Rudy Project Proflow Carbonium Sunglasses Review

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Rudy Project Proflow frames are full of high tech elements and provide a super comfortable fit.  Paired with Impactx-2 Laser Red lenses that adapt to light conditions and heighten contrast, a combination of athletic form and function in sunglasses perfect for golf is created.


If you’re into cycling, you’re likely familiar with Rudy Project.  Founded in 1985 by Rudy Barbazza, the company remains family owned and focused on being the most technologically advanced eyewear company on the planet.  Although cycling is clearly the foundation of the company, other outdoor sports are well represented by the brand – including golf.  The Rudy Project Proflow Carbonium with Impactx-2 Photochromic Clear to Laser Red (HDR) lenses I’m reviewing here are a mouthful, but Rudy Project is consistent in their naming protocol:  Proflow is the model, Carbonium is the color, and the rest refers to the lens specifics.  So hang with me and learn more – these are serious sunglasses.


Go ahead and take a look at all the Rudy Project Proflow photos and note the various lens tints.  With a light transmission range from 16% to 75%, these Impactx-2 photochromic lenses have a dramatic range of darkness (making for a challenging photo shoot).  Indoors, the 75% allows you to function without removing the sunglasses.  Walking outside the lenses darken to 80% of max in 10 seconds.  Throughout a round of golf, the photochromic lenses are a pleasant experience with the light level variations of say sitting in a golf cart, standing in a fairway, or searching for your ball in the woods.  I found the lenses kept the world bright, but never past the point of complete eye relaxation.

With a name like “Laser Red” I expected the lenses to put a rosy tint on everything, but what I actually experienced were pure, natural colors.  Red-based lenses not only keep the world brighter but also enhance contrast.  For me that enhanced contrast was most evident on and around the greens.  The overall clarity of the lenses was impressive, with no visible distortion at any range or viewing direction.

Style & Fit

There’s no mistaking that the Rudy Project Proflow are athletic sunglasses.  With the exposed carbon fiber in the frame and bold red accent colors, these sunglasses make a statement – as does the color name Carbonium.  The floating hinge design gives these frames an almost architectural look.

What really defines the Proflow is the comfortable fit.  That floating hinge design also incorporates Dorsal Stabilizers that, according to Rudy Project, allow the temples to align to various head shapes and stabilize the frames.  What I really appreciated was the adjustability of the nose pads and temple tips.  The nose pads are just a bit longer and wider than other brands I’ve worn, resulting in a very stable fit.  The temple tips not only flex in and out, but also up and down.  I was able to quickly and easily dial in a fit that was not only comfortable, but completely secure.


The box for the Rudy Project Proflow is the biggest I’ve ever seen for sunglasses and for good reason.  The outside is full of technical details on the materials, design elements, and functionality.  Inside the box is a hard case with sleeves to store alternate lenses, soft case/cleaning cloth and of course the sunglasses themselves.  As I stated in the intro – these are serious sunglasses, perfect for all light conditions and facial configurations.  The only drawback may be that the bold color won’t work with some clothing choices.  Then again, maybe the wardrobe needs to be built around the Proflow.

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