Scotty Cameron Futura X5R Putter Refinish

Futura X5R Custom 4

The Project

We initially reviewed the Scotty Cameron Futura X5R earlier in 2015, and I was extremely impressed with the putter.  In fact, I was so impressed with it that I decided I wanted to customize it.  After seeing the X5R in hand and a few tour only versions, I had some ideas in my head, so I got to work.  I knew I wanted to go with a simple gold torch finish and finally use the slick lime green paint I had laying around.  Initially, I wanted to do a high polish on the entire putter, but after considering the surface area, I decided that the glare from the sun would have been too great.

Tear Down & Polishing

The more recent generations of Scotty Cameron putters have a lot more removable parts than we’ve previously seen.  Obviously there have been putters with removable weights and inserts, but a lot of the newer mallets like the Futura X5R have had multi-piece bodies.  Below are pictures of the putter disassembled.

Scotty Cameron Upgrade (8)

Scotty Cameron Upgrade (4)Scotty Cameron Upgrade (5)


On the sole in the first picture, you’ll notice the putter has a more shiny finish.  I used a polishing compound and different tools to polish the entire sole as well as the sides.  It doesn’t add much value to the putter since I didn’t torch it too much, but it does look cool.

Another point to note is that paint removal was difficult because the paints almost stain the black finish of the sole plate.

Scotty Cameron Upgrade (13)


Now that I had the putter taken apart, I had to clean it very thoroughly and then degrease it to make sure I removed all of the oils from handling it.  During this process, I use a metal degreaser, a tooth brush, and hot water.  If I was REALLY professional, I’d use distilled water instead of tap water.  It’s important to wear latex gloves when handling the putter from degrease phase through mounting for torching so you don’t transfer any oils to the metal prior to doing the finish.

Scotty Cameron Upgrade (11)Scotty Cameron Upgrade (16)

With the torching complete, it’s time to put the putter back together.  Below is just a picture of all of the components of the putter and how I kept them organized.

Scotty Cameron Upgrade (19)


With the putter’s finish complete, it’s time to put the putter back together.  As seen in the picture above, I made sure to keep all of the sole plate screws organized to go back in the same exact spot.  They may all be the same size and interchangeable, but I figured I may just as well keep the organized this way and keep it simple.  The larger O rings go around a slot on the weights and the five smaller rings act as a spacer between the sole plate and the body of the putter.

Scotty Cameron Upgrade (22)

Scotty Cameron Upgrade (23)

Scotty Cameron Upgrade (24)

Final Product

Now that the putter head is back together, it’s time to paint, re-shaft, and grip the putter.  As mentioned earlier, I was anxious to use my lime enamel paint so I went with lime, black, and white.  Frankly, I think the color combo is perfect and I’m extremely pleased with it.

Futura X5R Custom 10Futura X5R Custom 6

I wasn’t a big fan of the stock grey alignment lines on the “flange” so I went with white and I really like how it came out.

Futura X5R Custom 5

One of the hardest parts of this entire job was painting the alignment lines on the topline and the fangs.  They take a lot of paint and it’s hard to get clean and smooth.  I used a paint needle bottle to do this one.

Futura X5R Custom 9

Futura X5R Custom 8

For accessories, I dove in and did it right.  I was working on this right around The Masters and a different headcover caught my eye.  I’m really not fond of the stock headcover so I ordered the IJP Design Masters headcover for it.  True, it’s not lime green, but it does have green and white in it and it’s just a really nice quality cover.

Futura X5R Custom 2

I also sent the shaft off to get a proprietary black finish put on it.  Scotty did us the pleasure of using a single bend shaft that’s specific to this putter so just buying one aftermarket was not an option.  To finish it off, I found a lime green Cameron Custom Shop shaft band on ebay and also picked up a lime green Cameron Pistolero grip to finish it off.

Futura X5R Custom 1 Futura X5R Custom 7

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  1. Can you leave the shaft assembled when torching the head?

    • No, the epoxy will breakdown from all the heat and you could possibly discolor the shaft pretty easily.

      I suppose you could leave it on if you planned on reassembling after (because of the epoxy) and didn’t care if the shaft had some discoloration.

  2. Sarah Stokes

    Bill great job on your xr5 putter I love the color would you explain how long you heated it I do not want to burn it up thank you very much

    • I can’t tell you I really know. It all depends on a range of variables. How hot/cold is it in your work space, how big is the flame, etc. I do color purely based on sight, not on time. The golds and bronzes are fairly easy, they happen pretty quick with a basic propane torch in normal conditions.

  3. Just wondering about removing the small assembly screws.
    Mine seem to be quite tight, I don’t want to ruin the heads of the bolts..
    I think it’s a 2mm hex key… Delicate.
    How did you go undoing them?

    • Matt Saternus


      Thanks for your question. Unfortunately Bill does not write for Plugged In Golf anymore. Sorry we can’t be of more help.



  4. What did you use to refinish the sole plate? Paint? Anodized?

  5. Would like to know what type of paint and process did you use to refinish the black part of th SC putter?

    • Matt Saternus


      Bill – who wrote this article – no longer writes for Plugged In Golf, so unfortunately we don’t have an answer for you.



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