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The Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) 0311 irons may come with quite a hefty price, but man are they some all-around slick golf clubs…



The Parsons Xtreme Golf story is an article in itself, but the short version is that GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons is a massive golf nut and decided he wanted to get into the golf industry.  What PXG has brought to the table are some of the most unique looking clubs in the game, and certainly some of the most expensive clubs available on the market.  The PXG 0311 irons will run you a couple thousand dollars for a complete set, but the feel and performance may have you thinking it’s worth it.



The first thing you notice about any PXG club, including the PXG 0311 irons, are the unique tungsten screws that serve as weighting around the perimeter of the head to help with the higher MOI of the club.  The tungsten screws are like a magnet drawing your attention to the club.  The rest of the 0311 has a pretty clean blade look.  The branding is minimal, the lines are simple, and the size and shape are more in mid range for blades.  There is a little bit of offset, but it is far from what is typically found in the game improvement world.


Sound & Feel

When you hit the PXG 0311 irons well, they have that click you look for in a blade, but they also have a sound I can only describe as a “woosh.”  Honestly, I have no idea where, why, or how that sound happens, but it makes you feel like you nailed your shot.  Maybe it’s a combination of the thinner steel face and the thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) material inserted in the hollow areas of the club.

I’ve had the opportunity to hit a couple of different sets of 0311’s now, and it has become clear to me that getting properly fit for these irons is crucial for many reasons, but feel is a big one.  With the wrong shaft, the PXG 0311 can feel a little empty and unresponsive.  However, when you have the 0311 paired with the perfect shaft, the clubs feel like butter; it’s extremely forgiving with a larger sweet spot.  The sole is a little thicker than a traditional blade which makes for a controlled and solid turf interaction.  All in all, when fitted properly, the feel of the PXG 0311 will be a great help to your confidence with the club.



PXG bills the 0311 irons as basically the best iron in the world.  They claim to be the most forgiving, longest flying, higher launching, and softest feeling irons out there.  I don’t know if I 100% agree, but I have to hand it to PXG – these are one hell of a debut iron.  I found them forgiving enough with a pretty consistent launch angle and about 3/4 of a club more distance.  Some people are having a lot of luck going from carrying 4-PW in their old irons to comfortably switching to 6-PW and a hybrid in PXG.  While I don’t think I’d see that big of a gain personally, I have seen others pick up quite a bit of distance.  At the end of the day, hitting the clubs well and controlling the ball is the most important part of playing a golf club, and the PXG 0311 does this well.  I found the clubs very easy to hit to the point of feeling like it was cheating, and maybe most importantly, a lot of fun to swing.



Many will likely find the PXG 0311 irons to be well out of their price range, but for those that are willing to go a little deeper into the wallet, these clubs are definitely a must see.  As always, it’s crucial to get properly fit for these and players will all experience differing results, but I think a lot of people are going to be impressed by the new guy at the party.

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  1. Nice review Bill. Not surprised by the buzz these irons are generating. Do you know anything about how this brand will branch out into more stores/fitters? Would you classify this iron as a players iron or suitable for mid-handicappers?

    • Hi Braden,

      Honestly, I’m not too in the know around what their future plans are. I’ve just heard they aren’t interested in being a widely stocked club to appeal to a huge audience. You’re likely only going to be finding these by going through more boutique distributors like Club Champion.

      In terms of classification, it’s a bit odd. I know what I read about them, I know what I’ve heard others say, and I know what I feel with them. It’s kind of all over the map. I would say I think 5-15 handicap players are all going to be fine playing these, generally speaking. See my point about stressing fitting for these. That’s what it’s going to come down to.


  2. ken collins

    have you reviewed the 0311t irons?
    and how forgiving are they?

  3. ken collins

    thanks bill i was just wondering if you heard anything on forgiveness

    • We’re not that in the loop on PXG. We’d love to be, so if you want more from them, we always suggest contacting them through their website and social media letting them know that you’d like to see content from them on our site.



  4. Still not exactly sure what the tungsten screws are supposed to be accomplishing. Permimeter weighting? I’ve seen photos of some of the pros’ clubs and they have some silver-colored screws and others are black. I’m assuming the blacks are tungsten, which would mean they’re heavier. Some players have silver and black so interchanged, I can’t see how it’s functioning weight-wise. I understand low and along gthe backplate, but high and to the outside toe?? This should/would keep the face open usually. And usually, to facilitate face closing and ball moving from right to left, weight into the heel is necessary. And yet no weights even possible, silver or black, into the heel area. So I’m still confused as to just what these are doing or accomplishing

  5. Tried the PXG irons today. Hit about 30 balls with the PXG 7 iron and probably about 15 balls with my Rocketbladz. Clubhead speed was between 104 and 107. Trackman showed I hit the Rocketbladz higher averaging 2 yds. shorter carry and about 8 yds. shorter after roll. I really don’t want my 7 iron rolling more, so I really saw no advantage with the PXGs. Full disclosure: the fitter had only one stiff shaft to demo, and it was 75g Aerotech steel/graphite. My Rocketbladz has a stock 65g graphite shaft. Reading all the reviews, I was really wanting to buy the PXG’s, but, after hitting them, I liked my 5 year old Rocketbladz just as much, and preferred their performance. Maybe a different shaft would have made a significant difference, but no way to know since the fitter didn’t offer any other options. Disappointed.

  6. I tried the PXG 0311 in a 7 iron with a Project X 6.0 shaft and the club was phenomenal. A bit high flight for me, but distance was tremendous. I could draw or fade the ball with excellent results. The flight I got with the PXG was the same distance I was getting with my Hogan 6 iron. Butter soft, and boring trajectory. I am definately buying a set this week.

  7. I just purchased a set of the irons and love them! I’ve been saying fr a long time “I wish I could find a iron that looks like a blade but is more forgiving”
    These are it. I’m one club longer than with my Titleist and much more consistent. That old saying you can’t buy a game is true but if you like a good quality iron that looks great and performs great, this is the one!

    I got the Aerotech steel fiber shafts in 4 thru gap

  8. CLJ? Not sure how you get 104-107 mph club head speed on a 7 iron. If you do then you should be sponsored by PXG and get free fittings. Not a very helpful review.

    Mark? Did you compare the length and loft of your Hogan 6 iron to the PXG 7 iron? Most new irons are just renumbered with the lofts similar to the old ones so a new 7 iron will go as far as an old 6 iron. It would be most helpful to identify your current make, model, and year so one can have an accurate comparison.

  9. Bill – what sole thickness can you compare these to? Is the sole thickness like an AP2 , Nike Vapor Pro Combo? Im hoping they aren’t to thin like a blade bc the 0311T is their “blade” like club.

    • Matt Saternus


      The 0311 isn’t as thin as the two that you mentioned. Off hand, I think it’s closer to the AP1.



  10. Bill / Nick

    If the 0311 is like the AP1 then what can you compare the 0311T to?
    Same question for the 0311P Gen 2 as well as the 0311T Gen 2 – can you give us some examples of what soles / top lines these are compared to?



    • Matt Saternus


      The 0311T is closer to the AP2.

      I haven’t seen the Gen2 in hand yet, but we’ll certainly have reviews of those coming as soon as we’re able.


  11. Matt,

    If you had to choose, what pxg irons would you game? 0311 or 0311T? which ones and why? You guys do amazing reviews and I value your opinions.

    • Matt Saternus


      If you forced me to pick one (neither would make my top 5…or 10), I would go with the T because it’s closer to the look I prefer.



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