Raflewski Tour Putting Ruler II Review

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The Raflewski Tour Putting Ruler II is a simple training aid that can help you with all three elements of putting: aim, start line, and speed.


My personal taste in training aids favors the simple, the tried and true.  While I’m not afraid of technology, I’m usually running the other way if I see laser glasses and elaborate string contraptions [think I’m joking?  Check out THIS].  But, can a training aid be simple to a fault?  Let’s take a look at the Raflewski Tour Putting Ruler II to examine that question.

Set Up & Ease of Use

It’s a ruler.  There is no set up.  One side has distance measured in inches.  The other side is laid out with symmetrical blocks of colors.

While there is no set up required, you do need to know how to use this device on the green.  That’s where the instruction sheet comes in.  On this page, you’ll find eight uses for the putting ruler.  With two, maybe three, exceptions, these drills are fairly intuitive, so you shouldn’t need to keep the sheet with you to remember how to use the Raflewski Tour Putting Ruler II.


Every drill that the Raflewski Tour Putting Ruler II suggests is a time-tested winner.  I also like that, across the eight drills, you’ll address every aspect of your putting: aim, start line, and speed.

Some of the drills relating to aim are fairly obvious such as using the ruler as an alignment aid to build a perfect set up.  There are also a couple that are not, and I think they’re tremendously valuable.  They may reveal a problem in your set up that you never realized was there, and it could be a game changer for you.

For start line, you can place a ball in the hole on the end of the ruler and try to putt down the ruler.  Keeping the ball on the ruler is a solid challenge, forcing you to stay within 0.5 degrees of perfection.

My favorite drills with the Raflewski Tour Putting Ruler II relate to speed.  For one, you can use the colored side of the ruler, start the ball in the yellow section and make a stroke the travels green to green, blue to blue, etc.  If you’re using consistent tempo and acceleration, those putts will all end up going the same distance.  This is the method I use to control speed, and I find it extremely effective.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Tour Putting Ruler II works well in conjunction with the Raflewski Tour Putting Mat [review HERE] and the Raflewski Tour Putting Program [review HERE].  You don’t need to own all three pieces of the kit, but they do complement each other nicely.


The Raflewski Tour Putting Ruler II is the epitome of the “serious players will use it a lot, casual players won’t” training aid.  There’s nothing gamified here, just a lot of rock solid fundamental uses.  It is long enough that you can stick it right in your golf bag alongside your clubs for easy transport.


The Raflewski Tour Putting Ruler II retails for $40.  I can hear the DIY crowd out there shouting, “It’s a ruler!  I can buy one and paint it myself for a couple bucks.”  You’re not wrong, and I’m not going to argue with you.  Leaving that aside, this is a solid training aid that costs less than a box of Pro V1s.


The Raflewski Tour Putting Ruler II is not a revolutionary training aid, but it is a solid tool for improving every aspect of your putting.  If you’re a serious golfer who wants to better their skills, particularly distance control, this is a tool worth having on the practice green.

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