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The Monsta Golf Ball is the equal of any $4 tour ball, but at a better price.


Big claims are a dime a dozen in the golf industry – “Add 10 more yards!” “Eliminate your slice!” “Erase 5 strokes from your handicap!” – so when I first saw Monsta Golf and their claim of offering tour ball performance at a non-tour ball price, I was skeptical.  After putting the ball in play and running it through stringent testing against the biggest names, I’m here to tell you that their claim is 100% true.

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Off the putter, where feel matters the most, the Monsta Ball is a near-replica of the Titleist ProV1.  There’s a little bit of firmness in the “tock” sound, but just enough to keep this very soft ball from feeling mushy.  When you move to the wedges, the Monsta Ball feels firm and responsive without being hard.

Long Game

If you read our recent Golf Myths Unplugged, you know that the Monsta Ball actually proved to be slightly longer than the Titleist ProV1, the Bridgestone B330, and the TaylorMade Tour Preferred.  It delivers great ball speed and low spin off the driver.

In other facets of the long game, the Monsta Ball performs very similarly to any other tour ball that I’ve played.  There’s adequate spin to stop the ball on the green and shape shots, but not so much that the ball flight becomes weak in the wind.

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Short Game

As is true with most other tour balls, the balls that are the longest and lowest-spinning with the driver tend to spin a little less with the wedges also.  In the case of the Monsta Ball, we found that it spun about 5% less than the ProV1.  That may sound like a lot, but let me put it in context: we’re talking about roughly 300 RPMs difference on shots that are spinning approximately 7000 times per minute.

In short, there is a small difference in short game spin between the Monsta Ball and the highest-spinning tour balls, but it’s a difference you would only know if you tested them head-to-head on a launch monitor.  For all practical purposes, on the course, the Monsta Ball can do anything a ProV1 can.

Who This Ball Is For

Monsta Golf states that the Monsta Ball is for mid to low handicappers.  I would tend to agree that high handicappers probably won’t be able to take advantage of the characteristics of this ball and might be helped more by a lower spinning two-piece ball.

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The big story here is that there’s no longer any need to pay over $40/dozen for a tour ball.  At $35, the Monsta Ball delivers everything you expect from a ProV1 but at a substantial savings.  Moreover, Monsta Golf is a company founded by two Boston golfers who simply wanted to offer other golfers a great ball at a better price – what’s not the love?

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