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The Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALIGN combines the most popular grip in golf with technology that will help improve your consistency.


Last year, Golf Pride introduced ALIGN technology in their Multi Compound and MCC Plus Four grips.  At this year’s PGA Show, they announced that ALIGN was coming to the Tour Velvet.


The Tour Velvet isn’t a flashy grip – all black with white branding.  The ALIGN version does add a little more spice with a red band around the “Golf Pride” logo and a red cap.  Of course, what makes it stand out most is the bright red ALIGN stripe along the back of the grip.


Tour Velvet is the standard in golf because it’s right in the middle in terms of feel.  It’s not squishy soft, but it’s not firm either.  It has good traction without feeling like sandpaper.

What makes the ALIGN version unique is the raised ridge on the back of the grip.  Before it’s installed, you can feel the texture difference in the red channel, but you won’t feel is “stand up.”  When it’s installed, however, you will feel that the ridge sticks out substantially from the grip (see below) and has a firmer texture.


The Tour Velvet is popular on Tour and with amateurs for a reason: it’s a solid grip in all conditions.  There are grips that are tackier, there are grips with more traction, there are softer grips, but the Tour Velvet delivers for a huge majority of golfers, rain or shine.

The purpose of ALIGN is to give golfers more consistency with their hand placement.  The channel should help the grip fall into the same place in the golfer’s hands on every swing.  We’ve all seen the guy who’s constantly fiddling with his hands on the grip.  ALIGN is meant to end that.

I’ll admit to being skeptical of ALIGN, at least for my own use.  I’ve never used a ribbed or reminder grip, and I wasn’t sure I would like it.  I was surprised to find myself instantly comfortable with the ALIGN even on my driver.  The grip worked exactly as designed, helping me notch the grip into the same spot on my fingers every time.  After a few swings, I felt noticeably more confident once I had locked in on the ALIGN channel.

There are two potential drawbacks that are worth noting.  First, these grips need to be installed perfectly.  If you get the ALIGN channel out of place, you’ll be setting up with a consistently askew club face.  This shouldn’t stop you from trying ALIGN, just make sure you have a trusted club builder install them.

The other potential problem is for players who like to set up with the club face in different positions.  I would expect to see this primarily with the wedges, where players may like to hit shots with an open face.  For these players, ALIGN may be a good choice for their full swing clubs but not the wedges.


No word in golf is as prized as “consistency” and that’s exactly with the Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALIGN grips deliver.  The raised channel on the back of the grip will help you lock in the same hand position on every swing, which eliminates one variable from the golf swing.  Especially if you get fidgety with your hands before your swing, ALIGN grips are worth checking out.

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  1. Mike McCabe

    Hi Matt – this does sound like an invitation for blisters or exaggerated callouses. Any thoughts on that possibility?


    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no reason it should cause problems anymore than a standard grip outside of the additional texture, which is quite mild. If anything, it could lock the grip into place more effectively resulting in less rubbing.



  2. David Balmer

    How do these grips work with adjustable drivers, fairways and hybrids? I suppose the same question could be posed for “Pured” shafts in adjustable clubs. If the theory is that only one orientation is proper, what happens when that alignment is changed?

    • Matt Saternus


      Once you establish the shaft position/hosel adjustment that you want, there’s no issue with these grips. For the player that is tweaking the hosel setting during every range session, the ALIGN isn’t going to work.



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