VICE Golf Pro and Pro Plus Golf Ball Review

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VICE Golf Pro and Pro Plus golf balls provide golfers with Tour-level performance at a price below the big name competitors.  Loads of color options, especially in the Pro model.


VICE Golf was one of the first companies to bring direct to consumer pricing to the golf ball market.  Having inspired a raft of imitators, they continue to expand their line, offering more models and finishes than almost anyone else.  They’re also going forward by going “back” – VICE Golf is moving from being online-only into the world of green grass retailers.  Should you pick up a dozen next time you’re at your local pro shop?  Let’s find out.


Both the Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus golf balls have urethane covers and multi-piece construction similar to the big name Tour balls.  As such, my expectations for feel were quite high.

On the green, both balls delivered.  The Vice Pro Plus has a firm, solid feel and produces a pleasant “tock” at impact.  It’s a very responsive ball that provides excellent feedback on strike quality.  The Vice Pro is very similar in feel, but the sound is slightly lower pitched and quieter.  The difference is similar to the gap between a Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

Moving to the wedges and irons, both models feel similar to other Tour-style balls.  The Pro Plus leans slightly toward the firmer end of the spectrum; the Pro is right in the middle.  Neither is clicky or hard off the clubface, but they’re not marshmallows either.

Short Game

Both the VICE Pro and Pro Plus use an “extra-thin cast urethane cover for maximum feel and short game spin.”  In my launch monitor testing, I found that both are comfortably in the expected range of other Tour-style balls for wedge spin.

Comparing the Pro Plus to the top selling ball in golf, I saw slightly less spin on pitches and half wedges, but the difference was very small – less than 5%.  With the Vice Pro, the wedge spin was very slightly lower than the Pro Plus, again less than a 5% difference at most.  Overall, I would rate both balls as average among Tour-style balls for short game spin.

What did stand out for both models was the consistency.  Many golfers are concerned about balls from smaller companies because of quality control issues.  In all the wedge shots I hit, I did not get a single unexpected result.

Long Game

My long game testing started with the irons.  All my previous testing has shown me that in this area, the differences between golf balls can get quite slim.  That’s what I saw with the Vice Pro and Pro Plus, also.  Both balls performed very similarly to the average Tour ball with short and mid irons.  Again, the consistency of both Vice balls was impressive.

Finally, we get to the driver testing.  One thing on the Vice website that impressed me is their willingness to share raw data from their ball testing.  That data shows that both the Pro and Pro Plus dropped driver spin and gained significant ball speed in the current model compared to the 2019 version.  It also shows that the Pro Plus spins about 100 RPM less than the Pro V1x and the Pro spins about 100 RPM more than the Pro V1.

Per Vice, the Pro Plus is recommended for players swinging over 110 MPH.  The Pro is suggested for golfers with swing speed from 95-110 MPH.  As is often the case, I find myself in the middle – I can get over 110 MPH, but not every day and not by a huge amount.  With this in mind, it’s not surprising that I did not see a substantial difference in speed or spin between the two models.  I felt like the Pro Plus flew a little lower on the course, but that’s an observation, not something I can back with data.  Overall, both were solid off the driver in terms of speed and spin, well within the range of normal Tour balls.

Average and slower swingers should check out the Vice Pro Soft and Pro Zero HERE


The VICE Golf Pro and Pro Plus both retail for $35.99.  If you buy three dozen, the price drops to $32.49.  Stock up on five dozen or more for just $28.99 per dozen.

VICE offers the Pro Plus in three colors – white, Neon Red, and Neon Lime.  The Pro is offered in those three colors plus Shade (grey) and unique Drip patterns.


With great value, a load of fun color options, and the ability to dial in the exact feel you prefer, the Vice Pro and Pro Plus are among the best ____ golf balls on the market.  I left that blank because, with their recent move to green grass, it’s no longer fair to call them a DTC ball.  Also, I think they’ve earned enough respect to not be a “little guy” brand.  But whatever you call Vice, they make a quality ball.

Visit VICE Golf HERE

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  1. Good review Matt. Big fan of the Vice Pro. Toggle between this and Maxfli Tour.

