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Skechers GO GOLF Elite-Tour SL Golf Shoe Review

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The Skechers Go Golf Elite-Tour SL golf shoe provides outstanding comfort from heel to toe.  Lime green outsole looks cool and provides great traction.

Check out the latest from Skechers, the Go Golf Slip-In, HERE


Having conducted Plugged In Golf’s reviews of various Skecher golf shoe models for several years, in 2020 I lined up the rest of the writing crew for some fresh perspectives.   Some variation of “Wow, these really are super comfortable” texts soon came across my phone from each of them.

When I saw the Elite-Tour SL in the 2021 Skecher Go Golf lineup, I was quick to get in the review queue again myself.  Slipping them on the first time, a “welcome back” image flashed across my mind.


The Go Golf Elite-Tour SL leather uppers have a clean, contemporary look highlighted by embossed dots and a subtle, unassuming “S” on the outside of the heel.  The thick white midsole offers a great transition to the bold lime green outsole.  Even in the white and black colorways, Skechers utilizes vibrant outsole colors that give the shoes personality. 


With comfort being the focus of Skecher shoes, I wasn’t surprised that my feet felt fully enveloped in comfort.  The Resamax insole was both cushiony yet supportive.  There was ample room in the toe box to spread and wiggle my toes.  Throughout the interior of the Elite-Tour SL, a soft liner makes going sockless a viable option.

Low cut around my ankle, ample cushioning kept my heel comfortably in place.  I found the shoes very true to my normal size.  For golfers with wider feet, the shoes are also available in extra wide.


Calling the Go Golf Elite-Tour SL spikeless does them a disservice.  True, they don’t have cleats, but the outsole is one of the most aggressive I’ve encountered.  I was willing to drive to the golf course wearing the shoes, but I wouldn’t want to walk around on someone’s nice hardwood floors in them.  The four sections down the front center are reminiscent of a meat tenderizer tool.

Out on the golf course, the Elite-Tour SL shoes provided ample traction.  The width of the soles offered a solid base to build my swing from.  There was decent lateral support, and the fifth generation ULTRA GO midsole was responsive to motion transitions.   The shoes come with a 2 year waterproof warranty.


As pleasurable at the Skecher Go Golf Elite-Tour SL are to slip on, it’s really the fact that your feet still feel good at the end of a long day of golf that’s the headline.  At $130, the Elite-Tour SL offers a solid value in an attractive leather golf shoe.  Excellent comfort and performance make them a great buy.

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  1. Charles Hamilton

    This shoe model is not available in “wide” as the story indicates-at least from the Sketchers website.

  2. Charles Hamilton

    correction- The color gray described in this review is not available in “wide.” Two other colors of this model are available in “wide.”

  3. I have diabetes and had tried 2 pair of the Skechers Go Pro. My feet still hurt badly. Are these better for diabetics ?

    • Apologies Tom, but I don’t have any insight for you. In general, I’ve found fairly common comfort among the Skechers I’ve worn.

      – Meeks

      • William Gallagher

        These are not diabetic shoes. I use sketchers walking shoe as i walk around during the day. I just remove the incerts sole in sketchers like I do any other shoe. I have my own incerts made for me from kiaser.
        You would think someone out there would make diabetic golf shoes. Only millions of us.

  4. Edward waddell

    Skechers are great shoes how much are these

  5. Thomas Knight

    Have many different brands of golf shoes , nothing comes close to my Skechers,
    No pressure points , I have 8 pairs of shoes , but Skechers are my favourite,
    Have several pairs of relaxed foot wear by Skechers but my golf shoes are the best !

  6. I have 2 pair of Skecher golf shoes. Very comfortable straight line walking but lack side wall support when on hilly courses. I played tennis for many years KSWISS had great side wall support in their lace system.

  7. carlos spears

    I have a narrow foot, size 13. Would this be a wise choice?

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