Rudy Project SYNFORM Golf Sunglasses Review

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The Rudy Project SYNFORM unfolds into a sleek and sturdy frame that, when paired with the ImpactX Photochromic Golf lenses, transforms into a pair of sunglasses that will have you seeing greens like never before.


As I reported when reviewing the ProFlow, the golf sunglasses market has been a natural extension for Rudy Project – so much so they developed a golf specific lens.  In this review we’ll take a look at that new ImpactX Photochromic Golf lens paired with the new SYNFORM frame – a foldable design marvel.


Rudy Project engineers spent three years developing the foldable SYNFORM frame, and it shows in the solid precision of the operation.  Folding and unfolding is simple and intuitive.  Unfolded, the casual observer would never know the sunglasses have this special feature.  The most impressive aspect to this design is the magnetic locking of the halves at the nose joint.

Simply put, the ImpactX Photochromic Golf lens is amazing.  The grain on the greens was on display like no other lens I can recall.  The photochromic feature kept the light level consistent for my eyes whether sunny or cloudy.  Take a look back at the top photo compared to the above for tint level variation.  The optical clarity of the lens was also impressive – no visible distortion at close or long range.

Style & Fit

The Rudy Project SYNFORM features a semi-rimless, wrap around style.  The matte black frames look great with the green lens color.  The temples are sleek and straight.  I’m not sure foldable counts as a style, but as the defining feature, it’s worth highlighting again.  The lens size and curvature provides excellent coverage, keeping the edges out of view while protecting my eyes from sun trying to sneak in the sides.

For me, the fit is about as good as it gets.  I love the solid feel of the Kynetium alloy temples.  When I grasp the temple arm at the Rudy Project badge and press outward at the tip there’s no flex.  That tip is fully adjustable, as are the generous nose pads allowing you to customize the fit.  The sunglasses sit securely and comfortably in place even when the sweat was flowing.


I’ve never been fearful of a golf ball shattering my sunglasses and causing eye damage, but it’s reassuring to learn that the ImpactX lenses developed by Rudy Project – originally for the military – are guaranteed unbreakable.  The photochromic golf lens is fantastic at providing contrast across the green light spectrum.  The SYNFORM is sturdy and built with precision – like an Italian sports car.  The folding feature is design genius allowing you to pack sunglasses in your golf bag or suitcase even when there’s not much room.  I fully agree with Rudy Project on the SYNFORM sunglasses, they are indeed “technically cool”.

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