Golf Pride Tour Wrap MicroSuede Grip Review

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By: Dylan Thaemert

The Golf Pride Tour Wrap MicroSuede is the latest addition to the company’s lineup of high performance golf grips.  A wrap-style grip with improved traction and less tacky feel.


Golf Pride has a product lineup that includes some of the most played golf grips on the market.  When they decide to add an entirely new product to that stable of proven performers, it feels safe to assume there’s a good reason why.  


The Tour Wrap MicroSuede has the same look as the company’s familiar wrap-style grip but with a visible matte finish.  While the standard wrap grip looks like it will be sticky to the touch, the MicroSuede finish appears cool and dry. 

It also comes in a grey color that is unique among grips and adds an understated cool factor to your clubs’ appearance.


The feel of the Tour Wrap MicroSuede strikes a delicate balance that will please a wide range of golfers.  It is soft, but not so pillowy that you lose the all-important connection to the club.  At the same time, it provides a good grip, but is not so sticky that you feel your hands get stuck to the club.  


When it comes to grips, looks and feel are nice, but it’s really all about performance.  As a dedicated user of the Tour Velvet, I was concerned about my ability to adjust to a new grip on the fly.  Those concerns were put to bed the first time I took these out on the course.

In fact, their first time in play was the trial by fire that is summer in the Midwest.  On a day when it was 90 degrees by 10 a.m. and my hands were already sweating on the first tee, the Tour Wrap MicroSuede performed admirably.  I was able to take full cuts off the tee and experience no slippage.  I was even able to take my glove off and execute feel shots around the greens with total confidence.


Golfers have different preferences of look and feel when it comes to golf grips, but all of them want comfort and performance.  For players who like the softer, cushioned feel of a wrap-style grip but don’t want the tacky feeling that most of them provide, the Tour Wrap MicroSuede is ideal. 

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  1. These or the Lamkin Sonar Tour are going on every club in my bag. I’ve had the Tour Wrap 2G on every club for a few years and love ‘em. The Microsuede feels great and its just what they needed to perform better in wet conditions.

  2. Thank you for the great work. This review sealed my decision on this grip. You were spot on about the feel and I am looking forward to it warming up to give this grip a real test.

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