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PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack Putter Review

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The PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack putter is ultra stable for more consistent results on the green.  Modern, industrial looks.  Incredibly solid feel.  M16 shaft is a strong upgrade.


The fang-style putter has been a staple in golf for well over a decade.  Nearly every putter maker has some version of it, but it may have reached its apex in the PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack.  This putter uses multi-material construction to achieve massive forgiveness, and PXG’s wide array of fitting options makes it playable for nearly any golfer.


PXG’s putter aesthetic is a perfect fit for the fang-style.  The wings are angular, stout, and aggressive looking.  They’d be perfectly at home on a modern iteration of the Batmobile.  And while the design is busy, PXG’s adherence to black, white, and charcoal grey keeps the putter looking coherent and focused.

It’s worth noting how far PXG has come with their putter design.  Looking at the original Bat Attack [review HERE], you’d think there’s no way that the same company designed the Battle Ready version.  Given their massive presence, it’s easy to forget how young PXG is, and how far they’ve come in a very short time.

Additionally, I’d like to praise PXG’s stock headcover.  It’s the most padded cover I’ve ever encountered, living up to the Battle Ready name.  Additionally, it eschews velcro for a very strong magnetic closure.

Sound & Feel

Striking putts with the PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack putter creates the same medium soft, very solid feel that I’ve come to expect from this line.  That can be attributed in large part to the Optimized Pyramid face it shares with putters like the Blackbird [review HERE] and the Closer [review HERE].

The sound of impacting a tour-quality ball is a medium volume “tock” that has a muffled quality.  It’s a sound that’s had all the sharp edges removed to enhance the sense of softness off the face.

For a large, ultra-forgiving putter, the Battle Ready Bat Attack does a good job with feedback.  The sensation of impact never changed, but I was always able to tell where the ball met the face.  Audio feedback is limited to big misses.


Like all of PXG’s Battle Ready putters, the Bat Attack’s greatest strength is its stability.  It sports tungsten wings similar to the Battle Ready Spitfire [review HERE], but the Bat Attack’s wings are even larger.  This means an even higher MOI and more forgiveness.

On short putts, it’s virtually impossible to get the Bat Attack to twist.  You can hit a ten footer off the edge of the toe and still make it.  The forgiveness is even more valuable on long putts where mishits still get to tap-in range rather than stopping six feet short.  If you want to take that stability to the extreme, order your Battle Ready Bat Attack with PXG’s new M16 putter shaft, which I reviewed HERE.

As someone who prefers a “naked” putter, I wasn’t sure I’d like the combination of sight dot and flange line.  However, I found that the presence of the dot allowed me to ignore the line and align myself naturally.  Other players may view it the opposite way and have it work just as well.  I also like how the wings provide a natural frame for the golf ball.

Finally, PXG offers players more different putter configurations than any other major OEM.  You have the choice of a plumbers neck, double bend (seen here), or heel-shafted slant neck.  This will change the offset, toe hang, and stock head weight.  There are also weight ports that create a 35 gram range for head weight.  This allows players to find a swing weight they like regardless of the length or grip they prefer.


If you’re tired of missing short putts and watching your lags go begging, consider switching to the PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack.  Visit your local PXG fitter to dial in your specs, throw in the M16 putter shaft, and enjoy the most stable putting performance of your life.


Matt Saternus
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  1. Wayne Brady

    Do they make an armlock?

  2. I was fitted for this putter about 3 months ago and I can echo your thoughts. It is extremely stable and easy to keep on line throughout the stroke. I could not be more pleased.

  3. How much if any toe hang does the putter have?

  4. What’s the weight of the stock weights in the putter

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