  2. I’ve been using the vice golf ball for two years now and I went from a 5 handicap to a 2 handicap. I used the vice pro plus.

  3. Dave Holden

    Used both vice pro and the cheeper vice drive. The pro gives me an extra 20 plus yards. I am still getting used to the putting as they feel a little harder off the putter. But very good balls and my handicap has come down.

  4. Just recently tried the Vice Pro and I like it a lot. I’ve also been using the Maxfli Tour. I find they work as well for me as the more expensive Tour balls.

  5. I just started using the Vice Pro and I must admit that my drive is longer without swinging hard. I am still unsure on my putting , we have fast greens (Fla) and I am going past the hole not by much, the line is good. I do like your golf balls. This is a women point of view all the other comments were by men.

  6. Thanks for the review Matt! Nice to see the stats behind the product! Have been using the Pro model for over 3 years now and find that it’s perfect for my 88-92 swing speed.
    Always great reading your reviews!

  7. I’m in a similar situation with you. Maybe 110 on a day nothing hurts, lol. Still, just bought 5x boxes of the pro plus as I feel like they’re more on line with the V1x/TP5x, which I just can’t justify buying while these exist.

  8. Richard Burns

    The Vice Pro Plus is my go to ball for the last 3 years. Not only is it priced well it out preformed every other ball but Pro v 1.

  9. Been using the pro for a few years due to the driver flight being v good and the stopping on mid-irons excellent. Price performance is probably unbeatable. I now buy using the 5 dozen + 1 doz free offer.

  10. I have been using vice for the past couple years. Started when I found a vice pro and tried it and loved it. Then I tried the pro plus and found it felt better for me in terms of feel and putting. So a couple months ago I invested in the 5 boxes for the price of 4 boxes. I have no regrets and I think my game is getting better and so not losing them as much as in the beginning. I would recommend this ball to any good player who indeed wants a quality ball without paying top prices. I also like how I can have my name or something printed on the ball so I do not have to worry about marking my ball. I believe in Vice.

  11. Using Vice Pro with a 107 mph driver speed, very happy with these golf balls in all areas!

  12. Scott Martin

    As a 5 Handicap I was getting tired of paying 50 bucks for a Tour Ball. The Maxfli Tour is a very good ball that I highly recommend. However, their success has lead them to raise their price to 40 dollars. (still a good value). I have tried the Vice Pro and I must say I love it. Overall, probably not as good as Titleist, but we my ability, I can not see a lot of difference.

  13. Ronald F. Henry

    I love my vice balls I when from a beginner with a 20 handicap down to a 7. I could not believe a ball would make that big or difference, but it does. These guys deliver what to they say.

  14. I have always used Titleist Pro V1 and the Tour Soft as I got older. I also really like the Srixon Q-Star Tour ball. One day last summer I found a Vice Pro Lime Drip ball. I tried their older Tour model a few years ago and it was okay but not better than those I mentioned earlier. I tried the Pro Drip and it was amazing. It felt great and really went straight and far. The spin around the greens was the best I ever experienced. I went and bought a dozen the next day. They recommend swing speeds of 95-110 mph. I do not have that but I still have a good golf game so they are working for me. At $35.00 p/doz. you can’t go wrong especially if they are working better than your current ball.

  15. Love the pro plus green. Only problem is they’re not very durable. The ball scuffs easily. Doesn’t last very long.

  16. Great review of the Vice Golf Pro and Pro Plus golf balls! I’m looking to switch to these balls from my current balls.

  17. Tried vice pro by finding one on course during sat match liked the feel and seemed to be a little longer on the drive 🚗 will buy a dozen.

  18. Anyone have a feedback on the “Ice Blue” color as far as visibility goes? My Wife brought home a dozen ($23.00 at local Wal Mart) today. The color seems…odd.

    • I was gifted a dozen of the ice blue. I played one sleeve and found that they performed great but were extremely difficult to find. I normally play the Vice pro so I ended up using the remaining 3 ice blue sleeves as putting practice balls.

  19. Started play the pro ball a year ago. I love the performance off the tee and on approach. Excellent value. Really good review here.

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