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Rip It Grips

50 Words or Less

Rip It Grips are a fun, unique, and colorful alternative to mainstream golf grips.  Pricy but pretty.  They perform and hold up well to use.  More personalization than many other grip brands.  

Rip It Grips food grip


Despite grips being your only connection to your golf club, they can often be overlooked.  Rip It Grips, however, makes it practically impossible for you to forget them.  They are loud, like a golfing grip lovechild between John Daly, Ian Poulter, and Payne Stewart.  To some, these are sure to be garish. But to me, these are among the coolest looking grips I’ve seen.  

Along with being visually stunning, their price tags are stunning too.  For one single grip, the cost is $18.50.  While you can save money by buying in bulk three for $51.95 or eight for $133.95, that’s still a lot to ask for colorful rubber.  It will be up to each player to determine how much style is worth to their golf game.  


These grips feel like they exist solely for the visuals, and that is where they shine.  The sheer variety of grip colors and subject matter is astounding.  Currently, there are 21 different club grips available.  They feature everything from eagles and koalas to beer, burgers, naked women, and even marijuana. 

No matter what the design is, the colors pop off of the grips.  Every color of the rainbow seems to be used in some way, giving great opportunities to pair with color-coordinated ferrules, stamping, head covers, golf bags, outfits, and more. 

Rip It Grips butt caps

If you don’t want the more “out there” designs, they do offer a number of grips that are a solid color.  Those colors include red, lilac, navy, teal, nude, and peach.  There are even black grips that look almost normal until closer inspection reveals skulls and barbed wire.  

It looks like Rip It Grips will continue to make new designs often.  The description of the original two putter grips calls them “the first of many.”  The putter grips are just as loud but showcase a shiny finish over the designs. 

Unlike the club grips, there is just one single design featured on the putter grips that is called the “Stay Weird.”  That design is audacious and features loud colors like pink, purple, yellow, and blue and a number of doodles that include a planet, rainbow, burger, beer, and an eye just to name a few.  Now you understand where the name of the grip comes from.  

Even the boxes that these grips come in are beautiful.  Each grip is presented in a colorful box that matches the color of the grip inside, with a cutout to see and feel that grip.  Unboxing these grips felt like I was a student at Hogwarts unpackaging a magic wand from Olivander’s Shop.  It was a wonderful touch, considering most grips come in crinkly plastic.  With that said, I wonder how much of the cost of these grips is in the boxes that you’ll inevitably throw out.


Ultimately, these grips feel familiar, reminiscent of the “industry standard” grips like the Golf Pride Tour Velvet (review HERE) and the Lamkin Crossline (review HERE).  They are smooth but feature a number of grooves and cutouts that add texture.  While the general feel is the same no matter what grip design you pick, the specific feel can vary from grip to grip. 

Those little differences are actually down to the visual designs because they aren’t exclusively visual.  Each one will have different cutouts, like the “Take A Trip” which features cutouts of mushrooms, staircases, doorways, eyeballs, and more. 

As someone who prefers midsize grips, I wish Rip It Grips made different sizes.  With that being said, it isn’t the end of the world to throw on a few extra wraps of tape to mimic a midsize feel.  

The putter grips feel completely different than the club grips.  The words that come to mind are glossy and slick, especially on the Orbit grip which features a large circular design.  The Sq. Face, on the other hand, is a bit different and features a raised seam on the back of the grip, reminiscent of the Golf Pride MCC Align grips (review HERE), to allow for easily-repeatable hand position.  


The performance of these grips isn’t really the main story, and there isn’t anything out of the ordinary to report.  While not special, it is worth noting that they did hold up well to both wet and dry conditions. 

The putter grips’ performance was more interesting.  The putter grips varied depending on the model.  At the time of writing, there are two kinds: Orbit and Sq. Face.  The Orbit, as the name implies, is a circular grip that minimizes face rotation but works best with a bit of an arcing path.  When I put this on my Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 (review HERE), it complemented the putter nicely. 

The Sq. Face is a lighter, streamlined grip that features a flat top aimed at eliminating rotation.  It also has a seam on the back of the grip to guide hand placement for a repeatable stroke.  In practice, this works extremely well with putters that are designed to stay square through the stroke, like the L.A.B. LINK.1 putter I recently reviewed (review HERE).  This one, I loved.  I found the combo of putter and grip to be an excellent pairing that kept the ball rolling on my target line more often. 

Rip It Grips in box


With club customization on the rise, expect Rip It Grips to be on the rise too.  They are an exciting way to breathe fresh life into older clubs or simply show off some style and personalize your set.  While expensive, they are eye-catching and add another layer of enjoyment to the game.  Golfers that love custom ferrules and headcovers may now have a new kind of golf accessory to collect. 

Visit Rip It Grips HERE

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