Skechers Slip-Ins: GO GOLF Blade GF Shoes Review

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The Skechers Slip-Ins: GO GOLF Blade GF shoes maximize comfort in an athletic and waterproof design with an extended heel tab to make it easy to get in and out of your shoes.


Skechers has established itself as a long term player in the golf shoe realm.  Their line of men’s and women’s golf shoes are endorsed by several PGA and LPGA Tour professionals including 2022 US Open Champion Matt Fitzpatrick and two-time Major winner Brooke Henderson.  For 2024, Skechers GO GOLF shoes reveal some changes that I put to the test for the casual golfer.


The new Skechers Slip-Ins: GO GOLF Blade GF shoes have a few new features that we haven’t seen before on a Skechers golf shoe.  The first is the extended heel tab.  This is to promote the “slip in” feature.  Despite the slip in detail, the laces still tighten the shoe as normal with a detached tongue.

The second new detail is the namesake “blade” feature which refers to the thinner toe box from top to bottom.  This makes the shoe appear more sleek and athletic.

The majority outer shell of the shoe is coated in a wax like material that has a subtle honeycomb design.   The inner part is inscribed with “SKX” while the sole is lined with a TPU material and four non removable spikes.  Skechers offers the Slip-Ins: GO GOLF Blade GF shoes in white and navy, black, charcoal and all white as seen in this review.


No matter what your opinion is on Skechers golf shoes, the comfort of the Skechers Slip Ins: GO GOLF Blade shoes are as good if not better than any other shoe I have ever tested.

Skechers patented Heel Pillow and Ecoflight Cushioning are the stars of the show.  Even after wearing them for hours, I had no pressure point areas or hot spots.  Occasionally, some golf spikes have a “break in” period, but that is not necessary with these.  While the TPU spiked sole does give some rigidity to the shoe, the cushioning allows for good heel support and provides comfort regardless of whether I was walking or riding.


The Skechers Slip-Ins: GO GOLF Blade shoes are some of the most comfortable, easy to wear golf spikes I have tried in a long time.  They are light and make walking easier than even some spikeless golf shoes.

Each shoe is completely waterproof and covered in a wax like material that is very easy to keep clean.  The heel is elevated but not so much where you lose connection to the turf on full swings.  Although there are only four tornado spikes, there is plenty of grip to keep your feet from sliding.  Never once did I slip or lose footing even testing these on the damp, late winter grass.

The high heel tab and “slip in” feature help make it easy to get the shoes on without unlacing the tongue.  However, there is almost no way I could simply slip these on my feet without bending over.  The price comes in at $165 which is right on par with spiked waterproof golf shoes in this category.


The Skechers Slip-Ins: GO GOLF Blade GF shoes are a sleeper pick for one of the most comfortable golf spikes this year.  Each pair comes fully waterproof with an elongated heel tab that makes it easy to get your shoes on.  The lowered toe profile makes these appear athletic without sacrificing comfort.

Buy the Skechers Slip-Ins: GO GOLF Blade GF Shoes HERE

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  1. Rory O Donnell

    I wore these for the first time recently for 18 holes, on a firm links course. I was very impressed. I’ve suffered from sore feet, particularly my heals after 9 or 10 holes. Had some physio work done which solved a good deal of my issues. The only remnants were sore metatarsals from the rigid outsole from my Ecco Biom G3 shoes, which I adored. I was deciding between the UA Gents Phantom Golf and these Skechers.

    + Much better comfort in forefoot
    + Outsole appears more durable & more give when walking, not as rigid as the Ecco’s
    + Excellent stability, as good as the Ecco’s, much better than the UA’s
    – Cost
    – Breathability, I’m not sure how these shoes will fare during the hot summer months
    – Laces seem cheap and too short

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