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Redvanly Golf Apparel is great for anyone looking for a high end, performance athletic polo.  American made.  Lightweight and breathable.  Classic look with a modern twist.  Athletic, tailored fit.


With all of the options available when it comes to polo shirts, it can be extremely hard to pick a new shirt off of the rack.  Golf apparel keeps getting more and more expensive, and many golfers face the internal battle of, “Should I sacrifice performance in the fabric so that it looks good off of the course?”.  Enter Redvanly golf apparel, bringing a classic look with a touch of modern design, giving it the versatility to be worn on or off of the course.


Style & Fit

Redvanly apparel was born in Jersey City, New Jersey back in 2013, and came on to the scene with a focus on creating high performing products for athletes.  With that in mind, they have been able to create a golf line that is stylish both on and off of the course, a task which many of their competitors struggle to do.

If you’re looking for style, Redvanly certainly fits the mold in that department.  They currently offer six different style options, and a total of nine choices with color options.  The “Sullivan” polo I reviewed has a combination of a blue upper half, combined with a white lower that doesn’t give off the look of a flashy, bright golf shirt from other brands, but also isn’t a boring, plain, traditional golf polo.

While the style of the Sullivan Polo is impressive, the fit is where they may lose people.  As a “slim fit” kind of guy, I found the tailoring on the body made for a much snugger fit than the other shirts I typically wear.  For bigger golfers, the fit of Redvanly won’t be ideal.

Where this polo missed the mark for me is in the shoulders and arms.  The shoulders fit tight, which shortened the sleeve length.  I also found the sleeves to be a very snug fit, and my arms are not large by any means.  If I had the biceps of our resident body builder Matt Saternus, I might have trouble getting the sleeves over my arms.



The “Tencel” fibers used in the Sullivan polo make for one of the softest, most comfortable polos I have worn to date.  It allows for great moisture-wicking, keeps you cool, and uses FreshGuard technology to prevent that stink that is so common with performance fabrics.

The only big drawback in the performance department is the interior stitching.  While the blue and white combo looks great, the seam where the two fabrics meet is extremely thick.  This seam rubbed against my body and made the shirt very uncomfortable in the chest area.  I cannot speak for the other styles, as the Sullivan is the only shirt I reviewed, but this was the biggest negative for me.



While I would definitely recommend trying on the shirt of your choice before buying, the Redvanly Golf line can deliver in the “course or casual” department.   If you are someone with an athletic build looking for a higher end apparel line, it’s worth giving Redvanly a look.

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