Skechers Go Golf Elite 4 Victory Review

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Comfortable and lightweight, the new Skechers Go Golf Elite 4 Victory mix the support of a spiked shoe with the cushioned interior and freedom of a spikeless one.


The infamous Skechers commercials emphasizes being able to walk 36 holes in their golf shoes, and while it may come across as a bit comical, the emphasis on comfort isn’t far from reality.  For 2021, the focus was again on creating the lightest and most enjoyable golf shoe for all course conditions.


The Go Golf Elite 4 Victory have a casual style to them.  The sole of the shoe runs flat from toe to heel which makes it look less like a golf shoe and more like something you’d wear around town.

I am a big fan of the all white golf shoe.  I also like a white shoe that’s easy to clean.  The Go Golf Elite are made of a leather shell that not only looks good but is easy to clean as well.  The spikes on the bottom are shaped very similarly to a replaceable spike but are made of Skechers own GRIPFLEX.


I have owned several pairs of Skechers golf shoes, and I have noticed a trend that they are wider on the inside than traditional golf shoes.  It feels more roomy which I really like.  There are no pressure point areas at all.

The other things I noticed are the soft insole and cushioned interior lining.  I wore these all through a recent round where I walked, then ran some errands after, and I never felt like I wanted to take them off or swap them for a regular sneaker.


The Go Golf Elite 4 Victory golf shoe is easy to adjust to.  This lace up golf shoe has just enough rigidity on the bottom to give support in wet or soggy conditions.  The spacious interior made me feel like I could go one size smaller if I wanted a more snug fitting shoe, but I have experienced enough blisters with new golf shoes to always prefer a roomier cabin.

Skechers is all about comfort.  The padded insole is very satisfying.  Not too soft but not so rigid that it forces your foot into awkward positions.  The TPU sole material is more flexible than you would find in a traditional spiked shoe without losing the traction that so many players desire.  There is enough padding around the inside that I started wearing these outside of golf just because I like the way they feel.


The Skechers Go Golf 4 Victory golf shoes are like walking on a cloud.  From the soft insole and interior cushioning to the waterproof barrier, these will keep your feet dry and comfortable all season long.

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  1. Javed Akhtar

    Is the shoe available in Pakistan. Price and outlet may be intimated.

  2. Tom Greenway

    Absolutely rubbish my feet got soaking wet on day one wearing them in the rain. Even when it was just morning due on the ground my feet still got soaked. Not very nice having to walk around for 4 hours with wet feet. Have gone back to footjoys a much more reliable shoe

  3. Sandy Bronkhorst

    The most comfortable pair of golf shoes I have ever worn. My feet do however get damp in the early morning or whilst raining. Such a pity.

  4. Sadly, I need size 14, which I’ve obtained in other Skechers. The Elite only sizes up to 12.

  5. Brilliant golf shoes – very very comfortable

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