PXG 0811 X GEN4 Driver Review

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The PXG 0811 X GEN4 driver is the max distance product in PXG’s GEN4 line.  Bold, unique looks.  Long and forgiving with good sound and feel.


PXG has never been known for its drivers.  It has been the company’s irons that have won it the majority of its devotees.  But with GEN4, the company set out to change that and create a stable of drivers that could perform up to the standard set by its irons.  GEN4 offers three distinct drivers for three different types of players.

Check out the PXG 0311 GEN5 Driver HERE


The 0811 X has a tall face and deep clubhead.  The face is the tallest of the GEN4 line.  The clubhead is similar in size to the XF [review HERE].  The design is meant to lower the CG relative to the center of the face in order to maximize high launch and low spin.  While the AV carbon fiber tech presents a completely new visual at address, I felt like it influences square contact, too.

GEN4 is a bold looking bunch of clubs as a whole, but the woods and hybrids stand out the most.  The silver material you see on the crown is carbon fiber coated with a thin layer of Aluminum Vapor (AV).  While part of the purpose of this material is to make a bold visual impact, it also has the performance benefit of removing weight from the crown by using carbon fiber and adding strength to that material without adding any appreciable mass by coating it in a thin layer of AV.

Sound & Feel

Put a good strike on the ball, and you’ll hear a solid mid-range, slightly metallic “crack”.  It sounds very good, and I have to assume part of that is the result of the Honeycomb TPE insert inside the clubhead, which dampens vibrations around the weight ports.  Stray from the middle of the clubface and that sound will diminish slightly.


I think many golfers who get fit for a new PXG driver this year will be choosing between the X and the XF.  I think for most the decision will come down to a preference between more distance or more forgiveness.  In my testing, the 0811 X launched a little higher, spun a little less, and carried a few yards further.  I found more fairways with the XF.

The three weight ports mean that performance can be customized to suit a golfer’s needs.  The factory setting is with the weight in the forward position, which maximizes the clubhead’s potential for high launch/low spin.  With the weight in the heel, it becomes draw biased.  With the weight positioned back, it increases forgiveness and creates higher launch.

The 0811 X GEN4 is billed as the max distance product in the lineup, but it really performed well across the board for me.  The XF is a stout offering, but I could easily see the X being the most popular among the new crop of PXG drivers.


The PXG name conjures up images of beautiful irons more than it does bombed drives.  Will GEN4 be the product line that changes that?  While its unique looks will certainly grab headlines, the performance of the 0811 X GEN4 stands on its own and shows PXG is capable of a lot more than just great irons.


PXG 0811 X GEN4 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Steve Dodds

    This isn’t necessarily a criticism.

    But over the years regular readers have become familiar Matt Saternus’ swing and what numbers work well for him. So we have a point of reference for new products and reviews (usual caveats aside).

    I’m personally less familiar with what works for Dylan.

    But based on the recent PXG Gen 4 driver reviews it would seem neither of them do. Spin is high and distance less than you’d expect from 145 ball speed.

    Given the emphasis on fitting at PIG, I’m assuming Dylan was fitted for his current driver (Mavrik from the WITB).

    It would be really helpful if we learned how (or whether) the clubs he reviews differ from his optimised driver.

    Although the sessions are different, it seems the Gen4 X may be lower spin than the XF. But is it higher spin for Dylan than his Mavrik?

    2800 spin is excellent if you normally see 3500, but not so good if you normally see 2200.

    Context is cool.

  2. Usually when someone says that their comment isn’t a criticism, that means it’s a criticism. Please keep in mind that reviews are a mixture of fact and opinion. We all know that there is no such thing as a wrong opinion.

  3. I understand having someone different than Matt do a review stinks in certain ways, but I have a swing speed that mirrors Dylans 👌🏻 so I’m cool with it LOL.
    So I have played ping irons for years, fit myself off of their ping color code chart, which had me at +1/2” and white dot (3* upright). Got fitted today by PXG, and was fitted and +3/4 inch length and standard lie angle. Take-home message, you just need to get fit, it was fantastic.
    That being said I finally, after years of buying multiple drivers and trying to do it on my own, was fit professionally for a driver and what a difference it made. I was fit into this exact mode driver, my spin numbers are better than yours Dylan haha, but seriously it made a big difference and it’s nice to have a driver be dialed in to my exact specs and needs.
    Keep up the great work PIG

  4. Bought the PXG Gen 4 XF DRIVER. Ordered over the phone and answered all the questions with PXG staff member. They either didn’t listen to me because the driver is not set to what I expected. Not very many fitting stores in Colorado (2). Very disappointed with my purchase at this time.

  5. Bobby Stauffer

    Was fit into the XF at 45 inches…I am not experiencing any loss in distance from my previous gamer that was also playing at 45 inches (same weight and flex shaft) but I am consistently finding more fairways. So I would have to say the “forgiveness” aspect of the XF is very noticeable. Definitely pleased so far and recommend their Gen 4 drivers as much as I do their irons.

  6. William nichols

    I ordered the GEN 4 0811 XF. A 50gram shaft. I’m 73 and this club is amazing. It’s light and balanced. I control the club, not the other way around. I hit a ball thirty yards further.to be able to hit a ball 270 yards at my age is priceless. Yes, I highly suggest the gen4 0811 to seniors . Thanks KA-BOOM baby.

  7. Purchase a 0811 driver had it set up just like my driver the head of the driver is heavier than mine call pxg to see if I could trade my brand new shaft that I got in the 0811 and they told me know we don’t take shafts back so the guarantee 30 day return is not true said I could send the hole driver and shaft back for 15percent stocking fee and then order another driver with a upgrade shaft THANKS PXG

  8. Did you compare this verse the ping g425 max? We swing pretty similar speed wise, what driver do you get the most out of

  9. Gday. Did you do or see any head to head comparison between TM SIM and 0811 X Gen4? Doing same on Feb 24 here in Canada.

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi Steve,

      I have not personally done or seen a head to head comparison between the two. Results would likely vary from player to player anyway. Good luck!


  10. Hi Dylan,

    What loft and shaft did you use for those numbers on the chart? Just trying to gauge what shaft/loft combo to order.


  11. Chuck Campbell

    Have two Pxg 811 x drivers 10 1\2 & 12 degree hit both of them great regular flex shafts Best Driver I have hit for my swing I’m a Senior golfer thanks Pxg

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