PXG Battle Ready Spitfire Putter Review

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The PXG Battle Ready Spitfire putter puts an inventive new spin on the Anser head shape.  Added size and multi material construction combine to make it very stable.  Multiple neck options.


Named for the British single-seat fighter aircraft, the Spitfire fits perfectly into PXG’s line of Battle Ready putters.  As we’ve seen in our reviews of the the Blackbird and Closer [review HERE], PXG has pushed forgiveness and stability to the forefront.  Can they continue to do so in a more compact putter head?


The Spitfire joins the Blackbird [review HERE] as the two unorthodox headshapes in the PXG Battle Ready putter line.  This putter takes an Anser 2 shape as it’s base, but then goes into a new direction, adding “wings” and multiple tiers.  The Spitfire is slightly smaller heel to toe than many Ansers, and I like the way the smaller head and cavity frame the ball at address.

While the Spitfire is fairly busy in the address position, it gets really visually stimulating on the sole.  PXG slammed a lot onto a small canvas: a large PXG logo, two skulls, and eight weight ports, not to mention the tungsten in the wings.  As always, PXG’s use of only black, white, and grey keeps the look cohesive.

Before moving on, I want to give a nod to PXG’s stock headcover for three reasons.  First, it’s one of the most padded covers I’ve ever used – truly battle ready.  Second, you don’t see any PXG branding except on the cover’s underside.  Finally, the cover uses very strong magnets, not velcro.

Sound & Feel

The soft and solid feel of the other Battle Ready putters runs through the Spitfire as well.  PXG’s Optimized Pyramid Face Pattern is engineered to balance ball speed across the face, but it also does a good job bringing a consistent feel to their entire line of putters.

Striking a putt with the Spitfire creates a “thud” that’s much like what I heard from the Blackbird.  This sound complements the feel well.

Because this putter is geared toward forgiveness, the feedback from it is somewhat muted.  Mishits don’t feel quite as solid as pure strikes, but don’t expect a sharp change in sound.


Though the PXG Battle Ready putters cover a wide range of styles, the focus of each one is forgiveness.  Thanks to a healthy dose of tungsten in the wings, the Spitfire punches well above its size when it comes to stability.  At short range, you need to hit the outer edges of the face to miss a putt.  From longer distances, the Spitfire runs laps around conventional putters when it comes to getting mishits close to the hole.

Thanks to the head shape which was both comfortable and novel, I really enjoyed putting with the Spitfire.  The double bend neck was not the best fit for my arcing stroke, but the aforementioned forgiveness made up for it.  I found alignment to be very easy and was confidently striking putts, particularly at mid and long range.

Like the other putters in the Battle Ready line, the PXG Spitfire comes in a variety of configurations.  I tested the double-bend shaft which makes the putter face balanced with half shaft offset.  There’s also a plumbers neck (approximately 3:30 toe hang, full shaft offset) and a slant neck ( 4:30 toe hang, half shaft offset).  PXG also offers the Spitfire in an armlock configuration.

Finally, for those that want to customize the head weight, PXG has loaded the Spitfire with two weight ports (the six smaller weights are not meant to be adjusted).  The starting weight of the Spitfire will vary depending on the neck you choose, but you can add up to 35 grams with the heavier weights.


The PXG Battle Ready Spitfire putter may end up being the surprise hit of the line.  There aren’t many manufacturers producing inventive shapes at smaller sizes and certainly not with the number of options that PXG offers.  If you want something forgiving and novel, but don’t want to dive into mallet land, the Spitfire may be perfect for you.


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  1. A “thud”?
    My Spitfire is loud
    With a “ding”
    When I miss with it, its a “thud”
    That is how I know I miss it
    The Spitfire sounds like an old PING RITE IN 5 (look it up)
    When I am playing on the greens everyone in the group knows when I hit a putt well.


    This putter is almost the exact same shape as Scotty Cameron’s Concept X…at less than half the cost. PXG is really producing quality clubs. Meanwhile, Scotty Cameron is upcharging all of their limited edition gear for absolutely no reason at all. As someone who has used putters from both companies, I promise you that PXG is giving you WAY MORE “bang for your buck”. Keep up the great work Plugged In!

  3. Christopher Soltis

    I just ordered my Spitty after trying it “just for kicks” at my first ever PXG fitting. Needed only 6 irons (5i-PW) so tried the Battle Ready offerings. Thought I would like the Blackbird or Closer (both were very smooth and deadly from 6’) but one roll of the Spitfire was as magical as my 8th grade trip to Disney World in 1976 when the Magic Kingdom had more rides than riders and the monorail smelled brand new! Can’t wait to get this machine out on the sod…lethal results all but guaranteed!!! Thank you PXG!!

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