Scheyden CIA Sunglasses Review

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The Scheyden CIA – Confidence In Action – sunglasses have lenses designed for the visual subtleties of golf plus hand crafted frames that deliver comfort and style.


Jeff Herold may love to fly planes, but golf is his true passion.  His company Club Glove is well known in golf circles for its acclaimed golf travel bags, and sister company Scheyden makes eyewear highly regarded by pilots.  Now, after intense development, Jeff brings the families closer with Scheyden’s first golf specific sunglasses – the Scheyden CIA.


I marveled at the optical clarity of the glass lenses in the Scheyden Mustang last year and the new polyamide lens in the CIA are equally impressive.  Looking through the decentered nylon composite lenses, objects are amazingly crisp and clear, and shades of green are distinctive.  On the golf course, I picked up on subtle contours and easily followed the flight of golf balls.

At 33% light transmission, the tint level is on the lighter side, and enhanced the view when ambient light levels were low.  In all conditions my eyes remained relaxed, but right at the edge of comfort for the bright sunshine of Orlando.  Fortunately, Scheyden has a darker lens in the works for folks with more sensitive eyes like mine.

Style & Fit

The Scheyden CIA sunglasses offer a stylish blend of upscale frames and athletic contoured lenses.  Utilizing titanium keeps the framework trim – saving weight and offering adjustability.  The distinctive badging adds to the overall appealing aesthetics.

The oversized silicone nose pads are also adjustable and combine with the temples for a comfortable, secure fit.  The contour of the lens and lack of frame on the sides and bottom kept my field of view unobstructed whether standing tall with the driver or poised to sink a five footer.  The drill mounting for the nose pads caught my eyes initially, but were quickly tuned out.


The Scheyden CIA sunglasses are a wonderful blend of golf-centric performance and country club looks.  Lightweight yet sturdy, the frames exude quality.  Optics are as good as I’ve encountered and the lens color is excellent for reading the contours of the fairways and greens.

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Matt Meeker

Matt lives in sunny Orlando with his wife who allows his golf obsession to stretch the limits of normalcy. He's also a proud coach with The First Tee of Central Florida who loves teaching kids about golf and life skills.

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  1. Interested in CIA sunglasses

  2. Mike Dowling

    I was listening to golf channel on XM radio, said you could get 20% off by mentioning the radio broadcast, I would like to buy 1 pair.

    • Matt Saternus


      We don’t sell anything on Plugged In Golf. You’d need to contact the manufacturer.


  3. John Morphy

    Do you have sunglasses for women

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