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The SuperStroke Traxion Tour club grip has a soft feel and surprisingly good traction.  Spyne Technology subtly reminds you to grip the club consistently.


The name SuperStroke has become synonymous with large, taper-free putter grips and for good reason.  Every week, we see the company’s grips used by the best players in the world.

With their footprint established on the greens, SuperStroke has been making a push into club grips.  The Traxion Tour is their latest club grip offering, and I tested it to see if it could unseat my current go to grips.


The Traxion Tour is instantly recognizable as a SuperStroke product.  There are geometric graphics around the entire grip and the recognizable SuperStroke branding near the bottom.  On the back of the grip, you’ll see a silver band running from top to bottom – that’s Spyne Technology, which I’ll discuss later.

SuperStroke’s Traxion Tour is available in black (seen here).  A red colorway is an option in the standard size.


The first thing I noticed when I laid my hands on the Traxion Tour is SuperStroke’s Spyne Technology.  This is an embossed rib similar to Golf Pride’s Align Technology.  The feel of the Spyne is smoother than the rest of the grip, and it’s raised slightly, but the rib is less dramatic than in other grips.  If you’re looking to dip your toe into ribbed grips, this is a good one to try.

Just like the look, the feel of the SuperStroke Traxion Tour is familiar.  It’s soft, smooth, slightly cushioned, and it has just a touch of tack.  A trait that I noticed with the Traxion Tour but have never appreciated with SuperStroke’s putter grips is the shock absorption.  Impact felt very gentle with this grip.


The first club I installed a Traxion Tour on was a driver, and my initial trip to the range had me questioning my decision.  The feel of this grip is so far from what I normally play that I started having doubts about whether or not the club would shoot out of my hands mid-swing.  After a few aggressive lashes, I concluded that my fears were baseless: the Tour Traxion provides a very stable hold on the club.

My other big question was durability.  I last played a polyurethane grip several years ago, and it wasn’t long before I wore holes in them.  After about 150 swings, the Tour Traxion looks and feels brand new.  Clearly polyurethane grips have come a long way.

The Traxion Tour wouldn’t really be a SuperStroke grip if it had a traditional taper.  SuperStroke refers to the shape of this grip as Taper Control Technology, stating that “mimimal taper helps golfers even hand pressure so they can swing faster and square the club face more naturally.”  Plenty of Tour pros – and regularly golfers like me – have been building up the lower portion of the grip with extra tape for years.  By having this shape built into the grip, the results are much more consistent and installation is easier.

Finally, Spyne Technology is worth mentioning again.  Consistent hand placement is an underrated part of consistency, and the rib is a good reminder.  This is a subtle rib, which is both a positive and a negative.  To the good, it’s not distracting, but it’s also easier to forget or ignore.

SuperStroke’s Traxion Tour is available in four sizes: undersize, standard, midsize, and jumbo.  The grip weighs 35, 48, 49, and 50 grams, respectively, slightly less than traditional rubber grips.


Polyurethane grips have typically been aimed at women and seniors, but the SuperStroke Traxion Tour makes a strong case that they can be played by anyone.  The traction is surprisingly good as is the durability.  If you’d like a grip that’s easier on your hands or if you’d like a gentle reminder about hand position, the Traxion Tour is worth a look.

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  1. I have been using this grip for a month now,and it so nice on my hands I’m hooked.

  2. Is this grip designed only for putters or can it be applied to irons as well?

  3. Spence Berman

    I’ve been playing with these grips for a week now, and they seem to be very hard to hold onto if sweaty/hot. I’m good conditions they feel amazing, but by the end of the round I’m consistently trying to wipe down the grips with a towel.

  4. Where can I purchase them

  5. Hello Matt, question about the SuperStroke Traxion Tour Club Grips. Would the standard size be good for golfers that wear large gloves, normal length fingers or would the mid-size best.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thank you, Gary Long

    • Matt Saternus


      My guess is that you’re in that middle ground where you could be comfortable either way. I prefer the midsize.



  6. Mitchell Koch

    Looking into these grips. How do they handle in rain and colder weather conditions?

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re adequate in poor conditions, but if you regularly play in the cold or wet, I’d probably opt for something with more traction or tack.


  7. Matt how can I purchase this oversized SUPERSTROKE putter grip?

  8. Blake Garsode

    I play in very hot conditions from June thru October (Phoenix area). I have the Odyssey putter with this grip and it works well for me during the hot months !! WOULD YOU RECOMMEND this grip for the rest of my clubs PW, Irons thru Driver? Mid Size grips for me (5’9 190 lbs.)

    • Matt Saternus


      If you feel like this grip has good grip for your putter, I don’t see any reason not to try it in your irons.



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