2016 Scotty Cameron Select Newport Putter Review


50 Words or Less

The 2016 Scotty Cameron Select Newport is a traditional Anser style shape with a couple overhauls from Scotty – a face “inlay” and a milled flange line.



When most people hear the name “Scotty Cameron” they think of high-end putters, with a big price tag, but they look damn good.  The 2016 Scotty Cameron Select Newport certainly lives up to this bill.  All in all, the Scotty Cameron Select Newport is a good looking, decent putter with an enormous price tag.



As mentioned previously, the Scotty Cameron Select Newport is a traditional Anser style head with a rounded topline and rounded bumpers.  For all of you Scotty 009 enthusiasts, this is the closest a Newport has resembled that 009 shape in a LONG time.  The matte silver finish is good and the translucent red paint really pops.  I don’t care how much you might be a “Scotty Hater” but his trans red paint over high-polish surfaces is one of the best looks in golf.

I would upset a lot of the deep Scotty loyalists if I didn’t address the flange line on the 2016 iteration of the Select Newport.  Historically, the stock Newport comes without any type of alignment aid and people were encouraged to send their putters to the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop should they want one.  For whatever reason, Scotty decided this year was the year he was going to put that line on the flange of the putter for the general market and, sure enough, reading around the internet you will find some haters.  My thoughts are that it’s fine and there are likely more people that want an alignment aid than there are people who don’t.



Sound & Feel

The 2016 Select Newport uses an inlay face (aka an insert) that is “fused” to the head with a “vibration-dampening membrane” to give a soft, yet solid feel to the putter.  My honest reaction is “you have got to be kidding me.”  The top picture above shows how the putter is constructed and its “multi-material technology” according to Scotty Cameron; the bottom picture shows reality.  Vibration-dampening membrane?  Don’t insult my intelligence Donald “Scotty” Cameron.  That’s a thin piece of tape.  What I found was a simple double-stick 3M tape that’s no different than what gets used to hold inserts in other putters such as the Scotty Cameron Studio Style or any Odyssey putter.  You will be hard-pressed to convince me that this has any “innovative technology” involved.  For the record, I don’t mind that this tape is used, just don’t try and sell it in the marketing to me like it’s some scientific advancement.

Overall sound and feel for the 2016 Select Newport was underwhelming to me.  The balance and weight is good, but the feel at impact is dead.  There’s a difference between soft and dead, and this is dead.  In fact, I’m working on customizing this putter right now, and I’ve been asked to try and make it have a little more solid feel and click to it.  The sound is just about the same – a little bland, empty, and dead.  Of course, the stock Matador is a little thick and may play a role in this.  I prefer the Matador grip on heavier putters as opposed to a blade, but that’s just my preference.



In the case of the 2016 Scotty Cameron Select Newport, the performance of the putter directly correlates with the feel.  The putter is balanced and easy enough to make a good stroke with, but that lack of feel makes it tough to determine how hard you’re hitting the ball, often resulting in a poor shot.  These 2016 Select putters are supposed to be much more forgiving, but I don’t find this to be the case.  Mishits are definitely punished in your hands and also where the ball ends up.  Don’t get me wrong, a good stroke at the right speed will be just fine, but fighting the feel to do that consistently is not easy.



Look, like every other Scotty Cameron putter and every other Scotty Cameron review, this one is sure to polarize and bring in a wide range of opinions.  There will be players that think these 2016 Selects are great and I’m full of crap, and there will be players that think I’m being generous with my opinions.  What it comes down to is that the 2016 Scotty Cameron Select Newport putter is sharp looking and full of catchy marketing gimmicks, but for $380 there are a lot better performing options out there.

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  1. Great review bill!

    I can definetely agree that it feels dead, soft, but too soft for my taste.

    • Yeah, it’s really not great. I’m almost done with the project I’ve been working on and it did add a lot more life to the face. Of course, I’ve only rolled it without a grip on it so who knows…

      • Hope it works out for you! I cannot deny it looks amazing stock, just wish it felt as good, but I think the Bettinardi Signature Series #7 has become my preferred “feel”.

  2. Bill,

    You called out other, better performing options at this price point. In your opinion, what are those other options? I’ve been a Scotty loyalist for over 10 years, but I’m willing to try other things.

  3. Bill, how would you compare this to the 2016 Bettinardi Bb1 and Odyssey white hot rx?

  4. Jason Rechberg

    Bill, great article…just curious. Any idea of the EXACT tape used (i.e. manufacturer, part no.)? I am thinking of removing the plate but I want to be able to replace the “membrane.” Thanks.

  5. Demietrius

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I switched from the 2014 newport 2 to the 2016 model and I really love it. I like the soft feel. I used to use oddysey but after the insert started to grow what looked like a pimple Callaway sent me a new one for free but never was the same and that’s what bought me to my 2014 newport. Although I liked it i wished for a softer feel. Now I got it and will be my ol reliable for years to come. Just upset to find out the “vibration dampening” is just tape. Sure fooled me.

    • That’s golf. Feel will always be totally subjective.

      …and yes, there is literally no one better at the marketing game in golf. Scotty manages to spin things like basic double sided tape into gold all the time.

  6. Chris Lovatto

    I have owned many Scotty’s over the years, and it’s my opinion that they are all not created equal. Some innovations don’t always make for a better outcome on a classic design. What I like about Cameron’s is his approach to the traditional or classic line like the anser or blade. The are indeed beautiful to look at! I recently purchased the 2016 Newport and love it. I also think the ball you are playing has impact on the feel. A Titleist Pro V1 feels nice and soft off of my milled non insert Cameron. But a two piece distance ball doesn’t feel as soft. This new 2016 sets up beautifully and in my opinion is just the right size. Not to big, but just enough to give that added confidance. I do like the added sight line and especially the new midsize grip. A lot of workmanship went into this putter and of course it’s not for everyone. I have an original Ping anser Karston Co which I love and still like to take it out for a spin now and again. For me it’s how the putter feels in you hands and how confident you feel use it. This new 2016 rolls the ball very true and I like the sound as well. If I miss a put its not the putter…it’s all on me :-)

  7. Bora Dincel

    Hi Bill, how did you go with modifying this putter. I have the Newport 2.5 and I too feel that it is a bit ‘dead’ at impact. I want to try and improve it, are you able to provide any info on what you did? Thanks.

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