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The SkyCaddie LINX GPS Watch is a solid GPS watch with functionality beyond the course.


The last few years have been tough for GPS makers, but a boon for consumers: smartphone GPS apps have forced SkyCaddie and its brethren to offer better products for less and less money.  The GPS watch market is a stark example.  When these were first introduced a few years ago, they were $400 and had only basic functionality.  Today’s watches cost half that but do twice as much.  The new LINX by SkyCaddie aims to be the high water mark in this segment.  In this review, I’ll help you decide if it deserves a place on your wrist.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

When you first get your SkyCaddie LINX, you’re going to want to pair it with either your computer or your smart phone.  I’d strongly recommend going with the latter option as it’s much easier.

If you download the SkyCaddie app, you get step-by-step instructions on the pairing process.  When your phone is paired with the LINX, you’re able to easily add courses, upgrades your membership, and you’ll also get notifications from your phone on your watch.

As for actually using the watch, I had very low expectations since the watch does so much and has six buttons.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the buttons well-labeled and consistent in function so that, after a short time, navigating the menus is second nature.

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Accuracy & Performance

Let’s start with the most important element: the accuracy of the GPS.  Having long been a laser rangefinder user, I’m very particular about yardages, but I was pleased to find that the SkyCaddie LINX provides very accurate yardages.  In it’s most basic mode, the distances are only to the front, back, and center of the green, but there are more options available (explained below).  I felt so confident in the numbers that the LINX provided that I actually used it in a tournament.

Before we get into the deeper elements of the golf function, let me touch on three “small” things that can sink a product like this.  First is comfort.  As a larger human, my perspective may be slightly skewed, but I found the LINX to be very comfortable, light, and small enough that it wasn’t a distraction.  Second is battery life.  The battery on the LINX lasts about 6 hours in GPS mode, which should get you through even the slowest rounds, but it won’t get you through 36.  If you’re taking this on a golf trip, do not forget the charger.  Third is the speed with which it finds the course to start GPS function.  This is one area where I was disappointed with the LINX as it took between 1 and 2 minutes to start working whether I was going for a walk or asking it to find a course.  The GPS on my iPhone is nearly instantaneous most of the time, so I expected the same here.  However, as Louie C.K. reminds us, it is going to space, so we could give it a second.  Please note that the GPS updates in near-real time once it has a signal, it’s just getting the signal that takes time.

The LINX is accurate and solid in the basics, but it goes beyond that.  On the course, the LINX can measure shot distances, keep score, and track stats.  With all of these things, I think the LINX does a good job, but is not as good as the devices that are dedicated to these functions.  If you want to know your shot distances and stats, GAME GOLF is the way to go.  That said, these are nice bonuses for those who want the convenience and simplicity of a GPS watch.

Finally, the LINX offers some nice off-course functionality as well.  If you’re a walker, biker, or runner, I think you’ll really enjoy the odometer.  It tracks distance, pace, time, and speed, and is very simple to use.  My only complaint here is that you can’t do much with the data you collect – there isn’t currently a way to build a database of your runs or track progress.  The bottom line is that this is nice added functionality for the recreational exerciser, but serious runners & bikers will want more.

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The SkyCaddie LINX retails for $250.  This is among the most expensive GPS watches currently available, but that higher price is pretty typical for SkyCaddie products since they are the only ones who map the course from the ground for accuracy.

While the LINX can be used for free, you will need to buy a membership to unlock all the features.  You can get the details HERE but the short version is that it will cost $50/year to have access to all the targets on each hole (bunkers, water, etc) and Intelligreen.

If style is critical for you, the color of the bezel and band can be changed.  SkyCaddie offers individual band and bezel sets for $25 and packs of three bands and bezels for $50.

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Golfers are spoiled for choice right now when it comes to knowing their yardages.  It all comes down to finding your preferred device – hand held GPS, watch, phone, or laser – and then finding the device that does what you want.  The SkyCaddie LINX is a great choice for those that enjoy the convenience of having their GPS on their wrist.  It has lots of features, good accuracy, and a battery that will make it through even the slowest rounds.

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  1. I returned the Linx. I purchased the GPS for a 5 day golf trip. I even paid $50.00 for the annual Pro package… I charged it up and went out! At first IT WAS GREAT.. At the 14th hole the battery ran out of power.. OK so I Charged it from 6 pm until the next morning at 8 am same thing it didn’t make the whole round. happen 3 days in a row.

    After my trip I contacted SkyCaddie Support 1st by phone no one ever picked up and you cant email them but they will chat with you live. I explained the issue fully expecting them to say you have a bad battery.. No they asked how I charged the watch/GPS. I purchased your charger..

    The response was ” you should use your computer to charge it it does a better job.”. I don’t know about you but I am not going to being my computer on a golf trip. Then he went on to say “after each hole switch the GPS to watch mode and then back on and even when you are going to the next shot..”

    That is all crazy.
    1> Support sucks
    2> Battery cant keep a charge for 4 hrs
    3> Switch modes is not one click you have to go through the Menu and scroll
    4> I do not recommend this product.

