Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The 2016 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 putter is a good, if unremarkable, version of the classic Anser 2.


The main complaint leveled against Scotty Cameron is that he’s more of a marketer than a maker.  His description of his latest putters certainly doesn’t do anything to quiet this criticism.  We put the Select Newport 2 through the paces to see if it lives up to the lengthy list of features it comes with.

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There are two ways to look at the Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.  On one hand, there’s nothing new here.  It’s a basic Anser 2 style putter with the face insert/sole plate and “cherry bombs” in the cavity that we’ve seen from Scotty before.

On the other hand, Cameron has made another attractive version of this classic shape.  The proportions are correct and the amount of branding and engraving is just about right – not boring, but not over the top.

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Sound & Feel

The impact sound of the Select Newport 2 is surprisingly loud.  This is especially unexpected given how “dead” the Newport sounds and feels.  Even with a tour-quality ball, there’s a “tock” at impact.  Also surprising for a putter with this kind of a price tag is the lack of feedback.  Whether you strike the ball perfectly or way out on the toe, the sound is virtually identical.

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Scotty claims there are five performance-related “player benefits” in his Select line.  I’ll go through each one to cut through the marketing jargon.

“Multi-Material Technology” – There’s an insert.  In this case, like most of Scotty’s putters over the last couple years, the insert goes from the sole into the face.  Scotty claims that the 303 stainless used in the Newport 2 insert is used to support a flowing stroke.  I don’t know how the material of the face insert can affect the stroke.

“Responsive Feel and Feedback” – Bill dealt with the “vibration dampening system” (read: 3M tape) in his review of the Newport.  You can see the pictures of the deconstructed putter HERE.

“Balance and Forgiveness” – This just refers to the use of the weights in the heel and toe that can adjust the weight based on the length of the putter.  Nothing new here.

“Enhanced Alignment Options” – A milled sight line.  Wow.

“Tour Proven Performance” – This is pretty much generic marketing talk that means nothing.  Scotty does mention the midsize Matador grip which is actually my least favorite part of the putter.  This grip has a strong pistol shape to it which I don’t like, but others may get along with it.

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All in all, the Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 is nothing special.  If you like the look and feel, it will work as well as most any Anser 2 putter, but for $380, there are a lot of better options, particularly in the realm of custom putters from smaller makers.

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  1. Wow it is quite obvious that you don’t like Scotty Cameron. Not a site I will be looking at again.

  2. Chris Travo

    Why did the best putter in golf ,Tiger Woods use a Newport 2 style putter to win all those Major Championships. There must be something to it.

  3. This is and old subject but the new Cameron select new port , new port 2 with insert don’t have the feel that the older carbons do period !! The select line started in 2008 with lite milling , then in 2012 went to a deep milling to try and get a softer feel. Then we get a insert which doesn’t do very well . I also believe these putters are getting to heavy and big and that can in my opinion interfere with feel ! To the other guy , this select line is not Tigers putter ! Tiger likes and plays with a light putter 325G and is a close copy of Mark Omeara’s 98 Anser 2 putter he also likes a light putter.

  4. Also look at what the pros play ! If they are using a inline select that insert is a GSS not aluminum or 303 , he tried using GSS inserts in some of his old line and there are brass or copper insert experiments ! Brooks kepka ! Even is first 303 studio stainless had good feel ! Pre-select line because I think they are lighter . And I am a Cameron fan too ! The pros play different versions of older prototypes, Tiger , spieth , Casey , and they all have or most have a tiger Cameron putter. Similar anyway . Those 🔴 red circles aren’t there for looks .

  5. Gss is a selling point, it’s the same as 303 ss. They need to go back to carbon steel and lose the damn inserts.

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