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The PUMA IGNITE NXT SOLELACE is a super comfortable spikeless golf shoe with a modern athletic style.  Innovative lacing design provides midfoot stability for responsive performance.


The wide lacing of the IGNITE NXT SOLELACE golf shoes reminds me of my rock climbing shoes, and served as the inspiration for the photo setting.  The tight fit and rigid soles of climbing shoes require a bevy of laces from heel to toe to lock the foot in place – all in an effort to connect with tiny toe holds or sheer granite walls like El Capitan.  And even though golfers don’t typically encounter the extreme surfaces that climbers do, the PUMA designers embraced the concept of being connected to the ground.

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I’ve been a big fan of the running shoe look of the IGNITE line since it was first introduced, and am pleased to see the style continuity in the NXT generation.  The white IGNITE foam midsole is even more prominent in 2019, but a micro-thin TPU film covering called SOLESHIELD makes cleaning a breeze.

The two tone mesh uppers and opaque grey soles have a snappy look that exemplifies PUMA’s modern style.  The NXT SOLELACE also comes in burnt olive, puma black and peacoat blue.


The comfort was apparent from the moment I slipped on the IGNITE NXT SOLELACE.  The inside of the shoe is soft and inviting, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go sans socks.  The IGNITE foam cushioning is that wonderful balance between firm and mushy that makes you feel like you could walk all day in comfort.  Although the PUMA website states “Fits slightly long, consider going down ½ size” I ended up sticking with my normal 9.5 after trying on a 9.  There’s wiggle room in the toes, but I’m not scaling El Cap.

Midfoot, SOLELACE gives the shoe a firmer, more stable fit compared to other IGNITE models I’ve worn.  At first the shoes felt narrow, like a fresh pair of leather dress shoes.  That turned out to be related to the laces holding their position so well.  Those laces wrapping completely around the shoe and connecting to the outsole really locked in my foot.  Keep reading for more on that.


The midfoot being locked in with the sole provided resistance to lateral sway on my backswing.  Not only was it great feedback regarding sway, the connection with the ground allowed me to feel the power build up in my trail leg.

Traction wise, the IGNITE NXT SOLELACE was more than adequate for the typical course conditions I encountered during testing.  PUMA states the directional lug design was “inspired by nature,” and I had no issues with the traction in a variety of grass lengths, dirt and sand.  I played in mostly dry conditions, but wouldn’t hesitate to wear them in light rain – they come with a one year water proof guarantee.


I still haven’t become fluid at taking off the shoes.  As mentioned above, the long laces hold their position in the SOLELACE system so well that loosening them isn’t a simple task yet.  However, the extra time is well worth it to get the midfoot stability.  The PUMA IGNITE NXT SOLELACE golf shoe may be the perfect blend of mobility and stability.  Oh, and don’t forget their eye catching looks.

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  1. How do you tighten these shoes and what do you do with the end of the laces?

    • The lacing works just like typical shoes, the eyelets are just moved further down – or away from the top of the foot. The ends of the laces aren’t any longer than normal. The PUMA website has some great illustrations of the SOLELACE system.

      – Meeks

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