  2. John Molloy

    DO NOT BUY THE SKY CADDIE LYNX. I have owned 5 0r 6 of the watches. They all failed after 7 or 8 months. The warranty is only six months. One watch failed after 6 months and 2 days but tough luck is the reply I received. Don’t waste your time and money.

  3. Dean ennenga

    This thing is junk, I’m telling everyone I play golf with. I play every weekday and now they want me to renew something at a website. Renew what? 200 plus dollars in the trash, what a Micky mouse rinky dink outfit. Next step is the BBB. Sad Sad company!!

  4. James McIntosh

    Bought my Linx watch for £170 in January 2015. While I have been impressed with the accuracy of the watch, the battery life has been shocking. I have managed to get a whole 18 holes in the UK, but during two trips to Portugal the battery has lasted 9 or 10 holes. I have contacted Sky Golf who inform me that the warranty has expired so I have to buy a replacement! I would sooner stick a fork in my eye than waste another £100 pound plus on another sky golf product! Both my friends have garmin watches and they have more than half battery life left after a full round. Customer support is shocking! Stay clear of sky golf/sky caddie!

  5. Mike Peterson

    Had mine about 10 months. Used no special features at all that consume extra battery. First they told me they would credit my subscription from the old device to the new Lynx. Then, when we tried, 3 supervisors later they said no can do – to bad for you. Not a refund, not a credit on the new subscription. Now the battery – which cannot be replaced – it got about 4 hours when new. I used no special features either – but OK, it was just enough and even my laptops never got the advertised charge use. But, after about 20 rounds of golf – just out of warranty – it is down to maybe 3 holes of golf??? Max – 30 minutes. Did everything they suggested on the web site to remedy. No good. This watch is a fishing lure and the company does not stand behind it. Best thing they could offer is a used watch with a USED battery for $69.95. How long before that battery needs to be replaced? I will never deal with this company again and advise you all to not buy their products. MP

  6. I have to say that I owned a Linx watch GPS for about 3 years now. although the battery is a little shaky, I manage to have a full round out of it. Sometimes it need to be fully reset by pressing the four buttons at the same time in order to get a full battery charge. ( Make sure you had fully charged it before each round and turn-it-on at the golf course). Other than that, I am very happy with mine GPS.

  7. John Stallings

    I had my skycaddie linx for two years and from the beginning, I barely got a round in before the battery died. Talked to customer support and was ask to buy an upgrade for $200. This is a waste of money. I will not buy another skycaddie product.

  8. This is my 2nd year with the Sky Caddie Linx. I had problems with the battery running out the first year. After a re-set it appeared to be fine this year until a couple of weks ago. Now I can’t even get 9 holes out of ut before it dies. I have tried to re- set it several times to no avail. I feel like I have wasted $180. I should not have to awitch from GPS to time. Being able to use it for 4-5 hours is not too much to ask. Come on Sky Caddie, how about some help.

  9. Michael Seltenreich

    I experience the same battery issue on my first round using the watch. Bought for Xmas . Same bullshit story received from online chat. Asked to buy refurbished as well. The word needs to get out on this company with no credibility in backing their product. The reviews of unsatisfactory by many needs greater expose to shut down this company. Need social media to impair the sales of sky caddie. Contacting a journalist at NY times to take my story on bad tech toys, 2-3 popular golf blogs to tell this and your stories posted in the internet. Sky caddie should be di-liated in advertisements.

  10. Colin Statham

    My sky caddie Linx had new battery fitted in first 6 months ,2 years later will only last 2 hours, sky caddie offered latest version for £85.00 + £9.00 per month subscription, reviews are saying batteries are just as useless in latest model and like the old Linx they won’t supply batteries, they are a load of junk, gone for a garmin s10, battery lasts 12 hours and all the hazard info is free.

  11. Donnie Fraser

    I have barely managed 18 holes in the last 6months before the watch switches off..Today my lynx was approximately 20/40yards out..why was this.



  13. Roger Kean

    WOW…All of the reviews that I have read have a common theme. THESE WATCHES ARE JUNK!!! My Lynx performed exactly like the other disappointed users. Worked pretty well for about 20 rounds (at least I could get 18 holes in) and then the battery failed quicker and quicker during each. I am lucky to get in 3 holes on a 100% charge. Sky Golf Customer Service Policy…a bigger joke. I am in a customer service industry…and I wouldn’t expect to retain ANY customers if I was as inept at solving problems for customers. Sky Golf knows/knew these watches had issues…but the message I got…”Tough Luck, you have to buy a new watch”. Well, I did. I just ordered a Bushnell. My golf buddies (there are many) have Bushnell or Garmin watches…they have no problem getting 9-10 hours of life before charging. Rest assured Sky Golf…I’ll NEVER purchase another product that bears your name!

  14. Worst customer service of any brand that I have had

  15. Sirs
    Have just renewed my lynx membership after a long period but unable to get the GPS working
    very unhappy as entered a competition this and only able to get corespondents not the course

    Can you help?


  16. Sirs

    Still unable to get my GPS working when you dial up location it just comes up wit the co-ordenents


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