Scheyden Mustang Sunglasses Review

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Combining the optical clarity of glass lenses with strong yet lightweight titanium frames, the Mustang sunglasses from Scheyden provide up-scale style and performance for the golf course or dining al fresco at a trendy ocean front bistro.


I’m willing to be bet you’ve heard of (and hopefully read our review on) Club Glove, the maker of premium golf travel bags.  Turns out they have a sister company, Scheyden, that produces high end sunglasses.  Although owner Jeff Herold started the company to satisfy his need as a pilot for precision sunglasses that were comfortable to wear under a headset, his passion for golf was never far from his thoughts.

As Jeff pointed out to me in a recent phone conversation, there’s a strong similarity between golfing and piloting a plane – they both require focus and concentration.  Quality eyewear is important for avoiding eye fatigue in both endeavors.


The Scheyden Mustangs I tested came with non-polarized bronze glass lenses.  Bronze is known to keeps colors true, and I found that to be the case.  The light level was bright in full sun, seemingly just at the limit to where my eyes could stay relaxed.  That tint level was an advantage when clouds rolled in or when somehow my ball ended up in the shade of trees.

Jeff recommends a non-polarized lens to optimize reading greens, and I found the contrast in grain and contours distinctive.  There’s nothing better than glass lenses for optical clarity.  Glass is inherently heavier, but paired with the lightweight titanium frames, the Mustang sunglasses were great performers on the golf course.  For those of you who don’t always follow good lens cleaning protocol, remember glass is 6x more scratch resistant than polycarbonate lenses.

Style & Fit

The Scheyden website refers to the Mustang as square aviators.  To me, the square shape brings a more refined look than the classic teardrop aviator shape.  The sunglasses have a solid, craftsman feel and the bronze lenses look distinctive with the titanium frames.   With a gentle curve, the Mustang offers a hint of its athleticism, while maintaining an up-scale, country club look.

The fit was a pleasant surprise for me.  I expected a premium brand like Scheyden to fit well, but lacking the rubber for gription found in sporty frames, I was skeptical they’d stay in place when sweat started rolling.  Turns out the temples provided a snug fit behind the ear that locked the sunglasses in place while remaining comfortable.  The articulating nose pads not only self-adjusted to my nose but kept the frames a bit off my face for good airflow.


If you’re looking for sunglasses that don’t scream sports, yet perform on the golf course and also look appropriate at an outdoor reception, the Scheyden Mustang are a worthy consideration.   Glass lenses provide crystal clear vision to see the world – close-up or far into the distance.

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