PXG Battle Ready Closer Putter Review

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The PXG Battle Ready Closer putter looks like a widebody Anser, but it packs a lot more forgiveness thanks to its multi-material construction.

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From their weight-studded 0311 irons to their GEN4 woods with eye-popping crowns, many of PXG’s clubs have a look that demands attention.  If you want to take advantage of PXG’s technology without putting that kind of spotlight on your game, consider adding the Battle Ready Closer to your bag.  This traditional looking putter hides technology that makes it as forgiving as almost anything you can buy.

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When I reviewed the PXG Battle Ready Blackbird [HERE], I made note of how impressed I was with the original design.  A vocal group on social media disagreed with me, so I’m sure they’ll love more traditional Closer.

At address, the Battle Ready Closer is a widebody Anser.  The top line is quite thin compared to the long shoulders and bumpers which gives it a precise, finely-tuned look where other widebody putters appear clumsy.  The Closer is the same length, heel-to-toe, as a standard Anser, which will make it look very comfortable at address for most players.

Before moving on, I want to give a nod to PXG’s stock headcover for three reasons.  First, it’s one of the most padded covers I’ve ever used – truly battle ready.  Second, you don’t see any PXG branding except on the cover’s underside.  Finally, the cover uses very strong magnets, not velcro.

Sound & Feel

A few months back, we ran a Golf Myths Unplugged about the influence of sound on feel [read it HERE].  This test helped me to recognize how the sound and feel of a club don’t always match, as is the case with the PXG Battle Ready Closer.

When I first started rolling the Closer, I thought that it was much firmer than the other Battle Ready putters.  What I realized after a little more time was that the feel was the same – very soft and solid – but the sound is different.  The Closer isn’t a loud putter, but it creates a crisp “tock” that is more emphatic than the other Battle Ready putters, particularly on longer putts.


The idea behind a widebody Anser is to take the classic design and make it more forgiving.  With the Closer, PXG took things up by an order of magnitude through the use of different materials.  Most of the Closer is made of aluminum, a relatively light metal.  In the sole there’s a C-shaped block of high density tungsten that pulls the putter’s center of gravity down and away from the face.  This makes this very traditional looking putter as stable and forgiving as many modern mallets.

It was evident from the first mishit that the Battle Ready Closer is head and shoulders above your typical Anser in forgiveness.  In terms of both distance control and direction, putts hit away from the sweet spot performed very much like centered strikes.  Putts needed to be hit on the edges of the face to stop significantly short of their target.

Like the Battle Ready Blackbird [review HERE], PXG offers the Battle Ready Closer with multiple neck options.  I tested the plumbers neck which creates a full shaft offset and has a toe hang around 4:30.  It’s also the heaviest stock head weight at 370 grams.  A heel-shafted slant neck provides more toe hang with half-shaft offset at 360 grams.  The double-bend shaft makes the Closer face balanced with a full shaft offset at 350 grams.  There’s also an armlock option at 395 grams.  Kudos to PXG for this wide array of fitting options.

Finally, for the golfer that wants to experiment, the Battle Ready Closer has two weight ports.  PXG offers weight screws ranging from 2 to 20 grams, so you can dial in your preferred head or swing weight regardless of your putter length or grip.


The PXG Battle Ready Closer is another step forward for players who want to take advantage of technology without giving up classic aesthetics.  Though it looks like your average widebody Anser, the performance of this putter is anything but typical.


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  1. Of all of the battle ready putters you’ve tested so far, which is your favorite and why?

  2. I really like the wide-body design of this putter. The only thing that makes me nervous is the aluminum face. I’ve just never been able to get comfortable with the aluminum putters. There’s just something about having a carbon steel or SS face, maybe it’s just what you’re used to.

  3. Is the wide body Odyssey similar to this one

  4. Nice write up, Matt –

    Any comparison to the Ping Kushin 4?

    • Matt Saternus

      I haven’t tested the Kushin 4.


      • Calvin Chaney

        Hello Matt:
        I own a PXG battle ready closer. I have played with it since April 2023. It is the best
        Putter I have used in the past 50 years of playing golf. Great on 5 feet to the 40 foot lag putt. I love the putter grip. It gives great feel and confidence. Can you tell me how I might get another putter grip like the closer? Can’t find at Dick’s or Golf Galaxy.

  5. Hi Matt,

    It would be a worthwhile doing a comparison with the closest thing to the Closer – the Scotty Cameron Newport M2. Still the most well-balanced putter I have used. I also have the Scotty Phantom X 5.5; which is identical to Justin Thomas’ putter.

  6. Gaines J. David

    Why not mention the list price of this new putter?

    • Matt Saternus

      A) PXG’s prices have been very volatile lately.
      B) There’s a link to the PXG website in the review.


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