, play the Pro.  The Tour is a great fit for players in between the two extremes.

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VICE Golf does the “tour performance for less” thing, but with more style and more options than anyone else and more savings, too.  From yellow and pink versions of the Pro ball, to prices that drop when you buy in bulk (as much as $7 off per dozen), to customization options that you won’t find anywhere else, VICE Golf gives you plenty of reasons to try something new.

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  1. Randy Wagner

    Been using the Vice Pro+ ball for about 2 months. As far as I can tell I’m getting the same distance and feel as the ProV1x. Just received 3 dozen from Germany in 3 days. Heard they now have another distribution center in Buffalo NY. Why pay $50.00/doz when the Vice goes for 24.99/doz. with the same results. Great ball

  2. I tried the Vice Pro Plus and while they perferm great, they do not last as long as a Pro V1 or Pro V1x. I’ve always played the Pro V series balls and I love the Vice balls, but after six or seven holes I examine it and the areas surrounding the recessed dimples are alread brown and showing wear, much the same as would a surlyn covered ball, even though this ball is supposed to be urethane. BTW, I’m an 8-handicap, so for the most part these balls are seeing nothing but grass. The scuffing is coming from the irons and should just be considered.

    • Thank you. Wish I had read your review. Just recd 4 dozen and was very happy with performance, but after one round with the ball, it look like I had played with it for a month.
      I’m a 7.8 handicap and love the tour version and would not recommend the Pro Soft because of its appearance and endurance.

  3. The Vice yellow balls play like hitting a solid brick, they are never like a Prov1 or for that matter any other ball.
    To my regret I bought a dozen. I think I will give them away to the local building site for spare bricks. Never to be purchased again do not recommend, cheap ball get cheap results

  4. Just recd 4 dozen Pro Soft from Germany.
    Performance is outstanding.
    Very matt finish.
    Only short coming for people who like the look of the ball after one round will be disappointed.
    Because of the matt finish it loses its new look. Almost impossible to remove grass and dirt stains.

  5. Melvyn peake

    Got some pro+ of my brother to try found very good and loved the feel of the putter best yes they look a bit dull after 18 holes but one big upside is if your playing in a comp a your club there is a very good chance half people will be playing a prove and may just say yep that’s mine and hit it with a vice ball I have found no one gets ball mixed up and yes it happens at privet clubs very good in the wind I won’t go back hope this helps ps (golf pros change there ball ever time hit out of a bunker so we should be happy to start with new ball ever 18 holes so if you won’t a ball to look good after 3rounds use a flying rock ) cheers

  6. I recently received a dozen vice pro white balls. I played 22 holes with it until I chunked it in a lake. I have played pro v1 balls for yrs. The vice ball showed no more cover wear than the titleist’s . Ball played every bit as good and I felt it had a little softer feel.. I will be ordering 5 dozen more. I am a 8.3 handicap index.

  7. Tracy allen palmer

    I’m a 8.2 HP. I play the vice tour model. Consistent fairway yardage . The shine lasts and I haven’t noticed any more wear on it after 18. Its a great ball for my game.. only drawback is I have to play a little short on the greens as it does not stop as quickly as I’d like..

  8. Massimo Casorati

    I purchased five dozens Vice Drive balls.
    I am a 29 ho, so my play is not consistent and my feelings not so reliable. The only thing I can confirm is the resilience of these balls: It happened I did not lost one ball in 42 holes and, at the end, the ball looked as brand new, despite a half dozens bunkers hit.

  9. paul evans

    bought the vice tour sample pack. like the balls especially the “tour” ball but the balls lost their shine after only one round. like the ball if it would only retain the shine for longer time 10.7 index

  10. L. Eisenberg

    just purchased a dozen golf balls from Vice Golf and had them personalized. They were done incorrectly and dealing with the company proved to be useless. Make sure your order is 100% correct before using or giving as a gift because you are stuck with them regardless !!!!

  11. Most of the negative comments were earlier like 2016-2018. I started using Vice last year when I found a Vice Pro Drip ball. Love it especially the excellent spin around the green. They were very long as well. I have switched to the Pro Soft model this year as my swing speed has gone down and I still see the distance/spin I saw before. I have two friends (one who is a +3 and the other a 6 hdc.) who switched from ProV1X to Vice ProPlus. They won’t use any other ball now. None of us are seeing the kind of premature ball wear or color problems as described in the earlier comments. And btw, Walmart now carries a complete line of Vice balls at $35.00 p/dozen, less for the Drive model.

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