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The SkyCaddie Linx GT watch is packed with all sorts of different functionality and complexity.


If you’re anything like me, deciding which piece of golf technology to buy is difficult.  I’m not sure there’s an area of the industry more difficult than the GPS/watch market.  SkyCaddie tried to simplify this decision with the Linx GT watch.  The Linx GT watch is packed with GPS, Game Tracking, and fitness tracking.  That’s a lot packed into one device, and I was curious to see how each piece performed.



Pairing the SkyCaddie Linx GT with your phone, setting up the account, and basic navigation of the watch is easy.  The trouble started with setting up the SmartTags.  I ended up reaching out to the SkyGolf chat support who struggled to understand my issue and resolve it.  I finally resolved the issue by myself by figuring out that there are two SkyCaddie applications in the App Store.  Make sure you download “SkyCaddie Mobile by SkyGolf.”

When I started tagging the SmartTags in the correct app, I thought I was off and running.  What should have been a five minute process took about fifteen minutes.  The watch would freeze, I’d have to exit the Clubs section, and then force the watch the re-engage.  It may not make sense as you read this, but you will see what I mean when you setup your own tags.  I also had re-tag certain clubs because they would randomly “drop.”

I understand that with equipment such as the Linx GT there will always be a certain amount of setup.  I’m perfectly fine with that.  My problem with the Linx GT is that the setup is not intuitive and took more time than it should have.


Ease of Use

Once you familiarize yourself with the various features of the Linx GT, it’s not that hard to use.  Where this SkyCaddie device gets difficult is juggling the different functionalities between the watch and your phone during your round of golf.  The GPS on the watch is very easy to use once the signal finally picks up for the course.

I found the Game Tracking element useful and interesting, but spent so much time fixing shots (even with the automated feature turned off) that I would not classify it as easy to use.  If you aren’t careful, this could easily impact pace of play.  Relying on the “Intelligent Automation” will result in inaccurate results at the end of your round.  Making all of the edits post-round is impractical and heavily dependent on your memory.  When the Game Tracking element works well, it is very cool to see the live updates on your phone.


Accuracy & Performance

The built-in odometer and the GPS functionality are very accurate and work well on the Linx GT.  As mentioned, SkyCaddie needs to do a little bit of work on their Game Tracking functionality.  For basic scorekeeping, distances, and minor stat collection, the Linx GT is great.

The battery life is acceptably average.  If you’re doing shot tracking and have Bluetooth enabled, it’s going to hammer the battery.  One round of golf used about 60% of the battery.  Had I booked 36 holes for the day, the Linx GT would not have made it.



You can currently buy the SkyCaddie Linx GT watch right around $300 (support PluggedInGolf, buy it HERE).  Considering all the features built into this watch, that price seems like a good value to me.  As you gain experience with the Linx GT, managing the complexity will become easier, making the watch more valuable.

While the Linx GT can be used for free, you will need to buy a membership to unlock all the features.  You can get the details HERE.



For a single device to do everything SkyCaddie Linx GT claims is a tall order.  I think the Linx GT is at the top of the pile with GPS, but other features perform better in standalone devices.  Simply put, the SkyCaddie Linx GT is a great GPS watch but an average total package.  I’d prefer spending a few less dollars to go with the standard SkyCaddie Linx.

Buy the SkyCaddie Linx GT HERE

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  1. Michael Seltenreich

    My lynx has not lasted more than 4 holes, very disappointed in the watch and lack of service by skycaddie whose only recourse was to be another watch. Must be crazy .

  2. After a few months, good luck getting18 holes before it shuts off. I have the tour edition and I can’t use the smart tag/shot tracking because of the battery life. I have to shut off the Bluetooth to save the battery. DONT BUY THIS WATCH

  3. Todd k Walker

    got this for christmas and was stoked to use it. in the spring i finally used it and was very confused on how to use the tags that track your distance as you play each club. You have to download two different apps and go through a bunch of s**t to get it working, but I stayed the course and got it going. couple of months into it, it stopped working and said i needed an update, so 6 hours of technical support it finally connected to my computer, but wouldnt update. The rep told me I should buy a new one because my 6 month warranty expired. thats fine but my garmin is 5 years old and is still 100% accurate and simple to use. Think hard before you invest in this complicated piece of S**t.

  4. Jay Villareal

    I lost my LINEXGT and have been unable to find a replacement. I login to but it seems they are permanently out of stock!

  5. It’s also very temperamental when it comes to using the SYNC function. I keep having to switch USB Ports, reset the watch, re-connect it. Should be a 2-minute job. Currently been trying for about 90 minutes. The device is full and needs to SYNC but it drives me mad. Have tried USB Cable and Bluetooth options multiple times each. If there was a simple way to just delete all the watch data that would help as I realy don’t care about stored rounds or scores and only use the GPS function for distances whilst playing. Incredibly frustrating for such an expensive piece of kit!

  6. George Green

    Most frustrating piece of equipment i have ever used. It’s in the drawer now , money down the drain.

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